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Lindsay Lohan

Counting Down the Days ...

11/6/2011 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will be turning herself in to jail any day now ... so she enjoyed one of her last night's on the outside by hitting up the popular Venice sushi joint Wabi-Sabi.

In reality ... Lindsay probably won't be locked up long enough to even miss one meal.


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so classy she is..always has cigarettes on her..i bet she would do some kinky lesbian sex in prison just to get her smoke on.

1082 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Went to Radar hoping to see a story about Teen Bride, but instead they have a story about Lindsay making a scene at the Roosevelt, saying stupid stuff like "Ive got to see Leo",lol. I bet Leo regrets ever hooking up with her, and that is why you gotta be extra, extra, extra, careful with who you hook up with, even if the girl says there are no strings,lol.

1082 days ago


Hef let her borrow HIS teeth for the Playboy shoot. She had to give him his teeth back afterwards.

1082 days ago


Did everyone see that Tyler Perry (her good friend goto guy for publicity) hired Kim Kardashian for his new movie? Lindsay doesn't even have a bit part in it! If one of her good friends won't hire her for his movie, why on earth would any producer who has name recognition hire her?

1082 days ago


Lindsays good friend Tyler Shields invited Lindsay to the after party. There was no gatecrashing, no scenes, nothing eventful happened at all. Anyone who believes anything PageSix write is seriously deluded. They are s***.

1082 days ago


Trollans always blame Page Six. Did they steal that necklace too? Get her turfed from CS?
Being denied entry to parties she's not invited to is a longstanding pattern of hers.

Ho*****dmits she wasn't invited. Just claiming hanger on status. No word on who did invite her because they didn't. No photos. More desperate ploys.

1082 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Monster Mash - TrendRighter

1082 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Richardwww has got to be half retarded like his counterpart Nicole, because any big named star who would invite Lindsay to a party is the idiot. I mean seriously, why would Dicaprio want to see Lindsay at his party?
Im sure in the future when Lindsay goes to crash another party like that, whoever is at the door will be given direct orders that no matter what Lindsay Lohan is not allowed in no matter what.

1082 days ago

Gata Agressiva    

pitty! ='(

1082 days ago


I was confused about Tyler Perry vs. Tyler shields... sorry about that! But, is anyone else as shocked as I am that Tyler Perry would hire Kim Kardashian for a film? He's a big name Director/Producer... I'm sure he could get better talent! I still stand by my earlier statement that this must frost Lindsay's butt...

1082 days ago


Want to have some fun.....?
Compare the spin stories of the still on the Lohan Inc payroll and the ones that are not........
Haven't seen and read so much spinning since the carnival was in town with there Super Size Ferris-Wheel....
They are so pitiful and obvious in their lies is kind of sad really....and the sites that are selling this crap to the public are really just as bad....E-online.....Extra....Access Hollywood (a question mark here cause they have changed their tune lately ) and a few of the others who would who are nothing but paid for pubisity sites for stars....give them the right money and they will sing Charles Mansons praises and try to build up public smypothy for him...... just like the paid for Kris Kardashion personal appearances done on every morning show and talk show in NYC this past week... I quess if you got the money honey they will make the time....for anybody..and any story ...Just make finding something worthwhile to watch in the mornings hard to do..thru I don't seem to have that problem since all I have is SpongeBob and Dora on from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm coutesy of my grandson...Don't mess with his carrrrrr..toons.."you wouldn't like him when he's mad " ...LOL....

1082 days ago

Jay W.     

I am probably the only one here who would like to see Lindsay "the train wreck" pull it off this time. Get your head out of your ass Lilo. You can succeed.

1082 days ago


Thanks for turning me on to the interview. Here goes Dina again with her "we we we" instead of Lindsay:
'we have a contractual say in how far it goes and her and Mr. Hefner will decide.'
Plus she talked about how beautiful the pictures turned out. So beautiful, in fact, that Mr. Hefner rejected them!!! Dina, keep your mouth shut when it comes to Lindsay! You do absolutely nothing to help her cause!

1082 days ago

Ghost Rider    

OMG, I cant believe Teen Bride Courtney Stroddens husband is that creep from the X-Files, Victor Eugene Toombs. If anyone has ever seen the episode from X-Files season 1 called "Squeeze" you would know how even more creepy Teen Brides husband really is.
Im telling you this teen bride stuff is bound to get good, and the trollhans would have to find something else to do, maybe jump on the teen bride bandwagon,idk.

1082 days ago


SO, the "special privileges" unit is overbooked in jail as well? One can fathom the general populace cells being overpopulated, but it's hard to believe that solitary with celebrity privilege cells are overbooked as well. They knew she was coming.....

1082 days ago
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