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Kim Kardashian Sued

Caught Up in Hairy Mess

11/14/2011 7:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
In a new legal move, a competing hair removal company claims Kim Kardashian and the company she works for have misled consumers about all things follicle.

Kim is the hairless face of TRIA, a home laser hair-removal system. Radiant, a rival company that sells no!no! hair, claims Kim has deceived the public with her pitch, specifically ...

-- Kim claims she uses TRIA over her entire body, but Radiant maintains even TRIA says it's not safe for the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals or anus.

-- Kim touts TRIA by claiming "You'll never need razors or shaving cream again."  But according to the lawsuit, TRIA's instructions note the product is supposed to be used in concert with shaving.

-- Kim has said numerous times she's been getting professional hair removal treatments for more than a decade, so Radiant wants to know how she can possibly say TRIA is her secret.

Radiant wants TRIA and Kim to stop making the alleged false claims ... and is seeking unspecified damages.

We've learned Kim just re-signed with TRIA.  She's got a new, 18-month deal as the company's spokesperson.  She's a hairless wonder!



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Hey Girl Haaay    

I love you Kim!! Eff the haters!!!

1073 days ago


LMAO...she's been seen going into the laser hair removal medi-spa or whatever it's called...ACTUALLY they filmed scenes for her reality show there..her and Khloe getting lasered **I only know this because they showed it on The Soup..LOL

1073 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

I feel for you people who watch reality TV, boy are you stupid.

1073 days ago



Are their 15 minutes up yet? Sick and tired of these people. Make me sick just like these stupid reality tv shows.

1073 days ago


PLEASE TMZ STOP every day you have this fame whore and her family on your website. Its a joke. This fame whore loves and craves for attention. Loves to have her face on your website every day. Can you please boycott this crappy person. At least have a vote like you usually do and let your readers decide. Oh Kimmy will vote every two seconds like she had voters call in for her brother for DWTS.

Should TMZ cover the Kardashians
Should TMZ just stop covering the Kardashians.

I mean Harvey is Mommy Jenner paying you every time you post on Kimmy. What is the next post Kimmy goes wee wee? Kimmy ties her shoes? I literally HATE THIS FAMILY AS MUCH AS CASEY ANTHONY. please just one day I would love to see no kardashian pictures or stories on this fame whore family.

1073 days ago


I will be closing my account by the end of this week. I am done with TMZ.

1073 days ago


By the way TMZ, I hate this family because I am one who was laid off as a teacher and is struggling daily just to wake up. All the Kardashians care about is money, they are greedy. If the family never brought in another penny they would still be able to live. They look down on society especially the porn star who cant live in a small apartment as she told her EX.

They do not care about anyone except them selfs as so many people are unemployed and lie me just struggle every day to survive. I dont mind if a family has a lot of money but have CLASS, this family has none. Harvey stop being their pimp.

1073 days ago

Ryreal Kim    

Face it..Kim is a flat out FAKE USED UP OLD SKANKY WHORE....PERIOD!!

1073 days ago


This is the last time I post comments on this site
i will refuse to be a part of the machine that allows this debauchery to continue.

1073 days ago


Now that's what you call getting Kim Kardashian out of your hair.

1073 days ago


Guess that's what you call getting Kim Kardarshian out of your hair.

1073 days ago

Josie Jones    

TMZ we dont care--this is a stupid story
please no more KK she doesnt even look good anymore
very plastic

turn tv off--no shopping KK ever again
they have made a joke out of America
what a superficial situation that happens in our country and stays in the news
It is sickening

1073 days ago


Right on!! Sue the pants off this skank and take her to the cleaners!! She's a big time scamming ****!

1073 days ago


So--she says "you'll never need razors or shaving cream again", but she's been having the procedure done for 10 years? Hardly an endorsement.

1073 days ago


Oh wait! No! Kim lied? I'm shocked and devastated at this revelation. I can't believe it. Reality TV isn't real? Next thing you know, planets will collide and continents will turn over.

1073 days ago
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