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MSNBC To La Toya Jackson

Go Pound Sand

We're Airing the Doc Murray Doc

11/10/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


La Toya Jackson made a valiant effort to stop MSNBC from running the Conrad Murray documentary Friday night, but in the end business is business and the network will air the show.

La Toya tells TMZ ... MSNBC Prez Phil Griffin responded to La Toya's plea directly, but she says, "due to their first amendment rights, I am unable to prevent its airing."

La Toya wants viewers to put anything Murray says in perspective, saying, "What I would encourage the public to take away from the situation is that Michael is an irreplaceable artist and human, whose talent and love for the world will forever go unmatched."



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1076 days ago


ok Jackson leeches...please let your brother rest in peace...enough....Murray was convicted and its over! RIP MJ...

1076 days ago


Michael was an artist, but lets not forget he was also was a drug addict.

1076 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

I'd bee TiVo'ing it. Can't wait to see a do***entary about the HERO, Dr. Conray Murray. The man that rid the world of the most famous and sick child predator man has ever known. Thank you so much Dr. Murray.

1076 days ago


Pigs, I will be viewing a movie instead

1076 days ago


He was a child molester and a psycho. His whole family were just hanger oners and never gave a hoot about him; it's all about his money

1076 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

won't miss it. Evidently the Jackson;s are concerned about it in a negative way and that makes me curious.

What's the problem, Jacksons?
You weren't allowed to put your " THIS IS IT - MICHAEL JACKSON was a Demi-God" airbrush spin on it?

Well Michael Jackson sure wasn't "IT" and he sure wasn't a demigod.
He was a flesh-and-blood performer who was RIFE with personal issues just like any other celebrity might be.

His biggest issue was that he had the burden of dragging the entire Jackson Clan through life on his lone shoulders, feeding them, clothing them, housing them, giving them spending money and pocket change.

No wonder he was weighted down by Life and suffering the way he was. No wonder he couldn't sleep with the weight of the Jackson Clan on his shoulders.

Bring on the Murray do***entary, his own version of "This Is It!"
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1076 days ago


Yes--he was a brilliant, amazing talent. But he also was addicted to drugs, and his behavior with children was questionable at best.

1076 days ago


wow, dude anybody will do anything for money. msnbc has always sucked, now more than ever

1076 days ago


Of course that's the message to her. La Toya is a complete joke!! I think she's just talking to get attention to herself. Poor lost soul that she is.

1076 days ago


While I do believe that Conrad Murray is in part responsible for Michael's death, the other doctors that were treating and dispensing meds to him like candy, and also Michael himself also are responsible. No one held a gun to Michael's head and made him take the prescriptions. The Jackson family have their heads buried in the sand if they aren't going to admit that part of the blame is Michael himself. He made a choice, and apparently ended up with a dependancy problem. Very sad. . . . but ultimately true!!!!!!!!!!!

1076 days ago


She's the same nut who shrieked when the verdict came in. The Jacksons think they deserve special treatment. They don't.

1076 days ago


Michael was extremely talented yes, but I don't know about his talent being "forever unmatched"....... He was unique, as most real artists are.

1076 days ago


Her brother is an addict whose dealer got sent to jail!

1076 days ago


YEAH! In your FUGLY face Latoya! Remember the book this bitch put out? She said her father molested her, then she went on live tv to say her brother was a child molester.........then the bitch said someone MADE her do it! She's so full of **** it's ridiculous! She's worse than Jermaine and we ALL know he's a royal idiot! I'm SO glad they're going to show CM interview! I WILL tune in! LMFAO!!!!

1076 days ago
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