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La Toya Jackson


11/7/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya JacksonMoments after a jury pronounced Dr. Conrad Murray guilty, La Toya Jackson took to the streets outside the L.A. County Courthouse to celebrate.

How bittersweet.


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Why Me?    

Oh La-Toilet. Why are you still around?

1060 days ago

alicia podesta    

La Toya should get a fricken job and a life. I don't think Michael even spoke to her or the other Jackson vampires.

1060 days ago


It's unfortunate but money can be very tempting. MJ was a drug addict which there is NO denying. He just found a pawn willing to administer his drugs for him. MJ is responsible for his own death but there is no doubt that Murray should serve some time for his role. No Doctor in their right mind would administer Propofol in a home setting. ICU, Surgical Suite maybe...but at home? Give me a break!

1060 days ago


How can that be a Victory ? He will be out in 2 years and Michael still DEAD.

1060 days ago


Great, now the people who drive michael to drugs, get to live comftorably off his estate well shoving his kids into the spotlight so they can bank off them in a few years.... kinda wish the whole family but michael`s kids had died, the world would be a better place for it.

1060 days ago


They could care less if Murray goes to jail. This is all the setup for the civil trial. This whole family is a bunch of gold digging as****s. God had to kick MJ out of heaven. He kept trying to diddle the cherubs.

1060 days ago


Nice jacket. Is she in a marching band?

1060 days ago


Conrad didn't kill MJ. The people who knew he had drug problems and did nothing, they killed MJ.

1060 days ago


What a joke. He'll be in jail, maybe, 6 mos to a year. His license will be revoked, but he is going to appeal. Chances are he will be out of jail and practicing again in 2013.

1060 days ago


******* typical Jackson. Its great that he was found guilty but seriously does she have to make a spectacle about it? She acted like she just won(don't laugh) a grammy. It takes so much away from it. A real person would just sit and be happy he was guilty, and be relieved it was over. I'm sure the Jackson family will throw a party and try to make some money over it like they do with everything else.The only people in the family that arent a joke are the kids. I hope they grow up normal. They seem very nice.

1060 days ago


IMO Murray isn't guilty.

1060 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Look! She's really MJ and so MJ really isn't dead, unfortunately.
Conrad Murray, MD, SHALL NOW go free!

Best MJ joke ever: MJ and Gary Glitter are in Child Molester's Hell and MJ asks Gary Glitter: " Hey Gary, got two fives for a ten?"

1060 days ago


I don't like how she went out and celebrated his conviction. No one should wish bad against someone else. I know he might of killed her brother, but celebrate would not bring him back.

1060 days ago


LaToya is an *******. She looks like a man. The only reason he was found guilty is because it was michael jackson.

1060 days ago

My Little Girls    

It's been reported that La Toya isn't finished yet. Now she's going after all the other's that are responsibl­e for the death of Michael. Well, let's see... Enablers: All doctors including Dr. Kline who just told the American Public that Michael was addicted to Propofol and admitted to giving Demerol to Michael in his own office.
The family that stood by and let Michael destroy his own life with drugs and wouldn't do anything to help him. Money was more important at the time then Michael's life because he paid all the bills.
La Toya should have put a muzzle on Dr. Kline and not allowed the interview over the week-end that divulged all the informatio­n about drugs. As far as the AEG lawsuit that Katherine filed against them... it's not going to be anything like the Murray trial. Big Lawyers.. and all the skeletons will be pulled out of the closet.
Dr. Murray was found guilty of involuntar­y manslaught­er and not Murder. La Toya.. this proves it was an accident and not intentiona­l.
If you think the jurors are going to buy AEG hired Dr. Murray to kill Michael.. you've already lost.
Dr. Murray was brought into the tour by Michael himself.. he wanted this doctor. AEG told Michael their were doctors in Europe to help with medical problems should they arise. IMO
It's over... That Was It.... Let Michael Rest In Peace...

1060 days ago
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