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Kim and Kris

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They're Breaking Up

10/28/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The honeymoon is over (maybe) for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries -- because we have video of the (potentially) unhappy couple (possibly) fighting. Which definitely proves ... something! Or nothing.

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BOO HOO! What's the problem Kim?? Can't get those new shoes because Hubby isn't bringing home the bacon? He must really be cramping your style!

1058 days ago

Your Mom    

I think it's time she takes a few years off of work on her marriage. They really can't blame nobody but them selves that they are having so many issues. They wanted to get married so fast. If they planned on being married for ever, why did they married so damn fast? They got engaged before he even knew if he'd be able to handle it. I mean Reggie and Miles aren't in the picture for a reason. I think Kim is getting very desperate to have a child and jumped into the pool before the water was put in. I really wish them the best but unfortunately the odds are very much against them. She should just sit back and enjoy being a housewife. Although he doesn't make as much as her, he can still take care of her if she lets him.

1058 days ago


I hope this dumb-ass has a pre-nup!
These Kard-ASS-hians are ridicules!
Or just divorce & go on your merry way, she doesn't need alimony!!!!!

1058 days ago


Weird that she married a guy with the same name as her mother & even spelled the same

1058 days ago


Just because they are from hollywood doesn't make them perfect. Everyone fights.
Also, I don't really watch their shows at all but I don't understand why people hate on the Kardashians. I like their fashion sense and such. And they seem like good people. I really haven't seen anything annoying from them other than people say that they are annoying. I don't really see a reason why people hate on them so much.

1058 days ago


Who the hell cares? The whole wedding was held for money and ratings. Mama Kris must have needed some cash. The only Kardashian that I believe has any sense and is real is Khloe. Kim got famous for making porno tapes and having them "leak" to the media. Kourtney is in a relationship with a slime ball and has a baby. Don't know what Rob does. Mama Kris pimps her kids out to make a buck. Bruce allows himself to be whipped by Kris and needs to man up and grow a spine.
I wouldn't be surprised if Kim announces she is pregnant and films the whole thing, makes big bucks and then divorces. She only got married for the publicity and the cash she made off of the whole thing.

1058 days ago


I sure would like to get an update on that 75 million dollar lawsuit regarding that credit card scam they were sued over.

1058 days ago


This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. The marriage, divorce, love between these two is fake as **** people. Why do we pay attention to these clowns. Just stop it. NOW. PUBLICITY STUNT. ALL OF IT.

1058 days ago


I don't doubt they will eventually break up,but I don't think this proof that it is going to be soon.All couples argue.They will at least stay together for a year or two,to keep all the nay-sayers at bay.I don't think Kris had any idea what he was getting into after dating for 6 mos.He was blinded by celebrity p*ssy.

1058 days ago


I truly hope they split. Her and her sisters are getting boring. I can imagine their mom working her ass off to squeeze the last penny off some dumb sponsor. Kris finally saw what he was getting.

1058 days ago


Is bag lady, Kim,trying to hide a pregnancy with the baggy clothes she is wearing lately?? She looks very unhappy these days.

1058 days ago


that's a farewell kiss.
kim to kris: muuuwa, now get the fudge out of my car!

1058 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Poor bastard Kris Humphries. Should've known what he was getting into with this self entitled talentless piece of trash. Just put the whole Kardashian family on a plane together and then let it go down in a burst of flames.

1058 days ago


I think it's funny when people are like I hate kim and the kardashian's so much they need to go away yet comment on every article involving her. I dont care for the karsashian's but I think it's funny people get so bent out of shape over them.

1058 days ago


The only thing that matter is the Hump is wearing a Blue Jay*****!! U the man Kris!

1058 days ago
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