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TMZ Holiday Apology

Truth About Santa Claus Is ...

11/16/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ recently said a few things about Santa Claus that might have shocked our viewers -- our pre-teen viewers -- so we now present an apology. Or at least ... our attempt at one.

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WOW! I am Jewish and this is NOT FUNNY. What is wrong with you people? You are always reporting on Justin, Selena. Children idolize these kids I think a lot of kids read this web site. You have gone lower than I ever thought you would!

1039 days ago


Children have santa clause, easter bunny...etc. Grown-ups have gods. It doesn't matter which god you believe in...all make believe.
There all made-up by people and there is not anything real about them.

1039 days ago


Well, I suppose if we're supposed to believe in a white Jesus...

1039 days ago


KIDS should NOT be watching this show! And if your so concerned you shouldn't be watching it around them. You pissed off because they said Santa wasn't real but its okay for them to hear about who is screwing who and someone fake parts or legal troubles? If you don't want your kid to hear this stuff then CHANGE THE CHANNEL or dvr it and watch it later.

1039 days ago


Meh! Religion is always fair game. Jews can't find their messiah for the same reason that Arctic explorers can't find Santa's workshop.

1039 days ago


TMZ really should have some restraint when it comes to kid's dreams. That show was a disappointment for kids, I am sure. Not funny.

1039 days ago


Of course there is a Santa Clause! The kids at TMZ are very very bad so Santa doesn't visit them see so their parents told them he doesn't exist to make them feel better! There that is the truth!

1039 days ago


TMZ also crushed my daughter's beliefs about Santa Claus. Your non apology was brutally mean spirited. Wait until your staff with new babies are older and believe in everything. They will then understand why people are upset. Yes, eventually all kids learn the truth but for some the magic of christmas has changed.

1039 days ago


I watch ur show EVERY NIGHT! last night will be the last time. my 9 yr old daughter now knows that santa isnt real! WHAT A WAY TO FIND OUT!

1039 days ago


Not that I think little un's belong on this site but Harvey needs ta learn some respect for other religons. He'd be havin a cow right now if someone disrespected his that way. It jest aint right.

1039 days ago


Have you seen the latest youtube christmas song. Check this out. It is under Santa's ex shares a santa shlong song. Oh my tell Harvey! It has him written all over it. Santa's ex did it her way!

1039 days ago


At least send her an ipad!!!

1039 days ago


Parents, don't blame TMZ for you being ******** and lying to your damn kids! I'm all for a kid having an imagination, but they can have that without their parents telling them stupid ass lies. And don't hand me that tripe about telling your kids there's a Santa to make them mind! Just tell them that if they don't do what they're told, they won't get any presents Simple as that. If you lie to your kids about **** like that, don't blame them when they start lying to you.

1039 days ago


Just saw this. I laughed so hard because my 6 year old walked in when you went on and on about Santa not being real. Needless to say she looked at us very serious and said you were crazy! She went on and on about how stupid you all are! That you are all rotton people and that's why you don't believe in Santa. That old people that say there is no Santa won't get any gifts! I just died laughing! I have never seen a six year old so serious about a matter! Thank for the laugh! Sorry for the kids this scard!

1039 days ago


Harvey's just bitter because he's on the naughty list :P

1039 days ago
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