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Avril Lavigne

Worse for Wear After Fight

11/7/2011 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Avril Lavigne black eyeThis photo was taken moments after Avril Lavigne was allegedly attacked by 5 drunken morons at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel early Sunday morning.

Avril claims she suffered a black eye and a bloody nose during the incident -- though it's hard to make out any injuries in the photo.


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Avril, you're a wealthy celebrity! Don't go to places where this kinda **** can happen!!

1052 days ago


I think its an improvement

1052 days ago


F*ck this tool.

1052 days ago


how do you know Avirl and brodey weren't the morons?????

1052 days ago


She has always had a big mouth and been a trouble maker in the past, so this is no surprise!

1052 days ago


I can quite clearly see an injury above her eye!!

1052 days ago


Attacking someone 5 on one and needing a weapon? Then hit the crazy woman angry about you hitting her douche boyfriend? Were these guys wearing skirts?

1052 days ago


I wonder if Avril was being super snotty and rude to some other girl at the bar. Never know with some of these "Hollywood princesses" who think they can get away with anything.

These women can get INSANELY JEALOUS of other women with a good looking guy with an expensive car and so forth. Especially once they get sloppy drunk and get into a bad mood.

The claws really come out with some of them. Some of those bigger chicks can fight as well as guys and do some damage. I would keep an eye on those types of crazy chicks. They might try to "cold ****" you for no good reason. They think they can get away with it too ... since they are women.

Most guys wouldn't dare to do some of the things these drunk chicks sometimes do. There's plenty of women in jail these days for assaults you know. Someone needs to tell these crazy girls that they are risking jail or getting beaten up bad if they hit the wrong person ... especially a guy.

Some girl in New York about a year ago or so tried to fight a guy over a parking space and she got a few good punches in. Then, the guy just hit her once in the face and she was knocked out cold and went to the hospital. She was in critical condition I hear.

1052 days ago


Oh puhleeeze ! This biznatch is a loud mouth who spits at people and has no class !
I guess not everyone is going to put up with her loud mouth ass !
I say its about time !
Her and her punk boyfriend !

1052 days ago


Hard to make out injuries?
Its pretty damn evident to me she has a black eye. Nice bias you threw in there, TMZ.

1052 days ago


Bruising to the face as a result of injury doesn't happen instantaneously; it can develop over the next 24 hours. Geez, TMZ writers, have you never had a bruise. It is quite apparent this girl has an injury on her eye "moments" after. Did y'all look at the photo before writing? Also, dudes who hit chicks are flat out *******. End of story.

1052 days ago


Ummmm HELLO has noone @TMZ ever had a black eye b4? I can see the blood blister in this pic no problem, the "bruise" comes after.

1052 days ago


I see a cut on her eye but she looks OK to me... Her boyfriend Brody took the brunt of it all for her after she bailed and left Brody in the middle of HER fight...His face was all cut up and bleeding! Way to stand by your man Avril

1052 days ago


Avril's hardly innocent in this. She conveniently disappeared before the police arrived..

1052 days ago

Ramblin Rose    

Finally, someone gave her a beating for giving us ****ty music. Thank you!

1052 days ago
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