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'Bachelor' Winner Gives Birth

It's a 'Dirty' Little Girl!!

11/11/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas is finally a mommy ... after giving birth to a bouncing baby girl today, Press Dahl Lamas-Richie ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Shayne's hubby -- honcho Nik Richie -- was in the room for the planned C-section. Press was born at 12:01pm ... weighing in at a healthy 6 pounds 6 ounces.

Shayne and Press are both doing well.  11/11/11 -- She's one lucky little lady.


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Lucky? Not with a stupid name like that. They should have just named her Tease Me and let is go at that.

1038 days ago


I hope Nik doesn't teach his daughter what he teaches other people on his site: That women need to have breast implants, nose jobs, and blond hair in order to be beautiful. I really think this little girl is going to grow up being shallow and vain.

1038 days ago


This is not a woman who looks good without makeup, nevermind that in this photo she has a wonky eye.

1038 days ago


ohhhhhhhh NIK you guys planned the 11/11/11 "C-section" but it backfired on your Arab butt.
CLEARLY you never expected the birth weight to be 6 lbs/6 ounces lol
6/6 = 666
Now that is what you call KARMA.
NO way would i want MY child born with those #'s.
This is what happens people when you fk with nature JUST to get more "press"

1038 days ago


Great.... another douchebag was born yesterday! FML!!

1038 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i feel sorry for that kid. Her mom is a gross fame whore and her dad is a giant douchebag.

1038 days ago


all the makeup in the world cant hide moms scabies on her face. her skin tone screams hep c. im guessing she was/is a meth head. either way shes ugly and mannish. and only homo guys frost their tips. i bet he likes the purple crayon.

1037 days ago


Congrats but to saddle the poor kids with that name is just plain ridiculous and not cute. Hopefully they will call her by one of her nickname's Dahl, no doubt after her great grandma Arlene.

1037 days ago


Why the LONG face, Shayne? She has an abnormally LONG face

and he looks really greasy and nasty..and like one of the guys who was involved in 9/11

1037 days ago


Harvey likes to report on these two, especially the middle eastern with the fake name. There must be some connection with his website and TMZ, because he is not even close to a celebrity.
I never knew who he was until TMZ posted about him and I read a few posts in the comments section.

She's just a D-list actor's daughter - a real nobody who looks like she's addicted to plastic surgery, like her mother..with those awful fake lips.

What does Shayne do for a living? does she have a job?

1037 days ago


There is a difference on what Nik Richie says and what he would let his kid hear or do. Come on people lighten up, If you don't like what he says don't read or shut off the radio. I agree the kid's name is awful, but the parents have to deal with it when the kid comes home crying from school.

1036 days ago


I wonder how early she delivered just to have the 11/11/11 b-day. My guess is 2 weeks early and her dr. complied because of her "celebrity" (and I use that term loosely).

1035 days ago


I bet you $100 these losers pay tmz to post about them

bunch of no name losers

978 days ago


Nik Richie is a parasitic animal with no conscience. I hope everyone who is precoius to him are removed from his life...forever. Dirty Rotten bastard

959 days ago


Stupid ass name!! The poor child apparently his mean streak also floats down to his child. These are media whores who have nothing to contribute to the real world. Good luck baby your gonna need it!!

869 days ago
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