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Natalie Wood Death Investigation

Captain Says

I Was REALLY Drunk

11/18/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_davern_videoThe captain of the boat where Natalie Wood spent the last moments of her life was extremely drunk during the critical moments before and after she went missing ... this according to the Captain himself.

Capt. Dennis Davern told us on TMZ Live ... he drank a lot of scotch and wine in the hours leading up to Natalie's disappearance. What's more ... Davern says Robert Wagner plied him with liquor in the hours after she vanished.  In spite of the heavy drinking, Davern says his memory of the evening is clear.

Take a listen as Davern explains the fighting, the sounds and what Wagner refused to do after Natalie disappeared.


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i <3 natalie wood as an actress. Its really sad that there seems to be foul play in her death

1072 days ago


This guy is a tortured soul. I can't imagine holding back these deep dark secrets all these years. Robert Wagner needs to pay for what he did.

1072 days ago


I hope that Robert finally pays for killing his wife.

1072 days ago


The captain has only himself to blame. He was responsible for the safety of the passengers. If the captain wasn't drunk, he could have done something instead of cowtowing to a celebrity. Sorry his conscious is bothering him now.

1072 days ago


I think the captain believes deep down that Wagner actually killed Natalie.
They've all kept this secret so long that nobody wants to be the one to say it. Walken and Wagner have pretty much kept to themselves since the incident despite being famous movie stars with promising careers.

Notice how the Captain made a point of saying that Wagner wouldn't allow the search light to be turned on when they were on the deck? Why would someone object to a light being shone on the water moments after a woman suposedly accidentally went overboard?

I think the parties involved suspect that he beat her and threw her over. Then he made the exremely poor decision to let her go rather then exposing what he had done by rescuing her.
At this point I think the parties involved are just hoping the truth will come out on it's own.

1072 days ago


Yeah, because REALY drunk people can be trusted. LOL!!!

1072 days ago

Jay W.     

This guy must really need some cash!

1072 days ago


Jeez, seems everyone was plastered. Sad, but even though Wagner was always suspected JUST CAN'T PROOVE IT.

1072 days ago


I wonder if House is going to try and figure out how she died on House M.D.

1072 days ago


this guy was to drunk to know what happened - and he was drunk in the bar with them, not just after (my parents were in the bar that night) plus he has told so many different versions. saying she's missing but refusing to call coast guard, another say robert said she was in the water and he was going to leave her there as punishment, and saying robert kept him captive in roberts house for a year, also saying CW never came out of his cabin, then saying he and ribert were on the couch talking after natalie disapeared - i don't know if he really believes any of this or he is trying to get publicity and can't keep track of his stories, either way this crazy drunk can't be trusted and they shouldn'y be spending all this money from this unreliable alcoholic - hope the investigators are enjoying hawaii on my dime

1072 days ago


The captain got drunk and killed her. Now i understand the need for a police investigation.

1072 days ago


This captain is a drunken disgrace!! After 30 years he wants to sully Robert Wagner's reputation and upset Natalie's daughters?????? The police are idiots for re- opening this death. It alsao coincides with his book just coming out!!! Why don't the police go try to find all the children that are missing!!!! This is just not right!!!

1072 days ago


It's unbelievable that the investigation was reopened based on the recollection of a man who admitted he was extremely drunk at the time. There is no way his memory is clear! And this happened 30 years ago. This man has no credibility. He looks down and out, probably from being a drunk all his life, and is only looking to make a quick buck. He should be ashamed of himself.

1072 days ago


Watching your show tonight, I am APPALLED that so many of your staff do not know who Natalie Wood is. Especially the guy who says he went to film school. And then you put on items about people nobody knows or cares about--Eric the guy from Modern Family, Sofia Somebody. How could you employ people like this? And Max is a total chauvinist concerned only about one part of his body...Tell them to watch Splendor in the Grass, West Side Story, Inside Daisy Clover, This Property is Condemned, Bob & Carol.....Oh forget it! You're great but your staff is laughable.

1072 days ago

Big Daddy    

Ummm Did he get hit in the face during the accident? Just kidding. Hopefully things will work out for you coauthoring a book. Question, why did you give up your gig with R.J. after one year? You said you worked with him, and lived there for an additional year?

1072 days ago
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