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Conrad Hilton Car Crash

Photos Tell the Story

11/21/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hilton Car Crash photos
The Conrad Hilton crash early Saturday morning left both his car, and the car he hit, seriously mangled ... as seen in new photos obtained by TMZ.

In these photos, taken shortly after the accident, you can see both cars being towed away ... with various car parts littering the street. 

As TMZ first reported, surveillance video of the accident shows Hilton barreling down the small Brentwood street, smashing into one car, which in turn hit another.  Hilton was not ticketed.


No Avatar


Put the little turd in jail.

1066 days ago


Come on...he'll be fine. He's rich.

1066 days ago


I get a ticket PULLED over, stopped and ticketed for lightly tinted windows in a new SUV....This guy CRASHES after barreling down a street and not even a ticket?
That's why people OCCUPY--tired of the double standard

1066 days ago


This is simply PATHETIC!! Let me guess now the people whose cars the little spoiled P.O.S. ran into will have to pay to have their cars repaired?!? This is EXACTLY why Occupy is going on. Little sh.. like this clown being placed above the damn law. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!! Commit the crime do the time dammit!! Unbelievable he hasn't been ticketed much less gone to jail.

1066 days ago


Not even a ticket for being an idiot? He should not have his license.

1066 days ago


Utterly insane. The skid marks alone indicate reckless speeding.

I guess Conrad is working on his autobiography, "Heart of Dorkness."

1066 days ago


Hey TMZ, I understand your desire or need to protect your copyrighted photos, but can't you figure out a way to lighten the watermark just a bit, so as not to obliterate the photo? If we can't really see it well, then it doesn't matter that you have it protected.

1066 days ago


If society does fail the Hiltons and Kardashians should be some of the first to be lynched and dragged through the streets by their heels.

1066 days ago


Oh come on now, why does the little scuz bucket get away with hitting cars and speeding and not get a ticket. The slate needs to be wiped clean out there in California. All Judges, DA's, and politicians should be voted OUT and y'all start anew. Lawyers will be disbarred and jailed if they pull a Gloria Allread. That goes for the likes of Horowitz and Garbus too. I would love to hear, " Man, you pulled an Allread, your going to jail. I wouldn't want to be you right now." As for Hilton, may thousands of bed bugs infest their hotels and shut them down. Better yet I hope the people involved that were hit will sue the hide off this young idiot and throw in a few personal injuries also.

1066 days ago


Geez and I got a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign when I did infact stop at the stop sign. Next time maybe I will just be sure to smash into 2 cars while im at it.

1066 days ago


Once again... Little rich boy gets away with it. Mommy & daddy will pay for damages. He was in my opinion DRUNK OFF HIS As@@..Not to get a ticket is just stupid. You know damn well that if it were someone else we would have gotten a ticket and had to go to court!!! Hate these people!!!

1066 days ago


Not bad for a 124-year-old guy.

Oh . . . .there's another Conrad Hilton?

1066 days ago

Ozzie X    

The car that took the brunt of the impact looked like a piece of crap car anyway.

1066 days ago


No ticket for reckless driving? Please. I hope the cops look at the video. What a douchebag.

1066 days ago

Mike L    

What does he care? Mommy and daddy will buy him a new Mercedes. They don't care, money is like water to them. He definitely deserves multiple tickets though. For him not to get a single one is pure corruption by the Brentwood Police. Are the Hiltons in their pockets too?

1066 days ago
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