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Justin Bieber's Maybe Mama

Lawyers Have Gone Underground

11/5/2011 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew Pare and Lance Rogers
Mariah Yeater's attorneys had no problem giving interviews when their client came forward claiming Justin Bieber was her baby daddy ... but now that TMZ has poked some serious holes in her credibility ... they've gone radio silent.

Matthew Pare (left) and Lance Rogers (right) appeared on HLN this week saying they have "credible evidence" that supports Yeater's claims ... though they wouldn't elaborate on what that is.

And now that it's starting to look like Yeater is a fraud (she originally pinned fatherhood on her ex, before claiming it was Bieber's) we haven't been able to get Pare or Roberts to take our calls.

We've tried office numbers, cell phones, and emails both yesterday and again this morning ... NOTHING.

If you or someone you know can put us in touch with these guys, please ... help us out.


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i wouldn't let these 2 represent me in a traffic court.

1081 days ago

Wow ...    


1081 days ago


I hope your closing sentence flushes them out! They've gone radio silent because they're most likely a couple of ambulance chasers!!!

"If you or someone you know can put us in touch with these guys, please ... help us out."

1081 days ago


I want to know how this 20 yr old is paying for the lawyer fees??

1081 days ago


wow - how much is the Bieber camp paying you guys? Slightly suspicious that the day after he phones into your show, you start denouncing the mother as a fraud. Accusing her boyfriend first - surely the logical first step for her. He claims its not his, so does Bieber - maybe its the Immaculate Conception part 2.

1081 days ago


What proof could they have anyway? My guess is they have a ticket stub from his concert and she had the baby roughly 9 months later. I can see why they went into hiding.

1081 days ago


These type of lawyers are why lawyers are so disrespected. And I also want to know who is paying them,

1081 days ago


LOL they probably thought they hit a gold mine with this stupid girl. Now they realized they've been had and are hiding out of shame! When it's proven that JB is NOT the father they're going to be the laughing stock!

1081 days ago


They look like they are pre-law, know-it-all, wannabes who look at the high profile celebrity criminial lawyers at their televised news conferences and say "I wanny be like that when I grow up!"

1081 days ago


This Mariah girl seems to be another Casey Anthony as far as the ability to lie and lie and give details of lies and not even flinch with lies of who, what and where. Sick.

1081 days ago


these lawyers are pathetic. Good luck trying to get new clients after trying to represent a complete fraud.

1081 days ago


They now know she's a phony. If I were them, I will pull out from being her lawyer before they embarrass themselves any further and ruin their careers. On HLN, they were asked if they administered her a polygraph test and abviously they didn't....HOW CAN YOU NOT DO THAT?????? You are going against the most popular teen singer in the world.

1081 days ago


Their little wieners got all excited when they detected the possibility of fame and fortune.

1081 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Not every attorney wants to try their case on TMZ. If the goal is to establish paternity no amount of interviews is going to do that. All they need is a DNA test. The fact that a groupie has a shady background is no big deal. I'm not saying Justin is the dad or that I believe he has ever met this woman. It just there is really nothing else to say about this story until the DNA results are revealed. They don't need to speak to TMZ.

1081 days ago


im following this moron on twitter so that i can get the dirt b4 the blogs....this girl is a total nut bag. she is telling ppl follow me even if u hate me. if i get to whatever number she throws out i will have a q&a sessions. so when she started her q & a, i asked if the rumors are true that she accused another guy of being the father...she didnt answer. HA! she keeps telling us that we will have a surprise coming for us so follow her. she had a pic of her and the bieb as her profile pic but she took it down after she was attacked from the beliebers. if thats the proof that her lawyers were banking on...she is in trouble. her twitter is @MariahYeater20 she says she is working on getting verified (like she's a celebrity ha) and that she will be going private soon.

1081 days ago
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