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Francis Ford Coppola

There Should've Only Been

ONE 'Godfather' Movie

11/21/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola says "Part II" -- which many consider the greatest sequel of all time -- was a MISTAKE ... insisting, "There shoulda only been one."

Coppola was leaving Hemingway's Lounge in L.A. last night when we asked if he would ever pick up the Corleone storyline for another GF flick when he dropped the bombshell.

We agree about GF3 -- but TWO? Two was AWESOME -- with Al Pacino, De Niro ... the trip back to Italy -- C'MON!!!!

So, we gotta ask ...


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Three was bad cause you let your Daughter direct it. You or someone who knew what they were doing should have done it. No one wanted to see a SICK Al Pacino, dying of a heart attack on the steps. That's about a bad a ending as the DUMB one after watching the Sopranos for 10 years. What a JOKE that was. All you dumb a$$ directors need to watch the final Six Feet Under. THAT is how you end a Series.

1065 days ago

Frank Pangallo    

I agree with FFC. GF 1 remains one of the greatest flicks of its genre and 40 years on is a timeless masterpiece. What he should have done was make the movie in chronological fact he still can and it would work as a sprawling epic.
But they oughta put a hit out on GF 3!
Aussie Frank

1065 days ago

King Z    

If it were me, I would bite the bullet and remake Part III without his daughter (who I like) and with Duvall back in the cast. Everyone you need is still alive and kicking. And Coppola should take the chronological order trilogy that is only available on Laser Disc and release it on DVD. It has two hours of scenes not on the current Trilogy DVD or in the released movie and basically starts the movie with never before seen footage and scenes from part two and follows the actual time line. BRAVO is the only station that shows this version and everyone I show this to on Laser Disc is blown away….

1065 days ago


tmz once again makes a mountain out of a mole hill just to milk a no big deal comment about a sequal that just happened to work with the Oscars (not the box office) pushing what 40 yrs ago.

Look at the hell Speilberg went through with JAWS. It turned out to be a blockbuster yes, but he would have nothing to do with any sequal.

1065 days ago


3 sucked

1065 days ago


It always perplexes me that someone can create such great art... and be such a jerk in real life.

1065 days ago


I never understood how people think Pt. 2 is the best. Many parts of it are great especially the trip to Italy/De Niro, but just the opening scene with the mortician and Brando in Godfather is perfection. A little late to say II was a mistake but for me it was never or ever will be better than the first.

1065 days ago


Maybe he means 1 and 2 should've been one movie? Cause Puzo's book covers a lot of 2 as well.

1065 days ago


What he says, just before the end of this little clip tells us his reasoning. He says, "Part II was just a drama." And he is right. The focus of the first movie was a chilling tale into a world run by the GODFATHER. Part II, although a good film - and one of my favorites - lost the edge of that particular focus and took us into "the continuing story ..." If FFC was passionate about the first focus, I can see his irritation at the second one slipping into a soap opera, albeit one of the best drama's we've ever had. Part III was bad because the writers were conflicted between the two purposes and ended up advancing neither.

1065 days ago


Nice try, but we still haven't forgotten one of the worst sequels ever: The Godfather: Part III.

1065 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Coppola wasn't serious, get real. If a TMZ cameraman jumped out of an alley looking like a homeless guy who can barely speak the English language... you would want to blow him off too. That's exactly what Coppola did.... and Harvey tries to make a story out of nothing... most people just laugh at TMZ.

1065 days ago


'Godfather' Actor Coppola Is Dead Wrong About 'Godfather 2'
Hey, Frank... Watch how you throw around the word *DEAD*!

1065 days ago


There is actually more story behind this than most people know. Francis wanted to do "personal movies" that he had full control over. He did The Godfather as his previous movie had done pretty bad and he needed the work. While there were a lot of struggle with the executives on the first one, it got made and it became a masterpiece. Coppola thought he could finally focus on making more personal films with his company American Zoetrope.

His next one was his most personal project to date and his favorite film of his own (and an amazing film too few people have heard or seen): The Conversation.

There was just one tiny issue. Paramount agreed to fund it... One on condition: That he would do a sequel to The Godfather. Now Francis was in his prime, so even as a director-for-hire he managed to make a film that is an absolute masterpiece. But it also left his personal film go rather unnoticed, winning no awards and while it made decent money, it was not a smash hit.

After Godfather II he had it with the studios and their control and set out to really fund a project on his own: Apocalypse Now. While saying that the project was problematic is like saying The Pacific is wet, it did end up being a huge success. This was a success for Coppola: He had made a project he had complete control over, produced by himself, which meant his company (American Zoetrope) could finally become a studio to be reckoned with!

Except the film he did afterwards, One From The Heart ended up just getting back 10% of it's 25 million dollar budget, more or less killing Coppola's career. After that film, he did not manage to make a personal project again until 2009's Tetro.

So it's justified him saying that. People go on and on about The Godfather films, which while he was very happy with them, he neither considers his best, while his dream of making his personal films is ****tered.

Plus the guy in the video is a bit of a douche I have to say. If somebody wants to be left alone, then leave them alone!

1065 days ago


Godfather was the first real epic sequel and it was marvelous.

1064 days ago

good as gold    

excellent point

1064 days ago
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