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Michael Lohan

BUSTED For Domestic Violence

10/25/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Mugshot
Michael Lohan is cooling his ass in a Tampa jail this morning after getting arrested on suspicion of domestic violence charges.

Tampa Police arrested Lindsay Lohan's dad at 1:10AM ET after they responded to reports of a fight between Michael and a live-in girlfriend. Law enforcement sources confirm it was Lohan's on again-off again GF Kate Major.

Now this part is classic Lohan: We're told Michael complained of chest pains when he was taken into custody -- so police took him to a hospital. We're told Michael was treated, and then was attempting to slip out of the hospital on his own -- until an officer spotted him, hauled him down to jail and booked him for the alleged domestic violence.

Tampa PD's website lists him as still in custody.

Michael was last arrested for domestic violence by LAPD back in March after an alleged fight with Major. Interestingly, he also complained of chest pains during that arrest.

Fun fact: Michael's Tampa arrest report says he's actually employed ... as director of marketing for Larsen Pharmaceuticals. In this economy?

Click here to listen to Kate's 911 calls.



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ROL is reporting that the woman is Kate Major. Now, I'm not sticking up for him... but if he's as bad as she says he is, why does she keep taking him back? I think they are BOTH messed up, she as bad as him!

1039 days ago


You are quick TMZ, I was just going to write you about this. Evidently, ML spent time at St. Joseph's Hospital due to the fact that he said he had chest pains. When he was released this morning, he was taken to the Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL. I did not realize he lived right here in Tampa at an apartment complex on Lealman Road with his girlfriend. You guys are good! The authorities should use your team as backup or advance information!!!!

1039 days ago


LOOOOOSSSSER. Dis-functional has nothing on the Lohan clan.

1039 days ago


Once a d-bag, always a d-bag!

1039 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Whoever is stupid enough to associate with this guy or DiLo deserve whatever is coming to them. "Sleep with dogs" and all that. These two are the reason why I still feel sorry for Lindsay - despite her perpetual "best efforts" to change that. She never had a chance not to become totally screwed up.

1039 days ago


This is from a local Tampa News Source: "Tampa police arrest Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, on a domestic battery charge. They took him to jail instead of releasing him on recognizance, saying he said something about going back to his condo to keep his live-in girlfriend from selling some jewelry."

1039 days ago


Let me guess; he's innocent.

1039 days ago


I thought she had a restraining order against him? What was she doing at his house?? She should be arrested too for being so stupid!

1039 days ago


Why is that woman still with him? he has serious anger issues and it was very displayed on Celeb Rehab. Lady get out that situation. like adding gasoline to a fire. GET OUT ALREADY and Stay away from that monster.

1039 days ago


"Fred sanford" has nothing on Milo..And he wanted to meet me in fort lauderdale, to swing it out? He has a tough enough time with women..If I remember correctly LA let him go on the the same damn thing...then in florida she put a restraining order against him...They never learn

1039 days ago


Wow him and his daughter have matching orange jumpsuit photos and meth mouth how cute.

1039 days ago

Good riddance!    

What a completely and utter coward. Then he cements it and plants his coward's flag with his faked chest pains/sneak out routine. On freaking national tv, Dr. Drew and his sidekick went out of their way to strongly warn him that domestic violence would be his undoing and he sloughed it off as being absolutely nothing! They are the First Family of Absolute TRASH!

1039 days ago


LOL he is the one who is always talking about God this & God that. The ones who act like they are so Godly are the ones who are the worse. Hope they let him have his bible in jail so he can pray for his lying A$$

1039 days ago


The Domestic Abuse Laws should be revisited to make them fair and even handed and to cut out any abuse towards men.All the woman has to do is complain even falsely and have the domestic partner arrested. In other words there is no room for a heated discussion.

1039 days ago


Are any of us surprised? Daddy read about Lindsay's Playboy money and immmediately got pissed...he took out his anger on the nearest person which was this incredibly stupid woman.

1039 days ago
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