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Charlie Sheen

Mocked on 'Two and a Half Men'

11/8/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It wasn't enough to kill Charlie Sheen off in "Two and a Half Men" -- last night, creator Chuck Lorre took a personal shot at the Warlock on the show ... mocking Sheen's famous "winning" catchphrase.

During the episode, Jon Cryer's character was impersonating Charlie Harper  -- pretending to order scotch and hookers ... before uttering Sheen's favorite word, "WINNING."

Harper's dead ... maybe it's time to finally bury the hatchet too.


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Chuck Lorre is a prick and the new Two and a Half Men sucks

1079 days ago


Chuck just can't seem to grow up and let it go. What a sourpuss..

1079 days ago


They are using him a lot to try to retain viewers but it's not the same.

1079 days ago


Are you shocked ??

The dude hired THE WORST ACTOR OF ALL TIME to replace Charlie its pretty obvious he has a raging hard on for old Chuck Sheen

1079 days ago


Its almost sad for two and a half men all they can do is try and make fun of Charlie instead of realizing that show sucks.

1079 days ago


Chuck Lorre is tiny many in every way that a man can be tiny! He knows that keeping references to Sheen MIGHT be the only way to keep the show on the air b/c Ashton's no where as great as Sheen in this role. Heck, he's not even halfway decent.

1079 days ago

two cents    

The new show SUCKS with AK but last night was the first time I laughed out loud since the new season began. "Winning!" "Alan" can carry the show himself, without AK!! It was a mistake to bring him on. He's distracting and exactly how many more nude/gay jokes are they going to make for the cheap laughs. Did they get all new writers, too? Oh the irony that THE funniest episode this new season centered on Charlie. LOL!!

1079 days ago


It shows me just how much they need Charlie back on the show. Charlie was the whole show and made it funny. it's obvious that even his own brother could not pretend to be him and make anything Charlie said as funny and Charlie did. They left a window to bring Charlie back and I think they really need to.

1079 days ago

Kris in NYC    

That line and how it was played was one of the only funny things that show has put out in the new season. I laughed my ass off at it!! (which has been a rare occurrence with this show lately)

1079 days ago


Chuck just won't grow up and let it go. By the way, the new 2-1/2 men Sucks, I couldn't get past the first episode..

1079 days ago


Hate chuck and the new two men carnt wait for Charlies new show, looser chuck and John , John Cryer should have gone with Charlie

1079 days ago


Ya, after watching last nights episode, I've decided enough. I'm done with all but the reruns of the show now. RIP

1079 days ago

two cents    

Just to be fair, didn't Sheen mock TAAHM this week on TMZ during a car explosion scene on his new show?

1079 days ago


Does anyone even watch this anymore?

1079 days ago

o rly    

Chuck seems bitter.
Two and a Half Men was crappy before, but now it's utter ****e.

Enjoy another season or two; they should actually THANK Charlie Sheen, as the show is riding on his coat tails & his buzz (pun intended).

1079 days ago
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