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Oksana's Former Bodyguard

Now Protecting Herman Cain

10/23/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Herman Cain bodyguard
Kristian Otto Herzog -- the guy who was once at the center of the bitter battle between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- is now at the center of the race for the Republican presidential nomination ... alongside Herman Cain.

Herzog was spotted on Friday with the GOP candidate during a campaign stop in Detroit, MI.

Cain's spokesperson, J.D. Gordon, tells TMZ this was Herzog's first job with the campaign and he worked with a team of 2-3 guys. Our sources say they don't believe Herzog is scheduled for any future events ... nor do they think he will be asked to provide future services.

Herzog worked as Oksana's bodyguard and claimed to have had a sexual relationship with her. He sided with Mel when she accused him of domestic violence.

Kristian Otto Herzog


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Cain: Rocket scientist for Navy, computer-system analyst for Coca-Cola, VP of corporate data systems for Pillsbury. He accomplished this all by age 35. CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a failing enterprise. He made it remunerative in 14 months. Wrorked as chairman for the Federal Reserve Bank. Herman Cain may have the most impressive resume of anyone who has run for the presidency in the past century.

Obama 4 years ago: Knocking on doors holding a clipboard as a community organizer for ACORN.

1063 days ago


and fools seldom differ

1063 days ago


Wow. I wouldn't trust that guy as far as I could crap uphill.

1063 days ago


en Todo Momento!!: 3 hours ago

wow. i didn't know that you could botox your face to look like a douche! i am truly amazed!!

Yeah, I am amazed that with all the botox and/or work that Oksana has gotten done on herself, that she doesn't look no better than that guy does.

1063 days ago


If he actually is there in the photo and it wasn't photoshopped, he just there at the rally not as his body guard for a photo opportunity. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever seen. Also, I can't believe how racists the "liberals" are getting on this site. Boy you guys are really showing your TRUE colors now.

1063 days ago


A convicted felon? Yet another great choice by a Repug.

1063 days ago

little aussie reader    

What's Cain shouting in the top photo?

"Stop following me around you creepy, bald bastard"!! ?

1063 days ago


he looks too much like a doofus to guard anything

1063 days ago


Ole Baldy probably "volunteered" his services at the last minute when someone much more "reputable" failed to show up!!! It's quite obvious Mr. Cain's campaign advisers really need to "vet" the people who are given access to him much more carefully. Mr. Cain is obviously running his campaign on a "shoe-string" budget, if this "loser" is hanging around. His campaign was probably the only one that would "entertain" being associated with this "pariah"!!!

1063 days ago

Tampa Bay Bodyguards    

This guy would not be able to get a license in Florida. It amazes me how he can get work at all - most likely by offering rates much lower than us trained and licensed professionals.

1063 days ago


offtheproperty: 12 hours ago

I'd rather Oksana for president.

LOl.. The USA already has money problems. Let's not make things any worse.

1063 days ago


tellmeaboutit : 11 hours ago

A convicted felon? Yet another great choice by a Repug.

The isn't nice, but I will agree bad choice on that one, but we have seen the Demonbrats make even worse choices.

1063 days ago


I think what happened to this dude here, he either wish to had been blown by her, hearing how Mel said that this is the only thing she is good at. Or.. the man was promised one (some bjs) if he helps her in some way, and didn't get it. Otherwise, why would care to take Mel Gibson side? I think the man was played with and used like Mel Gibson was.

1063 days ago


Do I really live in a country where Herman Cain, Mr. "Blame yo-self," is considered to be a legitimate candidate for President of the United States? You people can really see him sitting across the table from world leaders discussing global matters? "You don't like nukes...blame yo-self..." Is there some new rule now that this country will only elect an ebonics-speaking president? How embarrassing.

1063 days ago


I have seen who all is trying to run for President. I think I will vote for Lasie. LOL

1063 days ago
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