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Eddie Murphy

Bails Out of Oscars

After Brett Ratner Resigns

11/9/2011 11:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy is showing the ultimate solidarity with good friend and producing partner Brett Ratner by quitting the 2012 Oscars, which he had agreed to host.

Ratner bailed -- though he may have had no choice -- after making a homophobic remark last week at a screening of "Tower Heist," which stars Murphy.

Murphy says he wanted to do the show and never says squarely he's bailing because Ratner is gone, but his statement leaves little doubt:  "I was looking forward to being part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I'm sure the new production team and host will do an equally great job."

Looks like the Motion Pictures Academy does better with old people -- they're generally a lot safer.



No Avatar


People are getting way too sensitive. We can't even call each other retarded in public!

1078 days ago


they haven't done the oscars w/out gil cates in 30 years - they have no idea what to do

1078 days ago


Everyone please hop on the Kevin Spacey bandwagon.

1078 days ago

Ronnie Bearet    

This is a sure "Beverly Hills Cop-Out"! Now we know what side of the fence Mr. Murphy is on.

1078 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Glad to see Eddie not allowing these gays to bully him. They made their choice on the lifestyle they want to leave but do not have the right to force it upon everyone else.

1078 days ago


What is the world coming to when your boycotted for not agreeing or protesting a homosexual lifestyle, a lifestyle that is said to be wrong in a every major religion of the world.
If it's all about love, then should we also start supporting incestual relationships?

1078 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

If they're looking for a black comic who hasn't done anything interesting in decades, maybe Garrett Morris is available.

1078 days ago


I think it's gotten ridiculous already that these celebrities have to issue an "apology" every time they say something negative about homosexuals. If they said it, they meant it cuz that's how they feel about it. Why should they have to apologize or censor themselves? Get over it....not everyone has to be in agreement with the immoral lives homosexuals live.

1078 days ago


im so sick of people having to be so 'Politically Correct" about stuff with **** & ******s. im so sick of this **** it makes me wanna puke!
people may try not to say a bad word but it will probably slip sometimes and everyone thinks that person should be taken out in chains and whipped, what a bunch of crap! just let it go already.

1078 days ago


Sad news, he is one of my all time favorites. I was looking to seeing him perform some of his older skits. I hope the replacement is Billy Crystal.

1078 days ago


I'm good- just so long as they DON'T bring back that A$$ nugget Chris

1078 days ago

billy cema    

Oops, I can't believe I said that. Come to Orange County and see for yourself the best that California has to offer.

1077 days ago

jon ludmer    

I am disappointed. But it brings up an important issue. Trying to bring in that 18 to 49 demographic. causes producers to bend over backwards to try to bring in someone who they think will attract the younger crowd. ie james franco. I think that if someone is funny it does not matter what age they are.. Why is the academy wasting our time with anyone but billy crystal. He has the funniest oscar show possible. I dont care if he is 60 years old. Academy, stop trying to be hip and cool. Your not. Just put on a great show. And have enough writers. to have plenty of great jokes. Nothing too long in time. Do it. jon.

1077 days ago

billy cema    

Seriously, God didn't make junk, and when one calls his created humans, ****, it's like telling God that He isn't perfect, because he makes people who are different from the perfect "us"!

1077 days ago


Ratner doth protest too much. Why doesn't he stop hating those "feelings" for guys already and just come out of the closet.

1077 days ago
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