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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Addiction Expert:

MJ Was Dependent On Demerol

10/27/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Addiction Expert  -- Dr. Robert Waldman Testifies
Updated 10/27/11 at 8:48 AM
Addiction expert Dr. Robert Waldman -- the defense's penultimate witness -- said Michael Jackson became physically dependent on the pain killer Demerol in the months before he died.

Waldman said Jackson received "unusually large" amounts of the highly-addictive drug during at least 24 visits to his dermatologist between March and June, 2009.

Waldman also said one of the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug is insomnia... a condition MJ was known to suffer from.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff went over medical records from MJ's dermatologist -- Dr. Arnold Klein -- which showed each time Jackson went in for a botox  and anti-perspiration treatments -- relatively painless procedures -- he got a boatload of Demerol.

MJ started his "treatments" in March 2009 ... getting 200 mg of Demerol per visit. By May, he was receiving 300 mg.

During an extremely tense cross examination, Waldman admitted he couldn't say for sure whether MJ was addicted to Demerol ... but he would diagnose him as "dependent."


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It was Conrad Murray that ordered, prescribed and administered propofol to MJ in a home environment.

It was Conrad Murray who abandon his patient while talking on the phone with his girlfriends.

It was Conrad Murray who did not have the proper medical equipments for emergency.

It was Conrad Murray who did not call 911.

It was Conrad Murray who lied to EMTs and Physicians.

It was Conrad Murray who did not keep medical records of MJ.

It was Conrad Murray who recorded MJ while he was incoherent.

It was Conrad Murray who tried to hide and lied about his mistakes.

It was Conrad Murray who killed MJ under "HIS" watch!!!!

1058 days ago


This quack is a joke and Walgreen is eating him alive. No "addict" goes for days, weeks, months without their drug of choice. There was no drugs in his system when the nutrient nurse did her test, none, except the ones CM gave him when he died. Not to mention MJ's previous personnal dr stated he had troubling sleeping for at least 25 yrs whenever he had performances, not every single night. This thing of he couldn't sleep because he was going thru withdraw or he was so afraid he couldn't perform he killed himself is the silliest defense I ever heard. It's mighty convenient for CM to go on and on about what MJ said, did, wanted now he's not here to refute the claims. CM has been caught in so many lies that's grounds not to believe anything he says. And furthermore was he greedy? Yep, if not he wouldn't have demanded millions at first. He would have examined, gotten MJ's medical history and contacted every dr. whose name was on those pill bottles. Instead he pumped a man full of a drug he never should have bought in that house and thought that was all he had to do. What I think happened is he was giving MJ ppf every night and once he was asleep he did everything pu*****ch MJ. The night of the death he did the usual but this time the drip started draining while he was on the phone, texting, and everything but monitoring MJ. He got lazy, ****y and sloppy, that's what happened. He knew immediately ppf killed MJ that's why he was trying to hide it and took so long to call for help. When MJ needed him the most he thought of nothing but protecting his butt. Never mentioned the ppf to EMT, ER doctors and when he finally told police it was the ONLY drug he went out of his way to say how "careful and cautious" he was administering it. If he loved MJ so much he would have done his job and not given that crap to him in the first place and would have told immediately what he gave him. He even lied about comforting the kids and Mrs. Jackson for God's sake!!! He was blowing money at the strip clubs instead of paying child support so spare me the "he is a wonderful man railroaded" bs. MJ could have been a fall down addict and that still doesn't eleviate the fact CM gave him a drug only used in a medical facility, without the proper equiptment or a nurse, EVERY NIGHT, unsupervised. And he surely wasn't trying to ween him off of the ppf because if that were the case there would have been more ppf left and he wouldn't have been buying more and more. The man is guilty as sin.

1058 days ago


Klein was treating MJ for various problems e.g. Lupus and the scalp burns from the 80s, both of which were chronic, ongoing pains. THAT is why he was being given Demerol. As for being "addicted" he wasn't. NO, I repeat, NO Demerol was found in his system at the autopsy. MJ may have been taking painkillers but it was the Propofol and Conny the quack that killed him. The quack is 100% guilty of the charge of manslaughter by neglect and abandonment.

1058 days ago


California Penal Code 192(b) PC defines "involuntary manslaughter" as an unlawful killing that takes place

during the commission of an unlawful act (not amounting to a felony), or

during the commission of a lawful act which involves a high risk of death or great bodily harm that is committed without due caution or cir****pection.

1058 days ago


Coroner Report: Toxicology finding of Michael Jackson

Acute Propofol Intoxication

Benzodiazepine Effect

Propofol, lorazapam, midazolam, lidocaine, diazepam and nordiazepam, identified in blood samples

Propofol, midazolam, lidocaine, and ephedrina, identified in the urine.

Propofol and lidocaine identified in the liver tissues.

Propofol identified in the vitreous humor.

Lidocraine and propofol identified in the stomach contents.

Conrad Murray gave MJ 4 gallons of propofol over a two months period.

The facts don't "LIE"!!!!

1058 days ago


This whole thing is a hoax and anyone following this trial with their eyes wide open can see it. How many of you have ever heard of "propofol" before 6/25/2009? I would wager none of you have. Michael had a dependency on Demerol back in 1993 post surgery for his scalp wound caused by the Pepsi fire. He got help and he recovered completely from it. A dependency can be beaten, an addiction cannot. He was NEVER addicted to any pain killers and in fact is quite the health fanatic, very careful of what he puts in his body. All of the pictures of Michael as the frail wheelchair bound sickly deteriorating man where put out there by MICHAEL and Michael alone. All of this drug addiction, demanding propofol, that slurred incoherent tape we heard and those so called death photos have also been put out there by Michael. This show is being put on by the greatest creative genius the world has ever known. I honestly cannot believe there are still people out there that cannot see this for the incredible illusion it is. He hasn't fooled us all, but so many of you just continue to follow the media and believe everything you see and hear, just what he's been telling us for years NOT do do. You are like sheep being lead to slaughter. Wake up!

1058 days ago


Demerol did NOT kill Michael Jackson. Propofol and an incompetent,ignorant,unkowledgeable cardiologist did that. A cardiologist who did not even know BASIC CPR. A cardiologist who was NOT an anaesthesiologist and was using a legal drug in an illegal setting and without any proper medical back up equipment. Murray is guilty and he's VERY lucky he's only been charged with manslaughter: it should most definitely be murder.

1057 days ago


So was Arnold Klein trying to kill MJ or something? Why would he give demerol for a procedure that doesn't necessitate demerol? MJ should have never been exposed to it. Suspicious.

1057 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Hardy: about an hour ago

So was Arnold Klein trying to kill MJ or something? Why would he give demerol for a procedure that doesn't necessitate demerol? MJ should have never been exposed to it. Suspicious.
He was giving his best customer what he was paying for. He, like Dr. Murray, had nothing to gain by MJ's death and every to gain by keeping him coming back for more.

1057 days ago


A.Klein told D.Sawyer on abc chanel that sometimes he would put Michael under because he worked on Michael's face for skin restructure and that was painful.

Another expert:He couldn't say for sure that Michael was addicted to demerol but he would diagnose him as dependant.How come the autopsy proved the opposite?

1057 days ago


This is interesting:

1057 days ago


Trial of the Century-Pt.17: The "Walgren Winning" Edition...
You gotta love that Team Chern-agan!! I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I've been chomping at the bit on this one. Can't believe they hired this IDIOT to get on the stand and HELP THE DEFENSE with his incompetence, but I'm SO grateful they did...
How did he fail? Let me count the ways:
1. Admitted he never reviewed Murray's Charts
2. Admitted he didn't realize Murray was Michael's Personal Physician during the time in question
3. Claimed Michael was dependant on Demerol in his opinion based on Klein's Medical Records and what he has SEEN and HEARD of Michael "out there"
4. Stated that Klein's records were sloppy and inconclusive when Waldgren pointed out that he had made errors in interpreting the records. Waldgren clarified that there were LAPSES in treatment which shows that Michael couldn't have been coming to Klein to get a "FIX" of Demerol. The Defense had tried to make it look as if Michael had been coming to Klein for Demerol on a regular basis
5. Walden was very combative with Waldgren on Cross-Examination, proving he was simply PAID to say what the Defense wanted him to say regardless of how unethical it was. He became especially angry when Walgren asked him which Recovery Facilities or Hospitals he was affiliated with. He claimed he didn't want to mention them for confidential reasons...WHAT?
6. Walgren pointed out that Walden is NOT a LICENSED ADDICTION SPECIALIST
Bottom line, there's more but I don't have the time to get into it. Suffice it to say, this guy was an even bigger JOKE than the Defense's previous witnesses. And it didn't help that it came out that Chernoff had given Walden inflated info on Klein's charts...
Thing is, using Klein as an alternative suspect was not a good look seeing that the Judge wouldn't even allow them to subpoena him as a witness for them. Even though we all know Klein is not above reproach and as shady as they come, he was NOT there to administer that fatal dosage on June 25, Murray was. Further, Klein was investigated by the DEA along with a list of other Doctors, yet noone was charged but MURRAY....
BTW: Regarding Klein's records, we have to remember that he was trying to get a claim through the Estate for the Facial Restoration and other work he claims to have done for Michael in the Months leading up to his death. So I have to wonder how accurate his records really are, he may have inflated them so that he could get more money. It would be so easy to do, especially when Michael was no longer there to dispute it. I'm not saying he didn't give him ANY Demerol, but it couldn't have been as much as he recorded if the last date he administered it was June 21. Just listening to Klein talk about Michael, you can tell he was just in that "friendship" for what he could get out of him...
It's not just coincidence that he SUDDENLY began having so many financial troubles after Michael passed...and this was BEFORE the Defense decide to use him to deflect the glare of GUILT from Murray.....
.............JUSTICE = WINNING............

1057 days ago


Situation! Speculation!Everybody allegation!

1056 days ago
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