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Nebraska Alums

Screw the Rivalry,

We Support Penn State

11/11/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No smack talk this year ... instead, the University of Nebraska Alumni Association tells TMZ it is organizing a pre-game campaign of support for those affected by the Penn State sex scandal.

A rep for the association tells TMZ, members plan to distribute hundreds of blue ribbons on Saturday before, during, and after the game in solidarity with Penn State and others affected by child abuse.

If students don't have access to a blue ribbon, Nebraska alums are asking all Huskers to wear any kind of blue whatsoever as a sign of support for their Penn State brethren.

So far, no word if Nebraska players also plan to wear some kind of blue.

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The title of this story is misleading, I can see how some people didn't understand.

1078 days ago


This doesn't surprise me at all. I visited friends in Nebraska years ago and went to a game in Lincoln. Without a doubt, Husker fans are class acts. Proof you can be a football fanatic and be a gracious and friendly host to the "opposition".

Hats off to the Huskers

1078 days ago

Jen J    

That's my Husker's keeping it classy as always.
So sad for everyone. Go big Red!

1078 days ago


NtheZone... Your an Idiot.

1078 days ago


This is not a "sex scandal". It's child abuse. Choose your words wisely, TMZ.

1078 days ago


All they care about is their damn football hero. They don't give a rat's arse about a 10 y/o getting raped.

1078 days ago


Hey TMZ... get a clue. Reporting on this as "the Peen State sex scandal" is inaccurate, and not very bright. It isn't "sex", its child rape.

1078 days ago



1078 days ago


I think people are getting confused thinking the blue ribbon is a support for the school(whose colors happen to be blue). Blue was always the color ribbon for child abuse. Also, the stupid article title didn't help too much...

1077 days ago

dagny taggert    

stop calling it a "sex scandal." Rape of a child is not SEX. Pedophelia is not a sex scandal.

1077 days ago

PSU Sad    

As a PSU alum, 1983, I want to thank The Nebraska folks. You guys have always been great. Always admired...and feared Nebraska. Are you all 7 feet tall? Seemed that way when I was an under grad. Here's how it is for me. We've had our hearts ripped out. Our Penn State pride is dead. We don't know who to lash out at. We pray that the worst isn't true. We cling to any shred of hope and try to find a reason why. We can't and it just keeps getting worse. Please don't damn the entire university. We are good people. We abhor what has happened and for the last week we've cried, vomited and walked around like zombies. JoePa has been a great man. I used to see him walking to class and he was always.. was. was....What is he now? WE ARE - crushed. We are embarrassed, ashamed and stigmatized forever. But it's not about us. It's about the victims and they will now finally get justice. If the mighty have to fall...so be it. Thank you Nebraska.

1077 days ago


Dear Husker fans. Stay Classy! As an Alum, I will be supporting the victims of the Penn State child abuse scandal. As a college professor it sickens me that several people let this continue for so long - but am not surprised. Tom Osborne is one of the most revered and respected men the NCAA. GOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIG RED! GO BIG RED!

1077 days ago


Is this factual and has it been checked out that its really the UNL alum??? Ive heard people at Penn wanted to create something like this to show support for Paterno.. Any chance TMZs being scammed into putting this out and its not really for the reason they were given??? Honestly, theres enough freaks at Penn that this could be a set up..

1077 days ago


Dear nTheZone - I want to first say that I was a victim as a child. I was sexually abused from the the age of 9 until I was 12. I never write on these stupid sites, but from my past experience, I have to say on thing to you. You could easily be the most patethtic exuse for a human being. Who in the hell as the nerve to write your f-ing opinions with a profile picture like that. You are a disgusting individual. You need to grow the F up! Man, it is people lie you that gives our society a bad name. IDIOT. I am from Nebraska and there is one thing that you need to know moron. Our fans are really not that concerned about winning the game. Our fans our concerned about those poor defensless children whos lives have been forever changed. They will suffer everyday from this. They will deal with depression, anxiety, loss of self worth. Failed relationships. Among other things. You make me sick. I would love to sit with you one on one. Change your profile picture! You are the lowest of the low!

1077 days ago


what rivarly.... first year they have played since they left big

1077 days ago
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