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J.Lo vs. Britney

Battle of the Nude Bodysuits

11/21/2011 7:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Jennifer Lopez, 42, gettin' sick on the floor in a sparkling nude bodysuit at the AMAs last night (left) -- and a 22-year-old Britney Spears back in her infamous barely there outfit from her "Toxic" video in 2003 (right).

Question is ...

More Who'd you rather?


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There is one significant difference between the two.
J-Lo wore a body suit. Britney Spears just had diamonds pasted to her body and wore a G-string.

So actually Britney is just naked covered in diamonds. That's how phenomenal her body was back then.

Hence, Britney wins this without question.

1076 days ago


Britney all day.........anyway

1076 days ago


Spanx-Jlo vs Sheer unsupportive Pantyhose-Brittany...Brittnay won this battle...lmao

1076 days ago

King Beef    

Jennifer Lopez is way too old for this crap. A 40 year old does not need to be wearing that. Not to mention she's starting to look like that Kim Kardashian skank with all of the botox and collagen that she's injecting into her lips and face.

1076 days ago


J-LO - Britney is trash.

1076 days ago


I voted Britney, but only if we are comparing Britney at the time she wore the suit to J.Lo. when she wore the suit. If we were choosing between both women today I'd pick J.Lo. in a second.

1076 days ago


Looks like George Costanza's bodysuit from 'Seinfeld'.

1076 days ago


"Big" Gary (TMZ) thinks Jennifer looks "too old" for her look? He's not appropriate to talk about either. These women work hard to wear what they do, as did Tina, Kate, Beyonce, Cher and others. Brittany looks like a southern child beauty queen wannabe, a real pedophiles dream girl, ha ha! JLo exudes a powerfully sensual maturity that you youngsters can't yet comprehend and appreciate; but just you wait... One could only wish they might look so good in their 40s. I would like to see both show a wider range of their musical talents though, like the amazing women before them. Folks don't realize that societies obsession with youthfulness is actually helping people stay younger looking, usually without cutting, etc., so don't forget your sunblock, moisturize and get some exercise yourself Gary!

1076 days ago


It was reported in another article that the photo of Britney was photo-shopped to eliminate large thighs, large arms and a bulging stomach and face. Britney is a cow and her good days are far behind her.

1076 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Have any of you seen Britney's body lately? YUK! BTW- What the H3ll happened to Christina Aguellara's (?)body

1076 days ago

bad Dress

1076 days ago

Jim in Cali    

how about both?

Britney looks better in it though

1076 days ago


No comparison: JLo is a woman and Britney is a mental-case girl! Cher did it first anyway...and with a body that defied reason!

1076 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm glad to hear that it isn't just me who thinks J Lo is overhyped as much as the Kardashians. I wish they'd all jump off a cliff.

1076 days ago


Neither, put your clothes on girls. Are you whores or singers. I can't tell anymore. That desperate do me doggy style dance last night was frickin' embarrassing. Rhianna is the over it. Yes, Cher did it first and best and at least had SOME class.

1076 days ago
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