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Politics ... Now with More Abs!

10/27/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Politics isn't all boring speeches --- we're ramping up for TMZ D.C. in 2012, and Harvey lays out the plan to cover the hottest personalities (and bodies) in the Beltway.

Also, is boxer Victor Ortiz crazy to sink his 2 million from the Mayweather fight into tacos? He calls in to pitch his restaurant ... and ends up getting marketing tips from us.

Plus, Michael Lohan is officially -- the worst ... fugitive, ever.

(4:21) Huge news -- TMZ D.C. is on the horizon!
(6:00) Harvey breaks down the premise behind TMZ D.C.
(12:50) Rep. Aaron Schock's hilarious introduction to TMZ two years ago ... and how his abs made him a star.
(24:05) Michael Lohan's ridiculous arrest video -- which Harvey says looks like "we're covering an escaped animal from the L.A. Zoo."
(26:34)  Bad news: Michael has to face THAT judge again. 
(29:01) How cute, MiLo and LiLo could be in jail at the same time.
(33:29) Harvey schools Victor Ortiz on the proper way to pitch a new product.
(41:40) Steven Tyler shows off his gruesome injuries from his show fall -- and it's worse than you think it'd be.
(43:55) Steven is adamant -- he did NOT fall of the wagon.
(45:50)  Dr. Murray's defense team is pulling out any big guns.
(49:50) The defense team may have made a HUGE error -- and Elizabeth thinks he'll get convicted.

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No, I can NOT imagine any of your political kiss-ass. I want celeb info and that's it - I do NOT want to be politically enlightenerd by Harvey.

1003 days ago


I believe Steven Tyler. If you've ever been dehydrated and passed out it's not pretty. Flat on your face and scary! I saw a grown man hit the floor and the damage. I can't imagine that happening in the shower! I think the guy deserves a break, it's a horrible place to fall.

1003 days ago


I work for an orthopaedic surgeon and we see people ALL THE TIME who slip in fall in the bathtub. The majority of our people show up with broken wrists! Besides, I think Steven would say "hell yeah I was partying -- you should've been there!" if he were partying

1003 days ago


Harvey, I assume you're aware enough to know about jfk. You remain completely duped about politics. Check Dylan Ratigan's rants.

1003 days ago


If you go to DC, you should be aware that one should never vote or support a major party candidate. As Jesse Ventura recommends, all political parties should be abolished. All of this party politics is utter nonsense and irrelevant. The political system is essentially a myth.

1003 days ago


If you turn around you'll see there's not a lot of work going on at TMZ :)

1003 days ago


YESSSSSS I was reallly thinking how bad i wanted you guys to cover politics a mths ago. people need to be exposed to it (politics) cuz peeps DO NOT get involved. people watch your show so they'd be informed- with factual info. although a guilty pleasure seeing expensive homes- it's torture becuz sooooo many peeps are paycheck to paycheck peeps.

1003 days ago


Harvey, I am SO IN with TMZ DC! Too bad it can't be started ASAP! FABULOUS idea.

1003 days ago

Good riddance!    

TMZDC? Sure, anything that gets people more aware of politics is probably a good thing! It will have to be dumbed down to a degree, but a lot of non-politically astute people out there would probably appreciate the the accessibility. Go for it. And on the side...anyway you could do something else about spam, like minimizing marked spam posts. This is done on a lot of other sites and at least it somewhat defeats the purpose to a degree of the spammers before it is removed by the site mods. Thanks and good luck!

1003 days ago

who dat    

Harvey, Congress has a 9% job approval rating. I'm sure your TMZ DC will be a smash failure. Do you have a team of monkeys high on crack, coming up with these ideas?

1003 days ago


As if Washington politics isn't getting superficial and vapid enough, TMZ is going to lower the bar even lower. These politicans are going to worry about impressing your stoners. The politican need to worry about the economy; not your cameras. Additonally, your prejudical agenda is be liberal slants to the far extreme. Bad idea. Stick to the land of the vapid in Hollywood.

1003 days ago


Good observation and conversation Mike; TMZ is too flimsy for politics. Harvey is not all that he thinks he is.

1003 days ago


TMZ-DC I wouldn't want to risk making right wing ass--- look adorable, or funny. The fact that you said you didn't care about the ab mans "politics" creates that potential. People's politics do matter to me. I don't care about the rest. Focus on Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper. Of course you're all jazzed so it may happen. Stay out of politics.

1003 days ago


i am thinking that michael lohan found lindsey's old stash or something...this whole family is just so bizarre...

1003 days ago

who dat    

Yes Victor, you are more then a boxer. You're an idiot. He isn't even able to describe his business plans on the phone, yet he thinks he can build a business. Obviously, he has taken to many punches to his head.

1003 days ago
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