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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Beggin' for Mercy!

10/31/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will concede she violated her probation by getting kicked out of her community service program ...TMZ has learned.

Lindsay will appear in court on Wednesday ... where Judge Stephanie Sautner plans to hold a hearing on whether Lindsay violated her probation. But our sources say the hearing may be unnecessary, because Lindsay will not put up a fight.

Sources tell us Lindsay's strategy -- courtesy of Shawn Holley -- is to show the judge she is now really, really serious about complying with the terms of her probation. She'll come to court armed with proof she's logged in 24 hours of service at the morgue -- way more than the 16 hours a week the judge required before Wednesday's hearing. And Lindsay still has time to put in more time.

Lindsay's plan has its risks -- she faces well over a year in jail if the judge throws the book at her. We're told Lindsay is hoping for minimal jail time -- two weeks -- which would actually be way less because of overcrowding.

The wild card, of course, is Judge Sautner, who made it clear at the time of sentencing ... if Lindsay violated probation she would go to jail. Based on the judge's statements ... it's unlikely Lindsay would score a 2-week sentence.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday.  So stay tuned ...



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Yes, she is serious about seriously considering to get serious about complying with the terms of her probation... that is until she decided not to AGAIN! LOL The whole family should change their last name to "WeAreABunchOfJokers". They should move in with the Kadash, also with the similar last name "WeAreABunchOfJokers2".

1052 days ago


I am losing respect for these Judges... SHAME ON THEM! They keep l etting her go.... When this girl kills someone in her car by being so high, they will all be to blamed for this.... This girl needs serious jail time. It's disgusting how the rich and famous are treated differently. Canyou imagine if this were our child, a regular person's daughter? Would she be getting so much many tries at this? NOPE!

Shame on these stupid easily swayed, WEAK JUDGES!


1052 days ago

Ghost Rider    

What if on a day just like today, a celebrity like George Clooney, Mark Whalberg, Matt Damon,Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, ect. came out and basically said, "Thanks to all the fans and everybody who has been supporting me for all these years, but I have come to a point in life where where I feel like you can all STICK IT"!!! Walks away and you never see them again. It would be a shock for sure, FOR SURE! But it would be even greater, even better, EVEN FUNNIER IF LINDSAY DID IT!!! Trick or Treat,LOL!!!

1052 days ago


This story was clearly leaked out of desperation and to incite attention. When this girl becomes desperate she becomes needy like her hysterionic tendencies always show. She is running to anyone who will listen to anything she has to say and trying to remain in control because she knows that SHE CREATED A SITUATION that cannot be escaped by using BS and she will soon be out of control. She snaps into reality from time to time when forced to do so. I sincerely hope, as was evidenced by the judges words at her last hearing, that LL's overtly transparent attempts to appear as though she is not a liar and that she really cared about the judges sentence, fall on def ears and she is facing some reality for the 90 days it will take her to complete a year in LA County Jail. Beyond her being in the jail system, I hold out no hope for this woman. Her 15 minutes of legit fame have passed and it will all be B list from there or worse. As far as growing a conscious and being accountable for her actions and behaviors in her life. That boat sailed...I mean sank.

1052 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

In all honesty her only hope is to flee the country. Go somewhere with a no extradition policy. She is supposedly still popular somewhere in Europe or the Sahara desert no?

1052 days ago


Dumbass. Anyone else would have been in for a long time and it would have been over by now.

1052 days ago


Oh for pete's sake! STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH THIS S***BAG and put her a** in the Texas Tent prison!. She will LEARN what hard conditions and work are there..WITHOUT benefit of TV, playing cards, commissary accounts. The freak Lohan needs to GROW THE HELL UP already. This applies to her creepy dad too!

1052 days ago


Send her to jail...screw over crowding. The Sheriff has already said "no early release"...6 months should be enough.

1052 days ago

kim purdy    

Linz...go snuggle up to pops in the pen. You are no better than he is, by the way you are acting. Shame Shame Shame

1052 days ago


uhm, no one cares about lindsey lohans nasty ass.
thaank you.

1052 days ago


Some keep bleating on about how any jail sentence will "interfere" with Linds' CS. Great. Please explain/define/quantify the statute of limitations on a sentence of community service. Does it expire at some point? Drag it out long enough and *poof!* it goes away? Void if not competed by the date ordered? Unless you know something the rational people don't, the CS can be completed (in theory, anyway) AFTER any incarceration.

Jail, THEN CS.... and this can - and will - go on and on and on.....

1052 days ago

Lady Luck    

Do over, Do over, Do over what the heck is wrong with that picture.. This is NOT justice..Its CELEBRITY JUSTICE..Any regular Joe would have gone to jail already... And who gives a crap about her teeth..Look at her face she is not cute anymore.....

1052 days ago


Someone enlighten me on this. So everyone is released early because of overcrowding. So they do 25% of their time. If that is the case, if Sautner wants her to some serious time in there, why can't she sentence her to a year, of which she will do 91 days? I know low level felons are being put into the county jails, but that law just went into effect on 10/1, so they are just starting to filter in. There is still room in there for non-violent (of which I think Lindsay is, her driving and bar behavior is a danger to society) offenders. And yeah, Lee Baca came out on Good Day L.A. and said there is room for her in there. Some might not like that he came out on TV and said it, but it's a fact. Plus she acts as if she's going in for the needle so suck it up.

1052 days ago


andyscandy: about a minute ago

all they have to do is say No early release

The Judge said in April it was the Sheriff who runs the jail.
Now that non violent felons are being sentenced to jail instead of prison the chances of "no early release" are non existent.


You contridicted yourself Nicole. These sherrif's can keep anyone for as long as their sentence as they like. Believe me. People are singled out. Lindsay would not be the only one. You just don't get it. If you were on her professing LL's willingness to do her violation time even if it is 90 days, you would be more of a support to her than you saying that she will not do time. Besides, do you know her? Isn't she already in as deep of crap as she can be in. What diff does it make where she is...? Money right. She needs to pimp herself out so she can spend $2,000.00 on sunglasses right? If she moves to a luxurious 2 bedroom on the beach she can save herseld $4,000 per month and she can buy her sunglasses on the boardwalk like everyone else. Then she can pay her bills and not worry about needing to be a whore.

1052 days ago

AGENT smith    

My guess in a worse case scenario is 6-13 days in jail, some people have guessed 180 days, we will see.

1052 days ago
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