TMZ Live Penn State Scandal McQueary Finally Booted ... For Now

11/11/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Penn State Scandal -- McQueary Finally Gets the Boot ... for Now

Penn State's new president put Mike McQueary on administrative leave "indefinitely" ... but with pay. Is the university still going easy on the only known eyewitness to Jerry Sandusky's alleged crime?

Plus, Laura March, the PSU student who organized the "Blue Out" for tomorrow's football game talks about safety concerns, and -- to Charles' relief -- takes a stand on McQueary's future on campus.

Also, porn star Sasha Grey reading to 1st graders pisses off another adult actress -- Sunny Leone shoots down Sasha's elementary school field trip.

(3:00) Penn State's new president wants to "rebuild trust" -- but how can they do it while Mike McQueary is still a coach?
(6:03) Finally, a Penn State student takes a stand!
(7:45) Breaking news! McQueary has been placed on administrative leave.
(20:45) A former NCAA football player is "99%" sure a lot more PSU coaches knew about Sandusky's behavior.
(27:10) PSU student Laura March -- who's organized the "blue out" for the game tomorrow in support of the victims -- is on the phone.
(31:20) Will students find it awkward to cheer for the game?
(38:05) Porn star Sasha Grey reads to elementary kids ... and people are pissed.
(47:20) Porn star Sunny Leone calls in with a good point -- even young kids know how to use the Internet ... and could've easily Google Sasha after school ... and found a lot of XXX material.