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Conrad Murray

Hedges His Bets ... With God

11/7/2011 4:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray is leaving no stone unturned ... he went to church in L.A. last night.

Murray and his girlfriend/baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, went to the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in the Crenshaw district.

On his way out of the service, Murray told a photog, "God is good."

We're told Murray, a deeply religious man, prays all the time, but he's "optimistic" he'll be found not guilty.

Time will tell ...


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In my opinion - This guy should NEVER had been out on the street during this trial PERIOD . And why he was is beyond me. Anyone else would have been jailed all during the trial. And I dont care to hear the until proven guilty bs either.

1079 days ago


Isn't he married to some other woman? Deeply religious?

1079 days ago


"God Is Good".. Wow, you really have a lot of nerve to hide behind "God" in a situation like this.. God didn't get you into this, you did! It's your actions, and your greed, that are responsible for this! I don't think God likes greed or rich doctors who abandon their patients! Now you get to pay the price, hopefully! At worst you're a murderer, at best you're a greedy doctor with very poor judgement, who's entirely lacking in commone sense.

1079 days ago


Funny how he can call on the name Lord and claim he is serving God.......blah, blah. First off I understand that he was seeing Ms. Alvarez while he was still married, second he is a man that does not pay support (until all this came out with MJ), third he is shacking up with Ms. Alvarez and fourthly, he obviously is not a Christian in the way he "treated" Michael and continues to lie instead of just coming clean and facing the consequences. I am not saying he intended to kill Michael but his negligence killed Michael. I am big fan of Michael but I think Dr. Conrad is 80% responsible for Michael's death and Michael is 20% responsible. God will and can forgive him, but at this point, he is just using the church and God's name to promote "he is a good guy". Stop that nonsense sir!

1079 days ago


1079 days ago


Yes, ConRat is married and has several children. His wife is also a doctor who jointly owns his practices (from what I am able to gather so far - I could be wrong in this!), and he has 7 girlfriends - one of whom is Nicole his (one of) baby mama's. And now he is filming a do***entary since the trial began. Tha man makes me sick as Hell!

1079 days ago


Michael Jackson didn't ask or pay Dr. Murray to kill him. He paid Dr. Murray to monitor him and make sure he was going to be ok while he found ways to beat his addiction, because he knew he had an addiction. Michael's family did not abandon him. MJ was too embarassed about his situation to face it with his family.
I don't like Murray's and his defense team's attitude about Michael's death. I would like him if he'd be a man and face the consequences of what he did!

1079 days ago


His wife is very tolerant if he is still married to him. He is just a low base human being............ in every area.

Can anyone tell me what these women see in him?

1079 days ago


I am sure he will be found guilty -- the only question is will he spend more than a few hours behind bars?

1079 days ago


Jury's instructions from Judge Pastor c/o
Michael McParland

@MMcParland London, England

Barrister, California Attorney and Legal commentator. Currently covering the Dr Conrad Murray trial live on Sky News.

It's in PDF form so it might slow your p.c a wee bit

1079 days ago

Brigha from UK    

God may forgive Murray.
But Michaels children, his family, friends and thousands of fans throughout the world can not.

Maybe if he owned up, told us the truth about what really happened that day and showed just an ounce of remorse we could try.

To be forgiven, don't you first have to say you're sorry?

1079 days ago


Is this really Nicole Alvarez at his side?
I would say no!

1079 days ago



1079 days ago


May God put some sense into the head of all those standing outside wanting Dr. Murray's blood.
Patients can be injured ,permanently disabled or even die as a result of medical malpractice, yet nobody goes to jail over it.

If we accept all of the evidence presented by the prosecution, then what is there in the evidence which sets this case apart from an ordinary medical mapractice case and would make it a criminal case or involuntary manslaughter.

If the prosecution and Nancy Grace had their way, every malpracticing physician would be locked up. It is important to closely review the evidence presented or lack of it by the prosecution and it shows that evidence does not come anywhere near proving its case for criminal negligence or involuntary manslaughter.

1. Money Charged By Dr. Murray:
The prosectuter tried to prejudice the jury by pointing out the amont of money Dr. Murray was going to allegedly receive or did receive from MJ for his services, about $ 5000. for 24 hour service, particularly when common man in this country today has financial woes. A 24 hour coverage by registered nurse would cost $ 2400.00 ($ 100./per hour ) . An attorney would charge you $ 10,000-15.000 for 24 hour work for doing nothing. Whats so odd and outrageous that a fully trained Cardiologist charged twice the nurse for being on at the beck and call of MJ 24 x 7 ,at the expense of his private practice and personal life ? What prosecutor is trying to convey is that Dr. Murray being Black is not entitled to earn that much money,never mind the personal sacrifices he made, the years he spent in schooling, competing for admissions in medical school and residency training , passing examinations after examinations.

2. Dr. Murray Did not know how to conduct CPR.

This is outright lie. Even high school students are taught know how to give CPR. Whats there to performing CPR? Lifting chin to open up airways and pumping lower part of sternum. Every physician is required to provide a current copy not only of CPR certificate but also copy of Advance Cardiac Life Support. (ACLS) certificate on the hospital's credential's file where the physician has staff privileges.Dr. Murray is a Cardiologist. He possesses by virtue of his specialty a much advanced knowledge of techniques in resuscitation than a general practitioner or a common man.

Someone said that he saw Dr. Murray using one hand in pumping chest. Even though ideally in heavy chested , muscular person,a hand over heel provides enough compression force, however, in children and weak, emaciated person such as MJ, one hand may be more than enough. Strong force can break ribs, can puncture lungs and cause impossible problems to take care of. Another statement was, that MJ was being resuscitated on bed and not on the hardwood floor. Even though that would be ideal but one can produce enough pressure ( 75 mm Hg.) ejection of blood flow from the heart to profuse the heart and brain even on bed. I understand Dr. Murray did not have any physical help and he could not drop him on the floor by dragging off the bed. He had to run up and down to find people and there was no land line phone.Nonetheless, this is a smear and lie.

3. There was no Crime in Medicating MJ:

MJ could not sleep all nite inspite of ingesting,benzodiazepine (librium), diazepam (valium) and lorazepam (Ativan) which is a short acting sedative (calms nerves) and hypnotic (induces sleep),yet he suffered no problems. At 10.40 a.m. MJ was still wide awake.As a last resort,he received 25 mg. of Propofol, (10-25 mg is the smallest dose) which is also a short acting sedative and hypnotic. He was addicted to it besides tens of other drugs. There was no crime in injecting Propofol. Lot of emphasis was placed on how many bottles of Propofol had been ordered at a Pharmacy from Las Vegas. That was irrelevant,prejudicial and misleading.

Even though Propofol is used in hospitals in inducing sleep prior to induction of anesthesia, in ICU and other minor procedures,its use is not limited to hospitals.Propofol is used in outpatient surgery centers, doctors offices performing minor procedures and endoscopies.

Home is no different for administration of Propofol,if administered under the direct supervision of a physician as was in this case. There is a small risk in developing respiratory problems and but this can be overcome easily by assisted respiration by chest compression and mouth to mouth respiration or by face mask with a bag (ambubag) or oxygen.

A drug reaction can develop after injection of Penicillin in doctor's office. Doctos don't keep CPR carts in their offices. One has to check all the medications and instruments and devices such as defibrillators,oxygen cylinders etc. in the CPR cart on daily basis and medications are updated,that takes lots of time and expense for a possible emergency which may never happen. This is not cost effective.Instead, the doctor's offices rely on 911 team which can show up in minutes, for providing CPR support and transport to hospital for observation which is always necessary.

Dr.Murray similarly relied on 911 but unfortunately, there was no land line phone and he did not know the physical address of the MJ residence. Nonetheless, there was nothing criminal in delay caused by cir****tances beyond Dr. Murray's control.

Prosecution presented testimony of coroner that death probably occured because MJ ingested three (3) medications night before and Propofol,but he did not back up his testimony with any hard numbers or evidence showing that MJ's blood levels of these medications were dangerously high. It was a mere speculation. Overdosage in malpractice but certainly not criminal and there was no hard evidence.

Propfol 25 mg would not cause the problem MJ had, developing cardiac arrest and not responding to CPR for hours. It appears something else was going on. It could be that that batch of Propofol had a contaminant to which MJ was allergic,provoking a severe anaphylactic reaction(allergic)causing cardiac arrest.Such a bad reaction is always very hard to overcome.

Propofol is made by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries an Israel-based pharmaceutical firm, and major supplier of the drug. On June 4, 2010 Teva announced that they would no longer manufacture it. A Teva spokesperson attributed the halt to ongoing process difficulties, and a number of pending lawsuits related to the drug.This aspect of Propofol was not explored at trial or investigated by prosecutor or coroner or the defense. Nonetheless, prosecuter failed to prove why MJ could not be resuscitated even if he had received a coctail of drugs and died. Under the cir****tances, prosecutor never came close to proving the manslaughter against Dr. Murray.

Nonetheless, MJ addictions to several drugs including Propofol,any delay or failing to resuscitate MJ was not a crime.

May God listen to your prayers. Dr. Murray.

Issue is made Dr. Murray did not tell ER physician about Propofol injection.That was long gone. Even if Dr. Murray had told him, ER physician would not have done anything different or changed the course of therapy, so it caused no harm to MJ.

In sum there was no evidence of 'gross negligence' [want of scant care. Dr. Murray did the best he could under the cir****tancres] let alone criminal negligence.

1079 days ago
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