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Charlie Sheen

Mocked on 'Two and a Half Men'

11/8/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It wasn't enough to kill Charlie Sheen off in "Two and a Half Men" -- last night, creator Chuck Lorre took a personal shot at the Warlock on the show ... mocking Sheen's famous "winning" catchphrase.

During the episode, Jon Cryer's character was impersonating Charlie Harper  -- pretending to order scotch and hookers ... before uttering Sheen's favorite word, "WINNING."

Harper's dead ... maybe it's time to finally bury the hatchet too.


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Did you ever to stop to think this may all turn out to be the best coo in Hollywood. All the fighting between Lorre and Sheen was made up by them, Charlie takes off for 1 season (paid). The plot being Alan had a mental breakdown and at the end of the season it was all a big dream (like Dallas back in the day) and the show comes back with Charlie and the biggest ratings ever. Now that would be Hollywood Brilliance! Possible? (Well come on, a lot of us fell for the Kardashian Fairy Tale Wedding scam)

1017 days ago


I think Chuck Lorre is a Focking ****!

1017 days ago


The funny part is the only person getting any satisfaction out of it is Chuck. Nobody else gives a *****. Kinda sad if you ask me, sounds like he can't let it go.

1017 days ago


I can't figure out Ashton's character. Is he smart? Is he dumb? Is he sad over his marriage? Is he happy being single? Is he gay? This irritates me to no end. I think I'm pretty much done with this show.

1017 days ago

nancy jo    

Leave Charlie Alone!!!! xoxoxo!!!

1017 days ago


Charlie Sheen was right about Chuck Lorre. Dude needs to get over himself and stfu.

1017 days ago

melissa roberts    

Were they to bury the hatchet, nothing would be left, oh, I forgot nothing is left.

1017 days ago


Without Charlie Sheen.... Two and Half Men Suck. 1st of all the storyline is dumb and there is no laugable chemistry between John Cyers and Ashton Kutcher. Each week I think it's going to get better instead it's getting horrible. Either bring Charlie Sheen back or take it off the air. The reruns are funnier that the current shows.

1017 days ago


Actually, I thought it was the only funny line in the whole show

1017 days ago


Seems Chuck Lorre still needs Charlie 4 ratings... and now, who is winning? Ironic, ugh..

1017 days ago


From the beginning of the season it was clear that Lorre was going to make petty cracks at Charlie. He not only killed him off, he had him go 'splat' in front of a train, then cremated, then spilled all over his own floor. That replacement actor he hires is taller, younger, better looking and they endowed the new character with an emourmous penis. It would have been more worthwile putting his energy into creating a funny show. with the exception of last night's episode, the show has been gawd awful. Nice going Chuck Lorre. I'm with the warlock.

1017 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Chuck Lorre KNOWS Charlie won - he can't let it go... good for Charlie that the show still carries his name - it's all they have since they are in the toilet with ASSton. Sorry Jon is forced to continue the childish shots that Lorre insists upon - SOUR FING GRAPES... can't wait for Charlie's new show, whatever it may be!!!

1017 days ago


LOL that was great!!! too funny you people sound sour give it a break it was funny and sheen would prob agree

1017 days ago


This show isn't good and i don't see another season without Charlie. It's really sad and pathetic to continue to use Charlie in this way. Who does this? Chuck Lorre! You're really looking like an *******.

1017 days ago


the new show is horrible all they do is refer to Charlie "who they wanted to get rid of and have nothing more to do with"and the only other thing they do is refer to Ashtons large penis constantly

1017 days ago
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