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Natalie Wood Death

Investigating Detective

Never Thought It Was Murder

11/19/2011 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The detective who investigated the death of Natalie Wood back in 1981 says he would have arrested Robert Wagner himself if the evidence pointed in that direction, but instead he "never really got suspicious of a murder."

Duane Rasure, a retired detective sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau, tells CBS News, "If I have ever the slightest inkling there was a murder, something suspicious, I would have worked it. I did not cover for anybody and I wouldn't cover for anybody. I don't care about their celebrity status. They were people."

Rasure, whose interview airs on CBS tonight, says he believes Dennis Davern, the boat captain from that night, is not telling the full truth and that he is "trying to sell a book and make money off of it."


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i don't believe captain either - if natalie was sooo afraid of the water why was she in a boat in 2 harbors in the first place, and it wasn't the first time they semi cat harbor regulars - and there is no dock, the only way you can get onshore is by dingy - so i am sure she had taken the dingy b4, and every one at the bar said yes all of them were drunk stumbling and loud - unlike what this author told harvey -plus the boat wasn't that big, and this capt was on upper deck - the capt would have seen her fall in, robert throw her in or her leaving in dinghy if he was aware of every thing like he says, and not passed out drunk like he really was - i call bull sh**t

1068 days ago


This guy took the easy way out which was to sweep everything under the rug. He never asked any of the hard questions, probably because he didn't want to know the answers.

1068 days ago


oh and btw the witness who claims she heard some one calling for help, said she called avalon police and they said it was already reported and they were sending helicopter - so how is that robert wagner not reporting?? and why didn't they turn on their search lights or go check in their dinghy - they just went to bed?? does this sound right to you??

1068 days ago


Robert Wagner, time to pay the piper...your day has come

1068 days ago

hung and dashing    

And this Duane Rasure guy is doing a CBS interview - why? Oh, to try to save his career now that the truth is FINALLY coming out. Truth as to how inept and botched the original investigation was into this death.

He even NOW would stand in the way or try to undermine the truth of those who were aboard the yacht that night. He doesn't want to hear what mostly likely really happened. Robert Wagner returned to the bedroom cabin where Natalie, in nightgown and fuzzy slippers was getting ready for bed - after leaving him to argue with Walken. By Wagner's own admission he had just broken a wine bottle in that argument - showing his state of mind and rage. He then gets into it again with Natalie who - if planning to leave by dinghy, would have been in the room changing clothes and not brushing her hair in a nightgown and fuzzy slippers. If anything, at the very least, she was running away from Wagner - and may have slipped. Wagner's altercation with Natalie caused her death though. She wasn't leaving that boat of her own accord.

1068 days ago


I remember this incident-it was shocking. A beautiful woman dead on a boat with men! Fingerprints would have been nice to find even smudged!

1068 days ago


I am no expert but am beginning to feel that maybe the husband did murder her himself but just didn't do enough to save her which could be some kind of manslaughter?

1068 days ago


Wagner is an actor. A bad actor, but still an actor. On TV he stinks, but he could get away with murder (really no pun intended) when dealing with cops.

1068 days ago


If he had done 10 minutes of research on the woman, he would have known there was foul play. Natalie Wood was terrified of water her entire life. Should have listened to her sister.

1068 days ago

No comment    

I really didn't know who they werer in the 80's. You know gossip sites weren't around. However, I remember my mom telling be she thought Wagner killed Woods because the story then was not plausible back then.

1068 days ago


Thanks to the retired detective sergeant Duane Rasure for bringing this story back to reality.
This man has no dog in this story where Dennis Davern and the Pit Bull writer are trying to peddle the book and cash is on Natalie's death.

Ten years ago this would be a non-story but now that TMZ is publishing accusations from every greedy Tom **** and Harry out there, people's lives are being turned upside down.
This is just like printing that non-story of Justin Bieber's baby.

I suggest that someone should come out and accuse Harvey Levin of child molestation and print it in a bold headline. Then let the story spread like a virus across the web and cast a permanent shadow of suspicion for the rest of Harvey's life. Let's see how funny that will be.

1068 days ago


I never thought is was ever murder. Wagner just did suspicous things like not calling the Coast Guard right away and not letting the captain turn on the searchlight to find her. Very questionable actions on RJ's part.

1068 days ago

There's a problem here    

Wood, Wagner, Walken, and the captain were all drunk and at least a few of them were drugging too. Who the F would even know what went on that night? Like 30 years later this stuff is a revelation? Give it up man, it's over.

1068 days ago


Wagner calls his attorney FIRST before calling the authorities? Seems like he was thinking of saving his own ass instead of saving Natalie.

1068 days ago


I ALWAYS suspected murder and still do

1068 days ago
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