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Conrad Hilton

The High-Speed Crash Video

11/20/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hilton was tearing down a street early Saturday when he side-swiped a parked car -- and the impact was all caught on surveillance video ... obtained by TMZ. 

In the video, you see Hilton's car speeding down a narrow side street in Brentwood, CA ... then suddenly clipping one car with enough force that it strikes another vehicle, a  Mini Cooper.  Hilton just keeps on truckin'.

Minutes after the crash ...  you see several people milling around in the street, checking the damage -- and then Hilton arrives back on scene.

Someone -- it appears to be Hilton -- has a very animated convo with some of the people.  Minutes later an officer arrives and inspects the damage.  Cops say Hilton had already left.

According to police, Hilton exchanged information with the owner of the vehicle he hit. He was not ticketed.



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Guaranteed the entire family truly, deeply and madly does not care about anything but themselves.

1067 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Don't see any special treatment here, nope not at all. I mean isnt it common for high speed accidents to be excused? Sure it could have as easily been an adult, child, handicapped orphin instead of a car but thats besides the point. Next time I am gonna use a "oops my bad" excuse whenever I sideswipe a vehicle, I am sure the cops will completely understand.

1067 days ago


Let's see: Older daughter is famous for sex tape and serial-whoring as well as drug use. Younger daughter married at 20 and annulled three months later. One son has $4.9 million lawsuit on him for drunk driving. Last son also crashes car...gets lucky and doesn't kill himself or anyone else. Kathy and Rick, the adoption agency gives an emphatic "No" to your request to raise more kids!

1067 days ago

Steven Emmitt Bitetti    

Kid was coming in extra-Hot. If in the event a human being was badly injured in this act of negligence, he would be serving serious jail-time and the public would demand a apology. Thank GOD Conrad Live and Learn

1067 days ago


He got lucky, that happens all the time, so what! Guessing that he was drunk or on drugs or both is stupid, the truth will not be known this time.

Making idiot comments about his family is just as stupid as guessing about how drunk he was and it shows the mentality of the posters here. If I had a dollar for every time I got home safe while over the legal limit I would be rich, and I am an orphan.

Wait patiently for Karma to deal with this kid, the result is always better.

1067 days ago


wow he was hauling serious ass! when I am on a narrow road with cars parked on both sides I always drive slowly. Its just common sense. You can not see if some is walking out between the cars in time when you are driving that fast. Very selfish, dangerous thing to do.Its disgusting really. A danger to the public. If I was the law and I saw that video his license would be pulled right away. To be driving that fast down a car lined street ever without the horrible collision is absolutly insane. And then to not stick around is criminal. He was up to no good.

1067 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh come on, people....stop being so sensitive. his daddy probly told him to go take a crash course.....and what son is gonna refuse the advice of his daddy?

1067 days ago


demi moore was after him and he was just trying to get away.

1067 days ago


is leaving the scene of an accident a criminal offence?

1067 days ago


Another generation disgraces the family name further. What is up with these Hilton'?

1067 days ago


The hiltons get away again. Not ticketed?

1067 days ago


...A-foot-the-other way and he woulda been home free...

Two Great ideas:

a. Going back to exchange information.
b. Getting out of there -

Explain yourself once -- then it's Hoof_City.

1067 days ago

LA fab    

This guy had open wine bottles and weed in the car and the cops did absolutely nothing!!! They didn't even take a police report! I know this from a first hand source! Pics to come soon!!! This is an outrage!

1067 days ago


Wow, and the police didn't arrest him? Un-frickin'-believeable

1067 days ago

old huang    

He did return to confirm the damage? Did he do some experiment for a car company? The name Hilton really sucks outside the hotels.

1067 days ago
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