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Vinny From 'Jersey Shore'

Ivy League Deviance Expert

11/3/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vinny Guadagnino speaks at Columbia
The apocalypse is nigh -- yesterday, a "Jersey Shore" cast member gave a guest lecture at an Ivy League school ...

It actually makes a lot more sense when you know the full story -- sources tell TMZ, Vinny Guadagnino was invited to speak in a Columbia sociology class on "deviance" ... a subject on which Vinny is a recognized expert.

Vin spent a lot of time talking about being bullied growing up. It went really well -- we're told students even applauded at the end -- but crap got real when Vinny opened the floor up for questions.

We're told one observer bluntly asked, "What gives you, as a cast member of 'Jersey Shore,' the right to interrupt this class and then lecture us on setting a good example?"

Vinny -- who wasn't big on speech and debate in high school -- was predictably stumped.



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The Ivy Leaguer was simply continuing the bullying ;)

1088 days ago


That's just rude. Not that I think Vinnie is necessarily the best choice of guest speaker, but it's not like he barged in to speak in their class just because he felt like it. They invited him. To be nasty to a guest is low class.

1088 days ago


How was he interrupting their class if he was asked to be a speaker? That doesn't make sense to me.

1088 days ago


Columbia is a joke. It's nothing but a high-priced propaganda farm for churning out little Marxists. This class is a prime example of how little an "education" these people are actually getting.

1088 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Each of those students have probably paid a minimum of $60.../hr to sit down in that class to listen to a lecture and in comes a dufus that got paid thousands of dollars for one hour to say some dumb isht to some people that are actually paying for an expensive education.

1088 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

And next week JWoww will visit a convent and lecture on morality.

1088 days ago


I'm starting a social experiment. I want everyone reading this to wish ill will towards the Kardashian family at 12noon (PST) on Friday. I believe with enough people focusing on it at the same time, the universe has to listen.
Please like and repost this where you can. We need as many participants as possible.
Someone's alittle jealous they weren't born a kardashian. I think that makes you worse then them and pretty sad.

1088 days ago


what the ****!? seriously.. i understand he's trying to do something nice but if your on a show like the jersey shore you are the last person to talk about bullying or setting a good example. he was the reason why guys are calling girls 'grenades' which is another word for ugly. this show was the reason why guys have become so obsessed with their image. This douche bag is a disgrace. 2 wrongs don't make a right. He needs to just stick to being the idiot people can watch and laugh on a tv show.

1088 days ago

The Truth    

All you guys are just being haters. Anyone leaving these dumb comments about vinny & the jersey shore cast would take a reality show to become a t.v. star & get paid to party & act stupid. If anyone disagrees than there is obviously something wrong with you & that's the truth.

1088 days ago

Throwback kid    

What's next, will they have Kim Kardashian stop buy to give a lecture on how to have a stable marriage?

1088 days ago


Vinny Guadagnino e un Guido molto stupido.

1088 days ago


If this is what parents and student loans are paying in these "Ivy League" Univerities, then you get a better education from a cheap community college. When you start bringing MTV reality stars as speakers, then your a Ivy joke. I can't believe they let this get to the news

1088 days ago


i think he the smarts one out of all the shore cast

1088 days ago


In the moment I might have asked him the same thing. Everyone on the feed is saying hes a jagoff, dont act like you wouldnt be tempted to say the same thing. I dont blame the guy though, I would go on tv and act like a tool for millions of dollars. You know the show is scripted for high school kids, I really doubt he is that bad if he is some what intelligent.

1088 days ago


The world has gone completely crazy.

1088 days ago
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