Selena Gomez Detective Says She has Reason To Fear for her Life

11/4/2011 8:35 AM PDT

LAPD Detective: Selena Gomez Has Reason to Fear for Her Life

Selena Gomez
' alleged stalker is not just a crazy fan ... his repeated threats to kill her pose a "serious threat" to Selena ... this according to an LAPD detective working the case.

Detective Jose Viramontes wrote a sworn declaration that was filed in court this morning, in which he says he interviewed Thomas Brodnicki on October 13th -- after he told a shrink he was going to kill Selena -- and Brodnicki "reiterated that he had many conversations with God about killing Ms. Gomez."

Det. Viramontes says Brodnicki made it clear ... he wasn't going home to Illinois until he met Selena.

The detective concludes Brodnicki has made "credible threats" and that he poses a "serious threat to Ms. Gomez."

Viramontes wrote the declaration in support of Gomez' petition to make her temporary restraining order permanent.  A civil judge is hearing the matter right now.

Brodnicki pled not guilty to felony criminal stalking yesterday, and the judge in that case issued a criminal protective order.