TMZ Live Bieber Accuser Blinks Lawyers Run for the Hills

11/16/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Justin Bieber Accuser Blinks -- Lawyers Run for the Hills

The chick accusing Justin Bieber of knocking her up drops the paternity suit and gets a new lawyer -- after her original attorneys bail out. Anyone still buying her story?

Plus, the debate that got everyone fired up -- are some people just destined to be fat? Richard Simmons calls in and says people choose to be overweight by eating like crap and not exercising -- and someone takes Harvey to task over his views on sizey foks. You really don’t wanna miss this.

(0:00) Good news for Bieber -- his accuser dismissed her paternity lawsuit against him ... but it's not over yet.
(4:15) Bieber's attorneys are probably going to sue the pants off Mariah Yeater -- but Jason doesn't think it'll be easy.
(7:20) Should Bieber sue just to make a point?
(19:00) Harvey's been saying it all along -- TV and the Internet are becoming one.
(21:15) Kevin Federline keeps growing, and growing, and growing...
(24:03) The one and only Richard Simmons is on the phone the debate the question of the day -- are some people destined to be fat?
(28:30) Simmons explains how fat jokes are evil.
(34:00) A revelation! Harvey says his life changed when he was shamed on the playground as a kid -- and it explains sooooo much.
(42:20) One of the greatest moments ever!
(43:31) Kim rips into Harvey over the fat issue -- you absolutely don't want to miss this!