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Kim Kardashian

Must PAY Kris Humphries

to Keep Engagement Ring

11/6/2011 3:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian
is going to shell out some serious dough so she can keep her MASSIVE engagement ring ... and TMZ has learned, the cash is all going to Kris Humphries.

Sources close to the former couple tell us ... it was Kris who originally bought the 20.5 carat diamond stunner ... and Kim loved the ring so much, she included a clause in the pre-nup which allows her to buy the ring from Kris for the original purchase price in the case of a divorce.

Ironically, without a special clause in the prenup, Kim would have been the proud owner outright, because once they became man and wife, the ring would have been Kim's.

Since the couple is now kaput -- the diamond is in Kim's court. We're told KK still LOVES the ring -- and will pay Kris so she can keep it.

As far as price goes -- Kim never disclosed how much Kris plunked down, but according to multiple reports, it's valued around $2 mil.


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This is more and more sickening by the moment. Having just divorced after 10 years, much counseling, crying, and trying to make it work...the rings were so heavy on my fingers..heavy in the sense that all they could do was remind me of failure. Failure to keep the 10 year marriage together. He didn't want the rings, nor did I, so they promptly went to the local jewelry store to cash in on the gold craze...didn't get much, just enough to make payments on joint credit cards and the like. What is she going to do with the rings? Put them on ebay? Collect them like Liz Taylor? The rings should be sold and the money given to the people that spent money on hotel, air fare and the like to attend this sham of a wedding. Or better yet, give the money to a domestic violence shelter or to starving children right here in this country. Of all this bunch, the one that makes me gag the most is the Mother. Who goes out partying with their grown children? Who wants her there in the first place? She is a classic example of a mid life crisis woman living her life thru her daughters. The last time I watched that show and never watched again...she was presenting Bruce Kardashian with a huge photo of her naked, wrapped only in an American flag. That was it for me. Gag. What a horrible example for those younger girls. She is nothing more than a pimp mom, and she is going to get even richer pimping the 2 younger ones out. I hope they all become ugly old hags. That fat butt of hers is bound to sag eventually. Oh, that will be yet another episode, getting the fat sucked out of her. What's next for this bunch of liars? I hope that her "fans" stop buying the cheap crap they sell and I hope Mom's make their daughters turn this crap off. Do you really want your little girls to grown up to be this stupid?

1019 days ago


How incredibly tacky of her to ever wear it. Of course, she has no real class.

1019 days ago


Mama Kris did a lousy job as spin doctor, first saying Kris H. was an indian giver, now saying the ring is only worth half as 1st reported so that people will say Kris H. was cheap & only spent $1 mil? Woman shut up. Your daughter is looking like a big enough idiot as it is without your help.

There aren't enough Ka$hdashians to mark dislike on comments to make a difference.

1019 days ago

Loving Latina    

She needs to pay him more than that. She's has a made a mockery out on the institution of marriage and has humiliated Kris humphries and his family. But, I don't believe some of these leaks... But he should be paid out for many reasons... I really hope he can write a tell all book and doesn't have a clause in the agreement that he can't talk about anything. I hope he takes her for all she is worth for the way that she has suckered him and all of her viewers and fans... Stupid fame whore!!!

1019 days ago


She's a doucebag....f!cking skank. Ya pay him back and give him his gifts too...also apologies to him and stfu.

1019 days ago


We are not fans we all pay a Kardashian tax. E is giving the money generated by the ads, even no*****ching the show and not fan at ALL we pay our product more. When the taxman is going to find out of Kris Jenner hidden money.

1019 days ago


I stoped watching the show since the season2 but i m paying a Kardashian tax. The money generated by the ads are been paid by everyone, E pay the Kardashian from the ads, it means Im paying more my shopping. When the taxman is going to find out about were is Kris Jenner Hidden money.

1019 days ago


He should consider himself lucky and count the losses. I am so sick of hearing about the Kardashians---I wish they would just stay out of the limelight at least until after the holidays and give the media and all of us a break from this gold digging family.

1019 days ago


Who includes that in their prenup?
Kim is a filthy liar

1019 days ago


How many women who are MADLY IN LOVE write a clause like that? That duplicist bioche. It was a scam on the world. Pretend wedding like a 5 year would do and having milllions believe she met her Prince. I will be very disappointed if her Facebook page isn't down to the thousands instead of millions.....why continue to make her rich...UNLIKE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER IMMEDIATELY.

1019 days ago


An interesting story here, is how the US taxpayer was ripped off. Did these people take tax deductions on their tax returns for the cost of this nonsense based on the position that their antics are tax deductible?

If that is true and it goes public, we are going to have another angry mob akin to the one against Wall Street!

1019 days ago


KarTRA$Hians Good one....

1019 days ago


don't believe humphries was in on this scam of a marriage. if that were the case they would have had humphries filing the divorce papers,kim gets to play the victim again,her fans,viewers and the public would all feel sorry for her,humphries takes the pay off money and goes away,kim goes on with her show ratings go up,pushing and selling the kardasdian merchandise making even more money than before.and everyone lives happier and richer ever after. though i do believe kim was scouting for someone she could marry on the show for profit and discard whenever she chose to.

1019 days ago


Kim, if you and your family claim your issue lies in being "in love with being in love" then spend your money where it will be best put to use, THERAPY. Give back the ring, and spend some $ on a charity close to your heart,volunteer your time in a selfless manner.

1019 days ago


Didnt this ho 'ANNOUNCE' she was going into hiding just after she 'ANNOUNCED' she was banning the drama from E?
So why is this ho in hiding still selling stories? Too greedy to let one dime get by

1019 days ago
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