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Natalie Wood Death

Boat Captain Claims Wagner

Was 'Responsible'

11/18/2011 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Davern, the man who captained the boat the day actress Natalie Wood drowned, said this morning ...Robert Wagner was "responsible" for her death.

This morning on "TODAY," Davern admitted he did "lie on a report several years ago" -- but wouldn't say what new evidence he offered up to authorities.

When asked if he thought Wagner was responsible for the death of Natalie Wood, Davern responded, "Yes, I would say so. Yes."

Davern said he believed Wagner tried to keep the investigation into Wood's death low-profile. Lana Wood, Natalie's sister, told TMZ she felt Wagner was not honest with the cops at the time of the drowning.


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1070 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Usually, the person who changes their story is suspect.....

1070 days ago


Good grief! Couldn't he have cleaned up, just a tad, before offering his opinion, on national TV?

1070 days ago


80's glasses and a pink hat and looking unkempt.....Yeah we believe you

1070 days ago


umm..I could have told them this 30 years ago, I never believed it was a accident, do not believe Rebecca Zahau commited suicide, who ties up their hands, legs to commit suicide,,

1070 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Thanks for coming forward so quickly to clear this up.
Stand up guy.

1070 days ago


Forget about how he looked, it was the way he answered/didn't answer the questions, and his body language. If you watch his eyes he's looking all over and blinking a lot faster when he's answering the questions. Typical signs of someone that is in the middle of a lie. As far as what really went on, I think there is way more to it than was originally brought out but something is just not sitting right with this guy.

1070 days ago


justice delayed is justice denied! piss off you old fart! some nerve coming to the media after 3 effing decades

1070 days ago


That guy is nothing but a drunk old sailor looking for money in hard times

1070 days ago


Um he seems like someone who has held in some SERIOUS information for a long time and cant take it any longer. Natalie's sister says he would call her SOBBING many times saying he should have done more. ROBERT WAGNER KILLED NATALIE WOOD.

1070 days ago


Seem real ****in weird he hasnt said anything till now! Suppose he got ********d by a college coach too back in the day!!!!!!!!

1070 days ago


What a waste of time! This guy has been changing his story for 30 years. I am PISSED as a taxpayer that a dollar of taxpayer money is being spent on re-opening this investigation. You lied all along, Davern, and now we're going to believe you? PLEASE, SHUT UP! I'll bet the booker on the TODAY show is in big trouble for booking this idiot.
Harvey, you know this is BS. You were around then. Lana Wood and Dennis Davern are wack jobs. Lana sold me a sweater once, at the Camarillo Outlets. She has no money and will be happy to talk for money. She wasn't too happy to be recognized either. She was a bit hefty, not like her Bond Girl days.

1070 days ago


The question is why is House steering a boat? Shouldn't Hugh Laurie be more concerned about finishing up this season?

1070 days ago


There is definately something off here with Dennis. He doesn't bother to shower/clean up before he appears on NATIONAL TELEVISION, he pretty much did not answer any of the questions to him in any clear or lucid manner, and he waits until he writes a book to talk to the authorities in California. He claims he is not in it for any finincial gain, but do you really think that this is not going to affect book sales? Of course it will, since they not only interviewd this unkempt/dirty/possibly drunk, but also the co-author. The co-author gave a much better interview to Today show today than this guy did. If he was soooooooo wooried about lying to police 30 years ago, why didn't he come forward a long time ago?

1070 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Just in time for the thirtieth anniversary eh? Guess the boating industry's taken a big hit? Need the money? Yep, we've all been there. But tell me, how did it feel lying to the cops about a woman's death that you were indirectly involved in? Guess the pay was that good, hm?

1070 days ago
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