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Vivid Entertainment:

We Make Porn -- Not Phones!

11/16/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

HTC Vivid
Here's a switch.  Porn giant Vivid Entertainment claims it's been violated ... by a phone.  Ouch.

Vivid has fired off a cease and desist letter to HTC America, claiming the mobile phone maker's newest model -- Vivid -- infringes on its trademark.

Lawyers for Vivid ... the company that gave us the Kim Kardashian sex tape ... claim consumers might get confused and think Vivid is behind the phone ... not in a sexual way, of course.

The letter threatens that if HTC doesn't change the name of the phone by Monday, they're headed to court.

Come to think of it ... a Vivid Entertainment phone would be awesome.  Think of the screensaver.

We've reached out to HTC's reps ... so far, no comment.


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Eddie Munster    

A KardASShian is probably behind it..

1070 days ago


Trademark the word Vivid. Vivid is in the English dictionary... thought when you trademark something it has to be a logo or a unique is HTC Vivid not V Vivid

1070 days ago


I would be more ashamed if I were HTC than Vivid. Have you ever seen the boring, plastic bitches who do pretty much the same sh*t over and over in the vivid porns? Most uninteresting porn I've ever seen.

1070 days ago


whats up with vivid they're ******* everywhere!!!!

1070 days ago


LOL...Vivid no longer on market. Free porn on internet, why would anyone wanna buy the dvd's.

1070 days ago


Geeze everytime someone over at Vivid even farts it makes it onto TMZ. How much kickback Harvey?

1070 days ago


How much does Vivid pay to get so much coverage?

1070 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's a phone, you're porn. The only thing they have in common is they both start with P. It's not infringement, you know it's not. STFU.

1070 days ago


Oh yeah, when I think of phones, I think of Vivid Entertainment and their porn stars. What idiots, and attention seekers, just like all the KarTRA$Hians.

1070 days ago


Correction: Vivid didn't give us the Pari******on tape. They curently have the rights to it but originally it was Red Light District.

1070 days ago


Kris Jenner is sleepin on her job. How did you not hook Kim up with an endoresement deal? This is right up her alley.

1070 days ago


Whats going on here. Does Vivid have stock shares in TMZ. Talking about paying a kick back to TMZ for exposure. Porn is porn, Vivid is not celebrity. TMZ just stop pissing off your fans with this trash reporting.

1070 days ago


Jeesus, this is Monster Cables all over again.

Get some class, Vivid Entertainment.

NO ONE will confuse a CELL PHONE with a s***my pornography business.

OH, one last thing...Good freakin' luck suing someone over your "trademark" of a common everyday word.

Didn't work for Monster Cables, won't work for you. Yeah, they might settle with you out of court like most companies do with Monster Cables, but SERIOUSLY good luck getting them to pull the name from the phone.

That's like trying to trademark the word THE. You cant just trademark words like that.

1070 days ago


more nonsense and attempts to shamelessly promote Vivid. TMZ falls for it every time.

You'd think TMZ gets paid by vivid at this point.

1070 days ago


Does it vibrate?

1070 days ago
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