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Ultimate Warrior

Wall Street Occupiers Are

iPad-Toting Hypocrites!

11/1/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ultimate WarriorWrestling legend Ultimate Warrior just called BS on the hordes of hipsters behind Occupy Wall Street -- telling TMZ, they're a bunch of poseurs, fueling the same corporate giant they're trying to take down.

In an ultra-rare appearance in full make-up, Warrior -- real name Brian Hellwig -- tells us, "I find it a little ironic that most of these kids own iPads and iPhones and all these material things. They're a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country."

Warrior adds, "The biggest statement you can make is not to participate in the consumerism of it all. Don't buy the stuff. Start living your own life. Practice what you preach."

We never thought we'd say this, but the man's got a point.

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This is going to cause some mad twitter action with the idiots who are protesting!

1058 days ago


Yup, I see a lot of $300 jeans and $400 sunglasses being worn by the OWS protestors. There are some real, legitimate, hardcore anti-establishment folks among the protestors, but I think the majority are posers who are just along for the ride.

1058 days ago


Vintage Warrior.

1058 days ago


I vote with my wallet. I make a point to buy products made in my country even if it means paying more. Want jobs in America? Buy American products.

1058 days ago


My favorite part of the OWS was when Alec Baldwin, the spokesman for Capital One bank, showed up to "support" them. Kanye West and JayZ showing up run a close second.

1058 days ago


For goodness sake.

What is wrong with you TMZ? The man "has a point"??

"Consumerism" is needed to fuel any economy. "Consumerism" has NOTHING to do with the INTENTIONAL fraud bubble created by financial institutions who were NOT REGULATED properly by US Government officials, IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE US PEOPLE & ECONOMY.

Wake up. Ultimate idiot. Wake up TMZ.

The OWS movement of today is only the beginning of the American people's fight back against shadow tyranny and subversive economic oppression.

Whether or not protesters have iPads or iPhones has nothing to do with it.

Big Poppa

1058 days ago

Richard Lea    

All of this is true
Walked past the other day and a group of them where sat playing on there iphones and then they all want generators to give them heat now what do generators run on!!

1058 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Exactly. This is like when Obama's wife went to the homeless shelters and they had pictures of all the homeless people using their cell phones to take pictures of her. Homeless people with cell phones. Absurd

1058 days ago


Ultimate Warrior is one bad hip away from a stay-at-home serial rapist.

1058 days ago

John Galt    

This guy is an ignorant, uneducated and ill-informed meathead that does not know what he is talking about. If you are not angry about what the investment bankers on Wall Street have done then you are not paying attention.

Stop watching Faux News for two minutes and go rent the Academy Award winning do***entary "Inside Job". It explains in simple terms how Wall Street stole all your money and simultaneously wrecked the US and global economy.

Join the fight!

1058 days ago


where'd you come up with "Brian" Hellwig? I thought it was Jim Hellwig

1058 days ago


lol listen to you morons mocking these people. I shouldn't expect much critical thinking from most the TMZ readers or TMZ its self. But you people don't see anything wrong with our political situation? Only way someone can protest big business buying our politicians is to not own consumer goods? We aren't protesting corporations selling products, we are protesting them buying our politicians and having laws and the tax code favor them. You people are stupid as hell for not seeing that.

1058 days ago


He demonstrates the reason for my dislike of the fact OWS conflates so many issues. I can't say it's not an anti-capitalist movement because some of the protesters are anti-capitalist/anti-consumerism. The fact is the banking system went badly wrong and would have collapsed without governments bailing them out (through tax revenue or debt). The CDO and derivative problems are well do***ented. Millionaires should be just as annoyed that people who earn a thousand times more than them, whom often pay less taxes, needed to be bailed out. By the peak of the financial crisis the rules had shifted so massively in the favour of the mega-rich, I'm not talking about millionaires (or even people with tens of millions), through financial deregulation and tax loopholes that it nearly brought the whole system down. For me that's not a sign capitalism is broken, rather that things shifted too far in favour of mega-rich individuals, hedge-funds, and corporations who can afford things like tax-havens. I don't see what the vast majority of people, or even most millionaires, had to do with the financial crisis. They did benefit from it though, because the derivative fuelled boom put huge amounts of money into the world economy (artificially creating booms in asset prices, among other things).

1058 days ago


I laugh at the fools that actually think there peaceful campfire protests will actually make any difference. The billionaires are controlling the protesters without them even knowing it...They are allowing them to think they are standing up and being pro active for a cause.

1058 days ago


And right he is! Most of the folks protesting have no clue how the stock market or Wall Street works.. If they want to protest, they should better do their homework first!

1058 days ago
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