TMZ Live The Secret Service Hated JFK But Did They Want Him Dead?

10/28/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- The Secret Service Hated JFK -- But Did they Want Him Dead?

The Secret Service made JFK a sitting duck for an assassin -- this according to a shocking new book by Mark Lane ... the man who blew up the lone gunman theory.

Lane reveals that JFK's limo came to a dead stop in the middle of the assassination -- Lane says it's because Secret Service agents HATED the Prez.

Plus Harvey's reveals a theory he developed on the number of shots fired, and how a 16-year-old Levin pitched that theory to a famous JFK prosecutor.

(0:00) Mark Lane -- who's been on the forefront of the JFK conspiracy movement for almost 50 years -- joins us in the studio.
(4:00) Mark says the CIA tried to stop his game changing 1963 book "Rush to Judgment."
(6:03) Mark's new book points out the egregrious mistakes made by the Secret Service during the JFK assassination.
(9:45) Eleven of the best agents in the Secret Service left a few months before JFK died ... why?
(11:00) How race turned Secret Service agents against JFK.
(19:15) Why would the CIA want JFK dead?
(21:05) Was the JFK assassination covered up to prevent WW3?
(29:01) Shocking ... a cop may have been face-to-face with the shooter moments after the assassination. What happened?
(35:03) Tom Hanks ... supporting the Warren Commission?
(36:20) Harvey's incredible theory about how many shots were fired that day -- which he came up with as a teenager!