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Kim Kardashian

Conflicted Over Divorce,

Flies to Minnesota

11/6/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian leaves for Minnesota
Kim Kardashian left for Minnesota last night to see Kris Humphries ... and sources connected with Kim tell TMZ she is conflicted over the divorce.

We got pictures of Kim as she made her way through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at around 5:30 AM local time. We're told Kim flew commercial and was traveling with the guy in the photo (above, left) who appeared to be a bodyguard.

According to our sources, Kim booked the flight very last minute (see her below at LAX) because she felt like she owed it to Kris to talk things through with him face-to-face. We're told no reality show cameras were involved.

Our sources tell us ... Kim has been saying even before she filed for divorce that she wasn't sure about ending the marriage. As we first reported, she was crying on and off last weekend before she decided to pull the trigger.

Sources say it's definitely not accurate to call this a reconciliation ... or even an attempt at one ... but the door is definitely not shut.

Sources tell TMZ  ... Kris and Kim will be meeting with the pastor who married them to talk about the marriage, the divorce, and their feelings. Again, this is not a reconciliation but we're told Kim wants to make sure she and Kris have closure and talk everything out.

Kim Kardashian at LAX leaving for Minnesota


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Anyone who thinks this is all real is stupid! I don't buy that whole sad face act she had in Australia. She was out all happy at a halloween party before she filed and by then she knew she would. Only when she saw the medias reaction she started to act like a victim.

1078 days ago


Kim K and her posse are just doing more damage control. She just wants more attention and more millions! Stop catering to this toxic family. Stop watching their shows and buying their knock offs!! Go away, far away, anything and everything Kardashian!

1078 days ago


Kris appeared arrogant, controlling, and mean to Kim on the TV show. So how was he when the cameras weren't rolling? No wonder she bailed quickly. He just wants reality fame for himself ~ see he's agreed to host paid nightclub events already ~ since his basketball career may be short lived. Kim, you can have a career, husband, children and stay close to your family. You'll find someone who understands and accepts.

1078 days ago

L. RENEE    

FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!! The entire engagement, wedding, and divorce were created for ratings. Nothing is real about Kim K....

1078 days ago

Ray Flores    

She must have gotten a heads-up that her ratings are going down the tubes. Keep your "cojones" Kris, don't gp back!

1078 days ago


I think she flew there to cover her own a**. She probably wants Kris to sign a confidentiality agreement or some contract making sure he can't make any money off selling their story. If anyone is going to do interviews for money it will be her and her only... She's also just protecting her "empire" she knows people are upset about this and she's lost fans so she's just making sure the TRUTH doesn't come out.

1078 days ago


woww there is a lot of people so bother, intrested in someone
elses life. sad soo what if she wants to make love with billion men how is it effecting u? by u looking up making a comment and giving your time eg like the person "kim kardashian superstar" who really had time and done research like a school project. but yet u hate her would u really in your right mind do that or should i say normal mind. but your the ones giving her the $ money $ reading and being intrested things the media do. stucked in before u know it funny really. im sure u can give this much attention to someone else.which may get u somewhere:)

1078 days ago


Well Kim has gone to Minnesota to grovel and apologize. Seeing the man that married them to help understand what's going on? Kim and her Klan are now showing the public what they are all about. It's been a week since she filed and since she didn't withdraw the petetion she is going forward for the divorce. Why they didn't file an annulment is beyond me, why, divorce means more money to Kim. Khloe and Kris have now gone public with private moments from family stuff and have let us see what matters most, MONEY. Kim should return the ring and return all the gifts. $ 200K of gifts, give me a break, that's an average of $ 50,00 per guest, but yet her registry listed mostly all her gifts over several hundred each. Robert Kardashian must be rolling in his grave to see what his ex and children are up to. Kim kept bring up her father and yet there was no Armenian officiant at her ceremony, there was no Armenian donation ever done from the wedding. I have never seen a Kardashian at an Armenian Picnic, which benefits other Armenians that are in need. People are calling Kim and Klan socialites....they are not the elite socialites such as donating all their time and money to worthy charities. The Kardashians are not in the A list of celebs in the world.....Now that the media is on fire with the Kardashians and showing the world the truth about this non caring family, it's a shame that Bruce Jenner is allowing and now following in Kris' foot steps with their two daughters.Why would anyone in this world want to listen to a Kardashian speak? What is it that they say that is work $ 150K to an Australian thing? Give me a break, and as the world now sees they are in it for the money and no feelings about anyone else. Socialites donate their time and money to worthy causes, the Kardashians should show the public their tax returns and that will show exactly what they give to charity which is not even 1% of their income. When I heard and saw Kim's appearance at a Club (Tao) in Las Vegas, in order to get a table there entrance was several thousand bucks with a drink minimum of several thousand dollars, Kim is not worth that kind of money. These clubs pay her big bucks and now these clubs will be suffering as her stock is now on the floor. Kim is trying to do damage control, but I think now we ex-fans have seen the truth come out, especially how she treated Kris during the wedding prep. Kris not ordering a Limo for Kris' parents shocked me, as Kris Jenner was thinking of her family not the grooms, that's when I decided that enough was enough. The Kardashians are nothing more than hopefuls that have now gone to far. Now the Kardashian girls can go back and work for their stores, if there are stores anymore. Making an honest living without resorting to lies and deceit to make a buck. Khloe is sweet and she says it like it is. Kourtney is paying Scott's way into this world as Scott has cheated and cheated....drank and drank...and she wants to live a life like that? Rob is still living with Khloe and does nothing. and lets not forget Kris Jenner, who would sell anything and everything for the chance of want a mom just like that....who now comes out and says she could have saved Nicole Brown Simpson....give me a break....Her book came out and since there wasn't alot of publicity for her...Kim files for divorce and boom....instant fame to the book, which I would never buy. I truly believe in Karma....and the Kardashians have taken a fall....maybe a great fall out of the spot light and off our tv's.........

1078 days ago


Kim is only CONFLICTED because of the backlash, she thought it would be easy peasy and she could move on with her air headedness but noooooooo, people called her a fraud, the reality con artist, on and on. That was what threw her off, that everyone finally knew the truth, KIM IS A FRUAD, don'*****ch these people anymore.

1078 days ago


I don't believe she really wants reconciliation or that she has any regrets. All she is doing is damage control. She didn't expect the divorce will cause so much controversy. I won't be watching this show or buying their cheap products. I won't support greediness to THAT extent.
It's a shame for me since I felt represented by this girls with their beautiful dark hair and olive skin and their large family. Not any more.

1078 days ago


She's a Gold Digger and loves the media spotlight and being a talentless Hollywood celebrity piglet.

1078 days ago


She is not conflicted over the divorce at all, she is going this strictly for damage control! The backlash and that wonderful Mother are simply trying to keep the cash cow running- I only hope this is the beginning of the end for this family, they are gross, and no example for kids to look up to. See what you can grow up to be if you put a sex tape online of yourself, and you have a money hungry mother? They should join up with the lohans and have a big old reunion-

1078 days ago


I never knew about the whore mama Kris screwing the poolboy and producing Khloe, is that what that DNA episode was all about? Mmmm interesting.

1078 days ago


Please attention all paparazzis and magazine editors out there...I won't be buying magazines for my home or business if they contain Kardazzian's photos. I will stick with the Readers Digest instead.

1078 days ago


Lets not forget this is the same skank that is so insecure she had her butt xrayed to prove its not fake. For one, who cares, #2- do you really believe her proof? Truly a skank.

1078 days ago
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