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Chaz Bono

Now That 'Dancing' is Done

... I'm Ready to Work!

10/31/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono could be the voice trying to sell you soap -- it's all part of his grand plan after getting booted from "Dancing with the Stars."

Bono's rep/manager, Howard Bragman, tells TMZ ... Chaz took no meetings during "DWTS" -- but his team will get together this week to plot out a strategy for the next chapter.

Bragman says they're looking at several options -- including acting, voice-over work, and endorsements -- and Chaz also plans to continue booking speaking engagements.

As for whether he'd be into continuing his dancing career, Bragman says Chaz is "open to all reasonable discussions."

So we might not have seen his last Tango after all ...



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hey howard
call jenny craig
i dare you

1089 days ago


I thought I was done with HER she was using DWTS to promote her transgender agenda like we care! she is a lazy bi!@#$% writing books hellooooo?who cares and she said her new book is about DWTS ,she is a phoney! I am soo glad she is gone from that show ...her followers are radicals they will crucify you if you say somenthinglike she can dance? they will beat you! sick and tired of seeing her in all the shows and tabloids .....she and the Kardashians pleassssse! poor Chastity ist is time to get a real job and smell the coffee!

1089 days ago


Acting and voice-over work?? Pshh... please, you can't act... you can't dance... all you do is whine constantly. And HER voice is something that is NOT easy to listen to

1089 days ago


he bearded lady still wants to be in the spotlight. news flash girl, your 15 minutes is up. POOF be gone

1089 days ago


We (HEART!) Chaz - anyone, especially bulldozers like Chaz, who take fish out of circulatia (leaving more horny men for us) is ok with us!

1089 days ago

two cents    

I can't imagine anyone hiring this freakshow to be a spokesman for anything. First thing she needs to do is lose some weight and shave that ridiculous neck beard. We can only hope she slithers back where she came from. Sonny must be rolling in his grave right about now.

1089 days ago


Danceing? an`t your thing voice work? nah.Your ready for movie work TV work won`t happen.Many many PARTS in movies for transgenders and benders and actors whom can play roles that very few can.Don`t sell yourself so short TV is DOA and reality shows suck.You won`t get tons of roles in the USa but a few and than overseas marketings will get you in the money.THINK big act Big take huge roles and any acting powerwork shops with star teachers you can.You have lived many many years without much work in the arts.Not tryin to goad you but even cirus dance and cirus movie roles could be a type cast or artistes role within movies or reality show with mother dear.Keep you head up no ome has nothin on you.F those whom hate... use them as a spring board to triger your reactions

1089 days ago


THINK OSCAR you can and DO act Oh SO WELL and your background and mommykins don`t hurt niether.BE ALL YOU CAN BE don`t kill or hate NO ONE!.Even little fishes in the seas can change thier own genders anytime they want to.F the haters you ARE the leading KNOWN transgender in the WORLD NOW use that to make a livin and don`t take smit from no one.Killer kill hater*****e...ACTOR act and that you HAVE DONE since you were a KID on TV and stage with your parents

1089 days ago


Has this woman ever worked??? She is 40-something and not sure what her employment status has ever been? Other than I'm Sonny and Cher's child and I'm a "man trapped in a woman's body". The *only* reason she got on that horrid show DWTS, is because of the two things I just mentioned. Sad thing is, this country is making it possible (Khardashians!!) to become filthy rich by doing nothing productive/worthwile to society.

1089 days ago


this chaz person works? doing what?

1089 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Can someone please tell me what IT has been trained to do in all of HER years on Earth?

1089 days ago


I hate to be mean, but honestly -- acting? He must have a damn good rep if s/he can get acting jobs. Voiceovers, yeh, I can see that, but there are so many "real" actors out there doing voiceovers (i.e. MOrgan Freeman for instance), the competition is tough. Even for cartoon voiceovers.
Maybe s/he should have remained a girl. And what does the girlfriend do for a living? Are they living off of the trust fund?

1089 days ago


This is a person who has lived off mommy all his life. I have never heard of any talent or education that prepares him to do otherwise. Cher has enough $$ to keep him in comfort and spare the world. Jenny Craig, WW or one of the other weight loss systems might offer him a contract to lose some of that weight. Cher should be able to recommend a doctor who can help him get in better shape. Being morbidly obese is not attractive on anyone not to mention the health aspect.

1089 days ago


Lose some weight will you? You look like you're about to explode!

1089 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Chastity should go back to calling hersel*****irl (she is a girl, you know) and then she could get on some reality show and make millions. Snookie managed to make money and she's short and fat. Chastity could have made money tall and fat. BTW, there is NO such thing as being born in the wrong body. Chastity was born with a disability. A disability between the ears.

1089 days ago
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