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Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama

Posing with Ex-Boyfriend

Right Before Pregnancy

11/18/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robbie Powell and Mariah YeaterStill no proof Mariah Yeater was anywhere near Justin Bieber around the time she got knocked up -- but what we can prove ... she WAS near her ex-boyfriend.

TMZ has obtained photos of Mariah and her ex-BF Robbie Powell from last September -- and she gave birth ten months later. It's not exactly nine months, but it might be close enough.

As we first reported, Mariah texted friends after giving birth in July -- begging them to tell Robbie "how important it is for him to be in his son's life."

And if the pics aren't enough -- law enforcement sources tell us, Mariah and Robbie were questioned by police TOGETHER just last month in connection with some drug bust in San Diego.

Neither was arrested or charged with a crime -- but it proves the two are still hanging out.

Four days after the drug bust, Mariah filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber.


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This chick is trash and trashy, im not a belieber but who would go near this girl, how does one like her come to have such a cute child! Poor justin i would be embarrased by the fact she could even claim to have boinked with me

1009 days ago


Her Boyfriend finger nails are on life support. She's high in this picture she a crack whore obviously. Still doesn't mean Justin Bieber didn't do the nasty with her. It must be a reason he's so afraid to take the DNA test. I want to know the results already.

1009 days ago


this girl is a Skank !!!!! What would a little Crapper do with this White trash Trailer park Hoe !!! And he looks like a Crack head Emminem Wanna be !!!!

1009 days ago


Dude!! Clean your fingernails!!!

1009 days ago


I'm not exactly a Bieber fan, but I seriously doubt someone as famous & wealthy as he is would have sex with something like that. She's hideous! Delusional, too, apparently.

1009 days ago


She is white trash. Straight up 2 dollah...make that buck fity hoe!!!

1009 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    

Oh wow, I didn't think people in trailer parks put up blinds in their mobile home. Learn something new every day.

1009 days ago


The top 3 in no particular order: Pick one

1. Mr & Mrs. muffler shop!
2. senor e senores blanco basura!
3. throwin a new gang sign - greasey bugar crip!

1009 days ago


This is bot hilarious and really sad. With that appearance, she would not be able to get anywhere near any celebrity.

She has new born, that is still nursing and she is caught in a drug bust.

I hope her poor son gets a chance in this world, but the odds are against him. What kind of prenatal care did the baby get. If she was does up on narcotics while pregnant, the son is likely to have mental challenges. As things stand, the son has a stacked deck against him.

Their is absolutely no way that the security at the concerts would let her anywhere near Justin Bieber, much less alone with him.

That picture and the drug bust makes her new lawyer in Chicago look like an idiot.

1009 days ago


They look like the Thénardiers from Les Miserables :-)

1009 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

nail cutters are not that expensive neither is a bar of soap.

1009 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

these two are high as a kite.... dilated pupils means that they are oh some kind of drug.

1009 days ago


I'm sure these trash bags are thrilled to see their picture on tmz. Good job promoting these bottom feeders. And why is every one of these half wits throwing signs as soon as they see a camera?? Someone tell the male dirtbag that he's not black, and he's not cool -he's just nothing at all.

1009 days ago


OH MY GOD those fingernails are just nasty! DUDE wash your hands and clean under those nails with a toothbrush! JEEZ...

1009 days ago


What I find funny is that while people are say this doesn't prove that she was with Justin...what about a pic with her and Justin? That might make it more believable if she was able to snap a pic with her and justin at the time, but she doesn't have a pic of justin either! One would think as obsessed as she is with Justin, she would have at least taken a picture if she was truly at the concert...especially if they so called picked her out of the crowd.

1009 days ago
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