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Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi

Laughing at Tareq's

Legal Threats

11/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi may want $17 million from Neal Schon and estranged wife Michaele Salahi -- but judging by their demeanor yesterday, all he'll be getting ... is laughed at.

As TMZ first reported, Tareq fired off a letter to the two ... threatening a lawsuit and demanding they cough up dough for humiliating him with their torrid affair. 

We spotted the new couple arriving into Dulles International for Michaele's first trip home since she ... left home. They laughed about Tareq's threats, with Neal saying, "I think some people need to get a grip and move on."

Doesn't seem like that's happening any time soon.


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No respect for the spouses they hurt. Your ex's did not beat you, cheat on you, fail you. Ok you run away together...say sorry and hush for a couple months, dont ma***** in. No class. The law suits stupid too.

1035 days ago


Since TMZ is the main site carrying this story, I'm pretty certain that Neal and Michaele are sitting at multiple computers posting here. What the hell is their problem. What would motivate them to be on this sick mission to humiliate Teraq? It's just evil.

The comments they are posting here is just a continuation of their sick mentality. This is not going to end well. Michaele will do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight and I wonder what she'll think of next? Mark my words, they will continue their taunting.

1035 days ago


A. Why does TMZ think anybody cares about any of these parties involved?

B. If you actually believe that Journey has sold more tickets due to any of this you're a fool.

C. Another reality show with these two will get zero ratings just like the rest of them.

D. Since I know Michelle reads these comments (you better believe she does) let me say you're a loser but you already knew that. Your new "guy" is the leader of a has been group that hasn't been relevant since Perry did vocals. I hope you both die in a slow burning car crash. Don't get me wrong, I don't like your former husband either but you two are just disgusting.

E. TMZ, anybody but these clowns, they try way to hard to stay in the spotlight. They are not stars, not even close.

1035 days ago


after the white house crash no judge is going to rule favorably for mr shalhi. he has allready been exposed as a griffter, scam artiest,he never pays his bills, loser ect.
It is laughbale that he would ask for anything much less such a large amount.If hedoes take mr rocker to court he well probaly dump the married ho.i dont think its ever ocrued to mr shali to just get a job! he is allways running some sort of that the tour is over what use does
mr rocker have for machille. he can get sex any where hes probly takeing her back to leave her. when the tour is over the groupies job is over.Mr shali is making a bigger fool of himself however if mr rocker dumpsher she well jusmp in on the lawsuite in a hott second.

1035 days ago


Don't tell anyone who they should feel like being with. Save your time and energy. These two seem just fine.

1035 days ago


I hope Neal is still chuckling when he has to open up his checkbook to ante-up Michaela's half of the marital debt...

1035 days ago



1035 days ago


To Tareq Salahi: is this what you were looking for, to be laughed at? This guy just needs to lick his wounds and move from this. Him opening his mouth is just making him look like a bigger fool. If Neil & Michaele have done him wrong, karma will take care of them sooner or later.

1035 days ago


If Michaele wanted to be with Neal why didn't she divorce Tareq and move on with Neal. Throwing her relationship with Neal in Tareq's face then Tareq trying to get back at them with lawsuits is childish. They're all crazy and deserve whatever they get.

1035 days ago


He is not the first.... nor the last man to be cheated on....

1035 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Sure Treq needs to move on. And he will.

But sweetie?? YOU ARE EVIL.

Oh lord -


And someday you will pay dearly.

1035 days ago


This is just not a good look at all! Michaele Salahi a wanna be celebrity and Neal Schon an accomplished musician with nothing current to stand on.

Who knows what goes on in the inner workings of someones marriage, that said, the way these two have flaunted their relationship is just not cool at all!

FYI to Neil: A Journey Band with out Steve Perry is not Journey!

1035 days ago


This Tareq deserves to be laughed at --he is a joke. But Neal and Michaele are jokes also. His wife will be his undoing. Her silence in all of this is extremely powerful.

1035 days ago


This woman is a piece of filth. Pure and simple. She is also: a skank, whore, slut, b*tch, tramp, easy, etc. etc. You get the picture.

1035 days ago


I must say " she looks healthier " ..

1035 days ago
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