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Joe Paterno

Linebacker Video KILLED

Over Sandusky Appearance

11/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky interacting with young boys
A Joe Paterno approved instructional football video has gotten the death sentence from distributors over a segment involving Jerry Sandusky interacting with young boys ... one of whom may have been among the alleged victims.

The video -- titled, "Joe Paterno: Linebackers" -- was released in the late '90s and features Sandusky running a hands on tackling drill with a group of young boys. A screen shot from the video appears above.

According to the infamous grand jury report in the Sandusky case, the person identified as Victim #4 participated in "a video made about linebackers that featured Sandusky."

The name of the video is not mentioned in the testimony, but we can't seem to find any other instructional video about linebackers that features Sandusky.

Now, TMW Media Group has pulled the video off of its website -- and a rep tells us the company will no longer offer the video for sale strictly because of Sandusky's involvement.

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This is not even funny. Those making fun only hurt the boys further then they have been hurt. The jokes in these comments, are insensitive and cruel. What happened to those boys was not okay and took innocence away, leaving long term effects they will have clear into their adult lives.

Vengeance is God's and I trust God will deal with perverts like this. I do hope the boys who were abused do get justice and can get the emotional help and support they will need into their adult lives.

It leaves a scar that cannot be forgotten and is hard to heal from or escape from.

It should never happen to any child!

These adults who have authority over children, who are in professions to abuse their power to do this, are sick sick individuals. Be it coaches or priests in a church. Such abuse should never be minimized or covered up by other adults. So many adults failed these children.

It's not okay. It is not joke worthy, it is not funny. I feel for them and their families what they are going through. I just hope they are not further re-victimized by the insensitivity of others or people trying to shame them into silence, I hope their families give them the patience, support, love and compassion, strength and comfort to help them right now. It can be even more hurtful when people minimize the abuse or make a child feel like they should be ashamed to discuss it.

1047 days ago


The fact the you posted this picture is disgusting. What if you were the victim. Would you want to see something like this. This MONSTER should not be albe to speak to anyone nor should his photo be posted anywhere. For those that find it funny, you all belong in hell with your pal Jerry.

1047 days ago


Makes me want to gag.

1047 days ago

who dat    

You guys need to photoshop him closer. haha Sanduskied.

1047 days ago


Nailed it.

1047 days ago


blueflameford you're totally right. It's not like they're wearing football helmets.

1047 days ago

not medicated    

"linebacker" video... looks like he's more interested in tight-ends. (Too soon?)

1047 days ago


Wow!!!..Am out of words.

1047 days ago


It's the new Donny Does Dallas... The Gay answer to Debbie!

1047 days ago


All aboard the elevator to hell, I laughed my arse off @ that pic but it isn't even funny. TMZ, you all are some sick mofoz.

1047 days ago


You're not supposed to identify victims of sexual abuse. Duh.

1047 days ago


"behind ya"

1047 days ago


I do not know what to think about this pic. It sickens me, repulses me, and yet it just adds more proof to this vile man. This scandal will be the biggest in the history of Universities in this country. There will not be enough money to pay these poor kids and their families when this is done. I am with you, put this POS in GP and let him really see how it feels to be violated. In addition, add McQueary, Paterno, Spanier, Curley and anyone who knew about this but placed football before ethics and morals.

1047 days ago

buzz kill    

Sick, disgusting. Especially when you know what he is thinking. Rotten bastard.

1047 days ago


For URSILLY...IF Vengeance is God's and you trust God to deal with perverts like this,then why did god let this happen.Why does the powerfull almighty god wait till bad horrible things happen to us and then decides after the fact to deal with it.

1047 days ago
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