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Pabst Beer Heir

My Hot GF Has a Six Pack

10/24/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Pabst Blue Ribbon heir Evan Metropoulos is a whole lot of man with a whole lot of money -- and he has the super hot, bikini clad GF to back it up. PBR ... a chick magnet -- who knew??

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diet pills may help him lose weight or maybe he's tried everything and hasn't had any success.

813 days ago


Diets pills might help him lose weight or maybe he's just not intrested in losing weght. He probably partys and abuses so many substances that losing weight is the last thing on his mind.

812 days ago


He wanted to lease Lindsey Lohan brand Mercedes Benz slk 600 in exchange for companionship.The two of them have some things in common.

797 days ago


I heard he tried to cut deal with some guy to hook him up with Lindsey Lohan. He wanted to lease Lindsey a brand new slk 600 mercedes for companionship but the hates evan and he didn't even try introduce the ******* to Lindsay

797 days ago


Lots of food highgrade marijuana, cocaine, xanax,alcohol and spending money on girlfriends breast inplants is his only concern.Losing weight is the last thing on his mind.

777 days ago


This guy curses his mother out like he's a pimp and she"s his prostitute. One time I heard him tell **** herself and many other curse words.

769 days ago


Mad Man born with a 250,000,000 dollar trust fund he can buy as many women he likes. they usually stay around until get all the expensive that they want. Some women get everything they from him without giving him anything in return.

768 days ago


Evan will say anything out the blue. He told me one day that jews are better than blacks.

758 days ago


About three years ago in a hotel room some guy got some girls for EVAN .EVAN paid the girls 1,200 dollars for their services. He figured out that the girls kicked some money back to the guy.later on that night the guy was snorting cocaine Evan asked for some he started snorting it and told the guy who cut this ****, it sure wasn't a JEWISH scientist and poured the rest of it in the trash .We were on our way to VEGAS and he told the guy.that his family might be buying the raiders and the deal might go through if the police catches one of us with the cocaine on the way to VEGAS.later on he tells me how he punked the guy for his coke. later on the tells me how he didn't appreciate how EVAN threw away his coke. I

747 days ago


He doesn't fly on planes.he just rides in his motor home around the the U.S. So he can smoke his weed ,snort coke and do zanacs.

724 days ago


He doesn't ride on planes. he just rides his motorhome all over the u.s with his driver and guest sometimes.smoke weed, zanacs and snort cocaine.

724 days ago


maybe he'll go back to the rehab and get clean and not get a rape case again gotta be careful these women will set you up especially when your on heavy drugs

722 days ago


10,000 breast 2,500 chanel bag 1,500 chanel shoes he can get any women who is willing to put up with his large self.the benefits are astronomical but you have to appeal to him and ladys you can get whatever you like

721 days ago


EVAN taiks about how he doesn't like to get on airplanes so he has a motorhome he rides around the u.s he smokes weed ,snorts cocaine, takes xanax and pays for prostitutes.

650 days ago


A night on the town CHELSEA CLINTON .EVAN METROPOULOS went out with CHELSEA CLINTON one night in a limo and he was smoking marijuana .the secret service was complaining about it and when the night was over CHELSEA had passed out with her head between her legs.

643 days ago
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