'CSI' Star William Petersen Hospitalized After Falling Ill on Set

William Petersen had a scary situation while on the clock this week -- he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital after falling ill on set of his most popular show.

The longtime 'CSI' star's rep tells TMZ ... Petersen was working on set Friday in L.A. for "CSI: Las Vegas" when, at some point, he started feeling terrible ... and told the director that he needed a break.

It became clear he might've needed more than just a rest -- because we're told an ambulance was called on his behalf, and Bill was taken to a nearby facility. The rep says it was mostly done out of an abundance of caution, but it was clearly serious enough to call.

As to what led to the health scare ... WP's rep tells us his guy has been working nonstop long days for the past 12 weeks -- so this may have been a case of overexertion or exhaustion.

In any case, we're told Bill's now out of the hospital and doing better. Case closed ...

Thomas Gibson Gets Early V-Day Gift ... Divorce Finalized

Thomas Gibson can officially kick it with the singles crowd -- the judge in his divorce case has signed off on it, making it a done deal.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Thomas and his ex-wife Cristina Parker reached a deal in their divorce a while back, but for whatever reason it was collecting dust at the courthouse. The judge finally signed off last week.

According to docs, Thomas is shelling out $3k a month in support for their 3 kids, and he has to cover their private school and extracurricular activities. He gets to stay in the family's San Antonio home every other weekend when he has the kids. When he doesn't have 'em, it's the guest house for Tommy boy. Pretty sweet deal.

Thomas filed for divorce back in 2014, and also had a tumultuous 2016 when he got fired from "Criminal Minds." It's all behind him now.

'CSI' Star Jon Wellner Divorce My Wife Should Quit Acting And Get A REAL Job

"CSI" star Jon Wellner has called it quits on his marriage after 7 years, and says it's time his wife gave up on her acting, got off her ass and started working.

According to the divorce docs ... Jon says his wife, Whitney Wellner, hasn't made it as an actress and probably never will ... he's asking the courts to force her into pulling down a full-time job.

Whitney lists her credits like "Save the Last Dance" -- released in 2001. She also got a guest gig on "CSI" last year, but he insinuates it was a case of nepotism.

Whitney fires back in her legal docs, saying he obviously thought she was good enough to appear on his show.

She's presumably gunning for spousal support, and it's gonna be hard for her to live without it. While she says he makes $20k an episode, she pulls in $12 a month in residuals.

Who knew they were still playing "Save the Last Dance"?

Gary Dourdan's Ex GF Just 'Cause You're Broke ... You Still Owe For Busting My Nose

Former "CSI" star Gary Dourdan's ex chick doesn't give a crap he's broke as a joke -- she still wants her blood money ... as in the cash he owes her for allegedly breaking her nose.

According to docs ... Nicole Cannizzaro wants to make sure Dourdan's recent bankruptcy filing -- his second, by the way -- doesn't affect her settlement with the actor for an alleged domestic violence incident in 2012.

Cannizzaro says Gary owes her two payments of $10k, plus $2500 per month for the next 3 years and 3 months -- and she's trying to make sure she still gets paid.

She's asking the bankruptcy judge to make sure the debt doesn't get wiped away with the rest of Dourdan's bills.

'CSI' Creator's Divorce She Gets Half the Empire

The CSI empire is getting split right down the middle -- creator Anthony Zuiker's divorce is finally settled and his wife is walking away with half the massive TV fortune ... TMZ has learned.

Jennifer Zuiker filed for divorce back in 2011, but they just hammered out the details. Bottom line -- she gets HALF of any money Anthony earns from the 3 'CSI' TV shows he's created. She also gets a cut of "CSI: Cyber" ... which doesn't debut until next year.

Anything Anthony creates going forward though -- like say, CSI: Milwaukee or Billings -- would be all his. Additionally, she will have no creative control over the productions.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer will get ZERO spousal support -- because although she says her monthly standard of living is $171,878 ... both parties agreed she'll be just fine with half of the CSI paychecks. The franchise makes THAT much bread. For reference ... the CSI shows have reportedly generated more than $6 BILLION.

They have 3 kids ... and Anthony will pay $10,000 a month in child support.

Jennifer put her foot down on a couple other things. She's keeping 100% of her clothing and accessories purchased from Alexander McQueen. Guess the items weren't Anthony's size. She also gets back a $26,282 deposit for a vacation on Richard Branson's private Necker Island.

Case closed. Cue The Who.

Michael Jace Pleads Not Guilty to Murder In Wife's Death

Michael Jace just pled not guilty to murder ... in the shooting death of his wife, April.

Jace was arrested May 19 after he called 911 to report he had shot and killed his wife in their L.A. home. Their two young sons were home at the time.

Authorities haven't discussed motive ... but, as we previously reported, the couple had been fighting over money problems.

He's currently being held on $2 million bail ... and faces 50 years to life in state prison if convicted.


Gary Dourdan Court No-Show Equals Arrest Warrant

Former "CSI" star Gary Dourdan blew off a court appearance this week and it could cost him big time ... TMZ has learned the judge revoked his probation and issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Dourdan was sentenced in November 2012 to five years probation after allegedly breaking his ex-girlfriend's nose in a domestic violence incident back in 2011.

Dourdan had a progress hearing for that case this week ... but didn't show ... so the judge acted swiftly and yanked his probation.

Siri can set reminders ... just saying.

Michael Jace Dead Wife's Family Seeks Money We Need Help to Bury April

The family of Michael Jace's dead wife April say they can't afford her funeral, and the future cost of caring for her kids -- and they're turning to the public for help ... TMZ has learned.

April's family set up a GoFundMe account on Thursday ... with a message thanking the public: "Many of you have generously asked how you can help the family as we grieve and navigate the aftermath of this tragedy."

They've received nearly $13K from 187 people already. We're told they're trying to raise at least $20K -- for funeral expenses and to care for April's sons ... ages 5, 8 and 18.

Jace was charged Thursday with April's murder.

Michael Jace Charged with Murder

Michael Jace has just been charged with murder after cops say he shot and killed his wife Monday night.

51-year-old Jace -- who starred in "The Shield" -- now faces 50 years to life in state prison if convicted.

As we reported, Jace himself called 911 after the shooting inside his L.A. home, telling police he was the one who pulled the trigger. Jace's wife April was already dead by the time police arrived.

Jace's two young sons were at home at the time of the alleged murder. According to police, the boys are now living with relatives.

Jace is currently being held on $2 million bail. He's scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Michael Jace Our Son Was Terrified Of Him ... Says Ex-Wife

Michael Jace was a horrible father who made his son cower in fear … lording over him with an “intimidation style of discipline” … this according to the boy's mother and Jace's first wife.

In court docs filed in 2005 and obtained by TMZ ... Jennifer Bitterman claims Jace often threatened the boy with corporal punishment … and would spank him for crying or for being afraid.

It’s heartbreaking … Bitterman says Jordan would cry and beg not to go when he had to spend time with his father. She says she encouraged Jordan to be brave … and she would “reassure him that [Jace] loves him and that he is safe with him.”

As we've reported ... Jordan and another child watched the violence unfold Monday night in their home ... when Jace shot and killed his wife, April.

Michael Jace Dead Wife Testified Jace Was Great Dad

Michael Jace's dead wife April DEFENDED her husband in his divorce from his ex-wife ... an ex-wife he allegedly brutally and repeatedly beat.

April Jace -- who was killed by a gunshot at the hands of Michael -- got involved in Michael's messy divorce to his previous wife and defended him to the hilt ... even though there were claims of brutality.

April told the divorce judge that Michael provided a stable home for his child, though she never addressed the claims he choked and hit Jennifer Bitterman and slammed her against the wall in front of their screaming son.

In fact April actually attacked Jennifer by calling her a bad mom.

The most bone-chilling thing .... April talked about Michael's son with Jennifer, saying, "Usually at bedtime, he [Jordan, the child] prays for his mom and asks God to protect her while he's not there with her."

And this is interesting ... April had a degree in Early Childhood/Adolescence development.

Michael Jace Arguing with Wife Over Money Before Shooting

Michael Jace and his wife were locked in an angry argument over money before he allegedly murdered her ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told "The Shield" star was facing serious money problems and it became a source of family conflict.

There's certainly evidence showing there was great financial stress. TMZ has learned Jace filed for bankruptcy in March 2011. He filed for Chapter 13, allowing him to restructure and reduce his mortgage payments.

Jace owed $411K on his South L.A. home where he shot his wife. Jace stopped paying his mortgage and was on the brink of a foreclosure sale ... according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Jace's bankruptcy settlement allowed him to drastically lower his monthly payments, but he went delinquent again late last year.

As TMZ first reported Jace called 911 last night and said he shot his wife in the face, allegedly while his 2 children watched.

'The Shield' Star Called Cops ... 'I Shot My Wife'


3:51 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jace's 2 kids witnessed him allegedly shooting and killing their mom. The kids -- both under 10 -- were extremely upset and taken to the police station. We're told cops are angry it took Children's Services 4 hours to get to the station and take the kids to the home of a family member where they could be comforted.

Jace is being booked for murder.

Actor Michael Jace called police himself to report his wife had been shot, and he had pulled the trigger Monday night in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources Jace called 911 around 8:30 PM PT and told police ... "I shot my wife."

We're told Jace's neighbors in the Hyde Park area of L.A. had reported shots fired in the home ... and shortly thereafter Jace made his call to 911.

Sources tell us the actor stayed on the phone, as instructed, until LAPD arrived and found his 40-year-old wife, April Jace dead.

We're told Jace was home alone when his wife arrived with their kids ... a short time later he allegedly shot her.

Jace -- best known as Detective Lowe from "The Shield" -- was taken into custody, and as of 1:00 AM PT Tuesday ... was being questioned, but had not been booked for his wife's death.

Story developing ...

'CSI' Star Car Destroyed After Bus Stop Crash

Former "CSI" star Jose Zuniga's white SUV is in pieces -- after his car crashed through a bus stop in Hollywood moments ago.

Zuniga -- who has also appeared in pretty much every other TV show you've ever seen -- tells us, he was rear-ended ... and the other car sent him careening through a nearby bus stop. He landed in a construction area. We're told a third car was also involved, but damage to the other cars wasn't as bad.

Thankfully, we're told no one was injured. The fire department responded to the scene shortly afterward.

'CSI' Alleged Gay Bashing Boss: My Best Friends are Gay!

A "CSI" honcho who's being sued for alleged outrageous homophobic antics -- including drawing penises on the workstation of a man he thought was gay -- now says it's BS, because some of his best friends are homosexuals.

A set painter -- who says he's straight -- claims his supervisor, Jeremiah Redclay, went on a 5-year campaign of terror, calling him a f***** and other choice words, and plastering his workstation with crude drawings of gay sex.

Now Redclay's lawyer tells TMZ ... "CSI" execs FIRED Redclay over the allegations, but Redclay denies he did anything homophobic.

The lawyer says Redclay is totally down with gays ... he even has a close family member who's a member of the tribe, adding his client believes sexual orientation is simply irrelevant.

The lawyer believes the set painter got laid off and created a bunch of phony allegations so he could get his job back. Fact is ... "CSI" hired the set painter back after the allegations surfaced.

"CSI" should figure this one out itself.

'CSI' Straight Guy Sues Over Alleged Gay Bashing

A gay-bashing supervisor at "CSI" tormented a crew member with homophobic slurs and crude drawings of penises ... because he THOUGHT the worker was a homosexual ... according to a new lawsuit.

Donald Perdue -- a set painter on the show -- claims his supervisor, Jeremiah Redclay, engaged in a 5-year campaign of brutal harassment ... calling him "fa***t" and "c***sucker" and hanging "sexually disgusting" drawings of gay sex at Perdue's workstation.

In his lawsuit, Perdue -- who claims he's straight -- says the harassment started when he heard Redclay refer to certain actors on the show as "d***suckers" ... and he asked Redclay to stop.

And this is weird ... Perdue claims Redclay lunged toward his genitals on one occasion and when Perdue pushed him away he claims Redclay responded, "Come on Mucho, you know you want it."

Perdue claims Redclay retaliated by making him a laughingstock at work ... which he endured for 5 years before leaving the show on a medical leave.

Perdue says he's the victim of discrimination ... simply because his boss THOUGHT he was gay.

Perdue is suing CBS, and Redclay for unspecified damages.

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