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Conrad Murray

I Was Trying to "Tip"

MJ Into Sleep When He Died

11/12/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray claims he was only trying to "tip" Michael Jackson into sleep when he gave him a "tiny bit" of Propofol the morning MJ died -- and it's the first hint at what the doctor might have said on the stand.

Murray went into stark detail about June 25, 2009 during the documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Relationship" ... which aired on MSNBC.

In the documentary, Murray says he eventually gave in to Michael begging for "some milk" ... Propofol. Murray says he thought ... "If I give him just a tiny amount of Propofol ... 25 milligrams, slowly infused, I may just tip him into sleep ... and the other medications will now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board."

According to Murray's recorded interview with police -- two days after MJ's death -- he had already pumped MJ with sedatives -- Valium, Lorazepam, Midazolam -- but the singer was still unable to fall asleep.

in the docu, Murray claims it was the other drugs -- not the Propofol -- that "overwhelmed" Michael. Of course, Murray also gave MJ those other drugs ... at least according to what he told police.

Maybe not testifying was for the best.


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YOU DID!!!!!!

1074 days ago


Thank you for not referring to him as Doctor anymore.

1074 days ago


In the words of the prosecution attorney "Poor Conrad Murry."

1074 days ago


This makes zero sense. Murray believed that by giving 25mg of Propofol that would only give Michael Jackson about 20 minutes of sleep and then ware off. So his theory is that after the drug wore off MJ would remain asleep due to the other drugs?

Well, how can he be so sure?

Wouldn't he need to be there JUST IN CASE the patient need to be brought back up with a defilberator?

He says he watched MJ sleep for about 20 minutes isn't that the precise time that drug should have worn off with only 25mg?

Yet he walked away at the precise moment.

He stated to the police there was a drip Dr. Shaeffer talked about that in court.

So when the drip ended Murray walked away.MJ couldn't breath. Murray had been gone too long and hadn't even noticed.

That's what more than likely happened.

1074 days ago


Creepy quack!!

1074 days ago


Why is TMZ giving this man a platform to spew this crap? His not taking responsibility for his actions and his lack of remorse should get him a maximum sentence. Maybe they could add some time for being an ass.

1074 days ago


He is a convicted killer. In the Do***entary he will say anything to make MJ look bad and to make himself normal. anyone who is buying those lies are stupid, and any channel who gives him publicity is beyond low!!

1074 days ago


A properly prepared, and 100% organic cannabis cookie taken 1 hour before bed-time would have had MJ sleeping like a baby.

Sad the medical and federal community are so conflicted and corrupted by big-phrama and self-interests.

1074 days ago


The reality is, "Dr." Murray was tired of MJ waking up because he had been trying to get him to sleep all night and nothing worked. He wanted to talk to his hoes on the phone and MJ was interfering with that. He gave MJ just a "little" extra Propofol to make sure he stayed sleep. Well "Dr." Murray it worked. You "tipped" him into a permanent sleep.

1074 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Less than 6 months house arrest. Remember those words kooks, its going to make you soooooo angry.

1074 days ago


I hate Conrad Murray. I have noticed that many fans seem to hate him even more after they learned about this do***entary. That is the case for me. I am seething with anger.
This MOFO has had his day in court, he could have taken the stand and told his story. He was too much of a coward to do taht, but gets his side of events out in this manner - for MONEY.
I HATE him.

1074 days ago


Dr. Murray's testimony during his DO***ENTARY was crazy. Mike Flanagan seems like an ******* and the other lawyer was rejoicing saying the other drugs killed Michael. Dr. Murray gave Michael the other drugs so he still killed him.

Dr. Murray should have declined to give Michael ANY medicine. True, Michael would have found somebody else but that somebody else may have been more knowledgeable which would have been better for Michael.

1074 days ago


TO the posters that keep posting these LONG repetitive posts:

This site is not that user friendly. Your decision to post the same long repetitive posts makes reading comments very difficult. Also, when the comments get so long most people don't read them anyway.

Please consider stop posting the SAME LONG posts over and over again when Michael Jackson is mentioned; no one is readng them.

1074 days ago

S D M F    

Michael Jackson is a dead child molester!

1074 days ago


People can become dependent on propofol and people can also become tolerant to propofol. I don't buy either the prosecution or the defense explanations of why/how MJ died. I think propofol is such a little abused medicine most people don't know about it, even many experts. I'll cut and paste my comment from 5 days ago because it involves less effort:
I'll watch it [the do***entary]. I think an overriding reason he was prosecuted, rather than sued for malpractice, losing his license etc, is MJ is megafamous.
Given MJ had been using propofol for over a month it raises the question of whether someone can become tolerant [1] or even dependent [2] on propofol. Both of which are known things. The implications of those are that MJ could have been dependent and could have been tolerant enough to inject himself, and a normal dose would have had less effect.
MJ was using propofol prior to employing CM which is relevant because of tolerance and dependency. All of those graphs the prosecution presented maybe apply to people who are not tolerant to propofol, not MJ. That wasn't examined. In short I think it is celebrity justice and the his defence team did a poor job.


1074 days ago
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