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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Was 'Scary'

11/7/2011 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in jail
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... her 4.5 hour stint in the pokey was "scary" ... even though she was never placed with the general population.

We're told Lindsay was alone in her cell during her time in custody at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA.

Sources tell us Lindsay described the jail as "cold" -- saying it's one of the worst places she's ever been in her life.

Lindsay is telling friends the experience was another wake up call ... insisting she's learned from her mistakes and wants to put her problems behind her.

We're told Lindsay didn't eat anything during her stay at Lynwood -- then again, it's not like she had time for a meal.


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And the morgue is a walk in the park?

1081 days ago


OK Lindsay, you win becuase you can do whatever you want and the CA legal system isn't going to do anything about it. Feel free to drink, smoke and whatever else makes you happy. Now please, go away.

1081 days ago


Who cares!!

1081 days ago


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1081 days ago


Get it together Lindsay and prove the haters wrong!

1081 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Do you really think anyone feels sorry for you? We don't.
We are just enjoying the fact that money can't buy class and money can't buy happiness. Enjoy what's left of your life, Loser Lohan.

1081 days ago

Phil E. Drifter    

funny she didn't mention how it reeked of urine.

All jail cells reek of urine.

She didn't get anything to eat because THEY DON'T DELIVER in jail. You get a 1-cheese-slice sammich and a huggy of water a day in jail. And nothing on your first day in, this bish only spent 4 hours.

1081 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Good for Lilo. I understand she had to redo her photo shoot. I guess Hugh Hefner is having trouble photoshopping the spots off her butt....

1081 days ago


She probably thought she was in some dead club.

1081 days ago


Oh yeah, jail was "scary" and she's definitely seen the light & will reform her ways... Allow me to call BULLSH*T. We've been here before a bunch of times, like after every court appearance where she's been given another chance. Next, we'll hear about how she's "cleaning up her list of friends who want to take her to bad places" (heard it 3x before). Next, there'll be a post here about how "lindsay's afraid because her friends are taking her down a bad road" (heard it 3x before), blah blah blah.

I say words are cheap at this point; the only thing that matters is actions. In other words, shut up, BLOWhan & show us, don't tell us. And remember, the slightest f*ckup on your part, and it's 270 days (~ 54 actually, at 20% served time) in that "scary" place...

1081 days ago


"When nothing changes... nothing changes"

This little girl is stuipd. She should have just done the entire sentence.... What would it have been..?? 36 hours.. max. Instead.... she goes in .. serve 4 hours... for 30 days... and has all the conditions of probation lurking...

What a complete jackass. She attorney should do her morgue time with her and see a shrink too.

What fool would have taken that sentence???

Have fun serving your probation...

1081 days ago

Phil E. Drifter    

What's great is her upcoming PLAYBOY SPREAD! JANUARY 2012! And Hugh offered her $750,000, no she wanted MOAR! so after the first photoshoot she was told 'the pictures are a mess and you need to come back for a second photo shoot before we can pay you.' HA HA /muntz

1081 days ago


This story is BS. Just Dina/Honig trying to convince us once again that Lindsay is on the straight and narrow. Lindsay has been in the jail before, for a much longer time, so I'm sure this time was a piece of cake. Please...TMZ we're not that gullible!(well, at least the non-fans aren't...)

1081 days ago


Why can't these new age celebs shut their traps?
Who wants to hear every thought and little feeling they now have?

1081 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How many people called it? That this would be the next story? So predictable. It wasn't even a jail cell. It would have been a holding cell while the processed her and only a holding cell to "protect" her. She never really got all the way into jail. Total BS again

1081 days ago
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