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Lindsay Lohan

Parting Ways With Her Manager

10/24/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in Court
Lindsay Lohan is cleaning out more than just trash bins at the morgue -- TMZ has learned she's kicking her business manager to the curb.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she decided to split with her business manager, Lou Taylor.  We're told Lindsay felt Taylor (who also manages Britney Spears) didn't have the time to manage her and Lohan wanted someone who could put more effort into her.

According to our sources, Lindsay felt her finances (which were Taylor's responsibility) were beginning to slip through the cracks and word was getting back to her that her balances were not being handled in a timely manner ... in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ the split was amicable and Lohan and Taylor remain friends.

Calls to Taylor were not returned.


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Blood Red Witch    

The reason it looks bad that she didnt show up at the morgue today is because it was scheduled. SHE had set it up to go there today and CANCELLED. That is a no show. That is part of what got her in ho*****er with the judge. Doing the SAME THING 9 times at the women's center. Not the fact she only has to go three more times. Common sense here.

909 days ago

adriana shleton    

Lindsay keeps her routines... its not entertaining anymore, get a life lindsay!

909 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

If your money is not being obtained through legal means, it cant be given to the manager to handle. So, that leaves the manager with what to manage?

909 days ago


So, linds, what's the deal? Not showing up today at the morgue? Only 2 more days to finish for the week!!

909 days ago


@brw...where is the posting that she cancelling a sched appt today? Would like to read.

909 days ago


Well, then that means 2 out of 3 days, she's a no-show. Thats about right. . .for a Lohan.

909 days ago


She's just vile, inside and else. Not much more I can say.

909 days ago


Lohan Inc still Spinning away and Harvey's still whipping this pony has hard as he can......Ride Harvey Ride....

We need a Riding and SPinning Song.

Ridin", ridin', ridin'
Keep this pony Runnin"
Thru wind and rain and what-ever,
We ride this range together;
Lohide !!!!!

and for Lohan Inc

Spinnin", spinin',spinin'
keep the lies aspinning
thru tv,net and paper;
we'll keep spinnin every caper

just list me as Rennouned Educator
World class painter
Award winning author
Storyteller extraordinarie
Well known designer of children clothes
Famous Gardener
oh yea lets not leave out:
SEX GODDRESS of her time....LOL

909 days ago



909 days ago


First of all, you have to have a career to manage before you need a manager. LiLo's career in the US is history. She's down to a second rate modeling career in Europe. That could be handled easily with an iPad.

909 days ago


i'll put more effort into her.

909 days ago


Hmmmm... if the reports are right, that Lindsay called and cancelled today, then in the 3 days she's had to do her duty at the morgue, she's shown up late once, and cancelled once. Wasn't the reason that she violated her probation because she was removed from the Women's Center for cancelling on them, and for coming late and leaving early?
Seriously, how is this going to look to the judge? Even if she fulfills the 2 days a week, or even more, it is still going to look like she hasn't learned anything. Shawn Holley has to be pulling her hair out...I can't wait to see her defend these actions!

909 days ago


What a minute? Wasn't it Lou Taylor who bailed Lindsay out of jail when she was broke?

909 days ago


Why no mention of the fact that she didn't show up for CS at the morgue today? Remember, she stated that she's taking everything seriously and was going to show up every day until Nov. 2nd? Just another lie. The fact that she's such a liar is one of the MANY reasons no one wants to hire her, the biggest being that she can't act. She also looks like she's in her late 40's and has pretty much made herself uninsurable. All of that is by her own doing, her former manager had noting to do with it. When no one wants your client, you can't get work for them.

909 days ago

The Truth    


Lou M Taylor was hired to do damage control for Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan. Lou M. Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment in Tennessee was hired as publicist/spokesperson to do SPIN, SPIN, SPIN to do damage control.

Lou M Taylor had nothing to do with Lindsay’s finances, zero. This was a short term damage control effort by Team Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan.

Here is the key, Lindsay’s Attorney made a quick comment that Lindsay supports her family. Team Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan will now try and use this as “My Manager spent my money” and see I should stay out of jail to support my family. Such B.S.

FACTS: Dina “Child Abuser/User” Lohan is Lindsay’s Manager and has been since she started pimping her kids out. She has drained the accounts dry and rode the pony Lindsay until it went lame. Now she gets plastic surgery done on her other pony Ali and will ride her until she goes lame also.

FOR FUN SEE (I got to read some excerpts from the book about Dina entitled: STAGE MOM PIMP)

Lou M. Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment had –zero- to do with Lindsay “Crack Head” Lohan finances. It’s being reported that Lindsay has not paid the firm nor can she.

The Truth Hurts

See funny

909 days ago
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