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Sean Lennon

Ironic Occupation of Wall Street

10/27/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sean Lennon decided to fight the man by performing at Occupy Wall Street -- one problem ... the protest song was a Madonna tune. Oh, not-so-sweet irony!

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video wont play...

1091 days ago


Oh, silly bitches TMZ. Madonna has done far more good for the people than you'll ever do.

1091 days ago


i find it funny how you get celebs and pseudo entertainers appearing when they damn well know that capitalism is what got them their mansions and Bentley's.
"oh hey, I'm totally with you guys- just be sure to buy my new album / watch my new movie "

1091 days ago


find it funny how you get celebs and pseudo entertainers appearing when they damn well know that capitalism is what got them their mansions and Bentley's._______________That's right but remember the different between humane capitalism that ceased to exist and the one that has nothing to do with humanity or equal opportunities that real capitalism is promoting. What we have now is not capitalism but deadly corporativism and militarism.

1091 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Funny how this do nothing loser who inherited his multi-million fortune is protesting the fatcats on Wall Street for making too much money. I'm not happy with Wall Street, but at least these people actually work!

1091 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Great, so now the OWS people are poor little rich kids. There went all credibilty folks. Here's a thought, Hey rich folks, hire these people that don't have jobs. Don't just buy them piza's and sing songs. The only people that are happy are the Pizza parlors down the block.

1091 days ago



1091 days ago


Having money does not preclude you from taking part in a cause and raising it's visibility if you can. Sean went and sang with his friends and protesters alike. And when someone like that, the son of a famous musician known for his activism, shows up and supports you, it helps to validate (even personally) to the protesters that what they are doing is the right thing, and that is invaluable to someone who has spent the last 40 days camping on the sidewalk.

Choosing to sing a song relevant to the cause, rather then one of his father's, showed class, and also would have made the moment about Sean, and not the Protest.

I think he should be commended for attending, and honestly, I think TMZ was way out of line in their criticism, and should apologize.

1091 days ago


Well said, William.

1091 days ago


Hey, I just set up a web page as a morale booster for the cops that are having to tolerate the disrespect down on Wall Steet, on top all the other BS they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Please "like" it if you support the cause

1091 days ago


Protesting is in his blood. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth while John's "other" son Julian struggles. Hypocrite indeed. Another note: Does he just HAVE to wear those glasses?

1091 days ago


Its really annoying how these celebs who are very wealthy thanks to our system of economics go out ans support the occupy wall street. Kanye West was down there too lol. I would love to see someone try to take his gold toilet out of his house. This whole protest is a joke. We need wealthy people in this country. Ever get a job from a poor person? Didnt think so.

1091 days ago


Our capitalistic system has enabled the individualism of his father to reap the financial rewards Sean has enjoyed all his life.

1091 days ago


LoL@these idiot celebs who are protesting the "rich". Um ask Sean Lennon how much money he and his creepy ass mom have in their bank accounts. Get lost idiots! All these protesters need to go back home to their parents house and take a bath.

1091 days ago


Julian should "Occupy" Yoko and Sean's house. They've been screwing him over financially for years.

1091 days ago
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