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The Secret Service Hated JFK

But Did They Want Him Dead?

10/28/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Secret Service made JFK a sitting duck for an assassin -- this according to a shocking new book by Mark Lane ... the man who blew up the lone gunman theory.

Lane reveals that JFK's limo came to a dead stop in the middle of the assassination -- Lane says it's because Secret Service agents HATED the Prez.

Plus Harvey's reveals a theory he developed on the number of shots fired, and how a 16-year-old Levin pitched that theory to a famous JFK prosecutor.


(0:00) Mark Lane -- who's been on the forefront of the JFK conspiracy movement for almost 50 years -- joins us in the studio.
(4:00) Mark says the CIA tried to stop his game changing 1963 book "Rush to Judgment."
(6:03) Mark's new book points out the egregrious mistakes made by the Secret Service during the JFK assassination.
(9:45) Eleven of the best agents in the Secret Service left a few months before JFK died ... why?
(11:00) How race turned Secret Service agents against JFK.
(19:15) Why would the CIA want JFK dead?
(21:05) Was the JFK assassination covered up to prevent WW3?
(29:01) Shocking ... a cop may have been face-to-face with the shooter moments after the assassination. What happened?
(35:03) Tom Hanks ... supporting the Warren Commission?
(36:20) Harvey's incredible theory about how many shots were fired that day -- which he came up with as a teenager!

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Zelda: definitely! JFK and the unpeakable is a good one

1100 days ago


James. E. Files talks about Phillips being Oswalds handler which I have heard before. The Bay of Pigs is really interesting and people should look into it.
I agree with Mark I do think that it was easier to white wash information at the time of the assassination and it was a different generation. I also think there really was no forum for ordinary people to speak up. But I remember in the 90's when mentioning the word "conspiracy" was kind of synonymous with crackpot and you can still see it today. If you look at TMZ staff faces at the mere mention of it, (ok I know some of that is because its Harvey talking way too enthusiastically). I guess brandishing anyone as a joke (which is what virtually what began to happen) proved to be quite effective.

1100 days ago


Zelda nailed it. "JFK and the Unspeakable" Best book I've read in decades. Obama should read it.

1100 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Harvey, I really enjoyed the Mark Lane interview. I was 9 years old when JFK died and the events of that day are still with me.

1100 days ago


Born in Massachusetts, I was raised on political violence. I was 9 in 1963 when JFK was shot, Oswald shot. Remember very well. Robert Kennedy shot in LA, 1968, Martin Luther King shot 1968, George Wallace 1971, Watergate, 2 attempts against Gerald Ford, 1981 Ronald Reagan shot. Mass. loved the Kennedys: Jackie cancer 1994, John Jr. plane crash 1999. Ted Kennedy 2010. With the release of Jackie's recordings we get a tiny glimpse. Caroline certainly isn't revealing any secrets. Nothing shocked our generation. You had to
be there. I have no regrets for having lived during an amazing part of history, not to mention the music and cultural changes.

1100 days ago


I was raised in Massachusetts, and also raised on death. I was 9 when JFK was shot. I remember seeing the Oswald shooting, the JFK Jr. salute. Then came RFK in 1968, Martin Luther King 1968, George Wallace 1971, Watergate, Jackie 1994, JFK Jr. 1999, Ted 2010. The Kennedys were worshipped in Mass. With the release of Jackie's recordings, you know Caroline isn't letting us know her secrets. Nothing shocked our generation. You had to be there. I have no regrets for having lived during that part of history, not to mention the music and cultural changes.

1100 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Interesting show today but Kennedy was not a bankers president, and he was bad for business, which is starting wars to create more money out of debt. Any world leader who does not go along with being corrupted by the economic hitmen get taken care of, after all money makes the world go around along with drama.

1100 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

The opportunity for the truth on this to emerge has long been water under the bridge. ALL The participants are now dead and anything hereafter is speculation mostly engaged in to make money and nothing more. The man was assassinated, he was a womanizing ahole but that's besides the point. Someone murdered our president and my bet is the Russians for being humiliated in the Cuban Missile crisis or the government because they couldn't trust this man who bedded down with anything with a bush as far as history tells us and loose lips sink ships. IS that a reason for our own government to off our own president? NO. But it jives with the times. Radicals and rabblerousers were eliminated. That's HOW IT WAS back in the day around the world, not just HERE.

1100 days ago


I'm surprised no one's ever tried to *off* Lane.

That he's still alive.

People that tell the truth usually die asap.

No surprise everyone - everywhere - has tried to discredit him -

That's the option:

Kill them or discredit them.

1100 days ago


secret service agent clint hill told me that he was ordered to stay out of the way unless he wanted to be shot too

1100 days ago


Mark Lane interviewed often on Black op Radio

1100 days ago


Maek Lane was a well known nut case back in the 60's, coming up with all sorts of off-the-wall conspiracy theories and apparently he hasn't gotten any more sane in the convening years! lol

1100 days ago


Thanks for doing this... I found the whole interview fascinating. I doubt your normal fan-base is going to appreciate it, but I do.

1100 days ago


Oh, bullsh*t.

1100 days ago


BS is right. The Agents who with JFK in Dallas were devastated by his assasination. This man and his book are disgusting.

1099 days ago
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