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The Secret Service Hated JFK

But Did They Want Him Dead?

10/28/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Secret Service made JFK a sitting duck for an assassin -- this according to a shocking new book by Mark Lane ... the man who blew up the lone gunman theory.

Lane reveals that JFK's limo came to a dead stop in the middle of the assassination -- Lane says it's because Secret Service agents HATED the Prez.

Plus Harvey's reveals a theory he developed on the number of shots fired, and how a 16-year-old Levin pitched that theory to a famous JFK prosecutor.


(0:00) Mark Lane -- who's been on the forefront of the JFK conspiracy movement for almost 50 years -- joins us in the studio.
(4:00) Mark says the CIA tried to stop his game changing 1963 book "Rush to Judgment."
(6:03) Mark's new book points out the egregrious mistakes made by the Secret Service during the JFK assassination.
(9:45) Eleven of the best agents in the Secret Service left a few months before JFK died ... why?
(11:00) How race turned Secret Service agents against JFK.
(19:15) Why would the CIA want JFK dead?
(21:05) Was the JFK assassination covered up to prevent WW3?
(29:01) Shocking ... a cop may have been face-to-face with the shooter moments after the assassination. What happened?
(35:03) Tom Hanks ... supporting the Warren Commission?
(36:20) Harvey's incredible theory about how many shots were fired that day -- which he came up with as a teenager!

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Harvey I found this topic of JFK stunning! I'd never actually looked at the film of him being shot with much attention to detail until today! I can not believe they actually ordered the guards away from the car before he was shot and then actually slowed down or stopped the car! I so want to read Mark Lane's books now. I'm a Canadian but this still fascinates me. Thanks for doing this interview with Lane today, it's opened my eyes.

1069 days ago

Deb Colorado    

I grew up in the military. My dad was part of the CIA and was assigned as military attache in Greece when I was a teenager. Both mom and dad were in the military during WW2 and both were eventually assigned to the CIA. I am a nurse. When my mom was dying from pancreatic cancer I went home to care for her. On her death bed she shared with me that when we were stationed to Washington, DC where dad worked at the Pentagon at the time, he was sent to Dallas, Texas 2 weeks before Kennedy's assassination. I believe according to what my mom shared with me before her death, that there is something to what Mark Lane has written.

1069 days ago


no the banking cartel the federal reserve wanted him dead because he knew how corrupt it was and what a total sham it was. He was the only president in recent history to advocate the abolishing of the fed. Thats why JFK was killed

1069 days ago


Oh PUHLEEZE. That sounds like total Bu l l ******** e

1069 days ago


Uhm Harvey, this video jumps from minute 11:25 to the end. I've tried over and over to watch it. Can you check it please and maybe repost?

1069 days ago


Harvey, please read "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" by Vincent Bugliosi. All of the conspiracy books have 1 thing in common, they are the defense case for Oswald. If you only heard the defense case at every trial you went to, how many defendants would you think are guilty? Bugliosi does a brilliant job of making the prosecution case that Oswald did it.

By the way, the agent driving did slow down when he heard the first shot, it was not due to his feelings for Kennedy, it was due to a lack of training. The Secret Service class for drivers did not exist in 1963 and it showed in that instance.

1069 days ago


thought it was going to be Jim Marrs

1069 days ago

Vince Palamara    

Mark Lane's new book "Last Word" is the best book on the JFK assassination!

1069 days ago

Vince Palamara    

I am in Mark Lane's new book "Last Word"---best book on the case to date! "The Kennedy Detail" is a pack of lies. I know: I spoke to many of the agents that protected JFK years before Blaine's book came out

1069 days ago

Vince Palamara    

JFK's death on 11/22/63 was the 9/11 of its time. President Kennedy's death led to the Vietnam War and much distrust in government. Mark Lane's book "Last Word" is relevant and essential

1069 days ago


I think it was the driver of the limo JFK was in! frame 300-317 the driver pulls a gun and shots JFK and then turns and speeds off. I totally believe it was the CIA

1069 days ago

malcolm warrilow    

This is a disgrace-how dare they blacken the name of the SS agents? Where's the proof they ''hated'' Kennedy? Tell that to Clint Hill who would have been run over by the SSFUC if he'd not made the hand hold.

1069 days ago

Deb Colorado    

If you listen to Harvey Levin speak about the Zagruder film, which filmed the entire shooting of Kennedy...he shares that he has watched the film multiple times and he noticed something significant...while zagruder was filming, each time a shot went off he made a sudden move from being startled. That happened 5 times, according to Levin. It caused the film to be unclear by his sudden movement. I thought this was interesting. His point is that he believes the Zagruder film reveals that there were more than the 3 shots.

1069 days ago


Great, great show, Harvey! The JFK assassination to this day remains a mystery. If our government had a role in this, don't we as American citizens have a right to know? Yes, it happened almost 47 years ago. But, it doesn't make it any less relevant. I am downloading Mark Lane's book. Endlessly interesting! Thank you!

1069 days ago


What about ''The Walker Assassination Attempt''?

1068 days ago
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