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Jack Wagner

United with Long Lost Daughter

... He Never Knew He Had

11/23/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jack Wagner has a 23-year-old daughter
Soap legend Jack Wagner has a 23-year-old daughter ... and he had NO IDEA -- that is, until earlier this month ... when the two came face-to-face for the first time at a concert in Florida.

The girl's name is Carrie, and her mother -- who had a fling with Jack back in the '80s -- gave her up for adoption soon after she was born.

Sources tell TMZ, Carrie -- who grew up in NYC with her foster parents -- hired a private investigator to track down her biological p-units, and the P.I. led her to a concert in Boca Raton, Florida, where Jack was performing with Rick Springfield.

Carrie caught Jack right before he went on stage -- and according to sources, she gave Jack the full story and the two shared a tearful embrace. Jack was so smitten, he invited Carrie to another show the next day ... and introduced her to the entire audience (above).

According to sources, the two have been inseparable ever since -- Jack has even invited Carrie to spend Thanksgiving with him and his two sons. Sadly, Heather Locklear will not be present.



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Wagner better get proof of this woman´s claim to be his daughter. There are a lot of weird people out there that claim to be all kinds of things....

1064 days ago


wow, you can really tell the resemblance. don't even need a DNA test.

1064 days ago


Catching him right before he went on stage to perform was a bit thoughtless. I'm surprised he was able to concentrate.

They do look alike, but, yeah, Jack, get that DNA test.

1064 days ago


See, this is why men shouldnt be afraid of cheating, you might meet your daughter/son in their 20's.

1064 days ago


Very happy for Jack!! Although, he did know about his daughter, he knew he had a daughter put up for adoption, and that he carried this with him for 23 years. All of that doesn't really matter now anyway. They both seem thrilled to have found each other.Hopefully he'll mend things with Heather. It's a shame to break up over something like this....

1064 days ago


The headline is misinformed. Jack Wagner was and has always been fully aware that he fathered a child with a friend in 1988 and that the child was given up for adoption nine months after her birth. That this was a daughter "he never knew he had" is simply false.

TMZ ... this is two week old story, and you still got it wrong. Do a little research.

1064 days ago


they should both submit to a DNA test
Jack-- to confirm what he knows in his heart to probably be the truth
Jack's sons Peter and Harrison -- to eliminate any doubt or problems that may someday arise when it comes to sharing Jack's estate
Carrie - to spare her all the negative accusations by immediately eliminating any chance for naysayers to even go there by saying that she is a lying gold digger
she deserves and needs to just enjoy getting to know her dad, building a relationship with him and her 2 new brothers and incorporating them in her family..... that includes the family who adopted her and lovingly (I assume)
so for those reasons I recommend a DNA test done quietly/privately ASAP

1064 days ago


So the girl bails on her adoptive family on thanksgiving day for a guy who had what was probably a drunken one night stand w her bio mom 23 years ago. Nice kid.

1064 days ago


wait for it - she'll be looking for 18 years of back child support plus interest.

1064 days ago


I agree with Hep. It was a little tacky of her not to wait until a more appropriate time to deliver her shocking news. Jack Wagner has always been a class act and graciously accepted her, on the spot, without further scrutiny. At least that is the way it appears. I do hope he obtains medical proof for assurance and peace of mind. In today's world, you never know. Good Luck, Jack!!!

1064 days ago


He KNEW he had a baby and agreed to give her up for adoption.

And SINCE WHEN are adoptive parents "foster" parents? Get in touch, TMZ!

And I think it's Kerry, not Carrie...

She does resemble him :) Happy for them both. She was very brave.

1064 days ago


What an odd story. Who just runs up and says 'oh hey by the way I'm daughter you didn't know you have' and he just announces it and stuff? Not buying it. She should have had the PI get her info and either contact him by phone or mail or have a lawyer get a hold of him. Unless he knew about her and just agreed with the mother to put her up for adoption at the time? I don't know... still and odd way for things to go down if you ask me.

1064 days ago


If she is or isn't his daughter, she's still a cutie.

1064 days ago

MT Pockets    

Seriously TMZ - p-units?

1064 days ago


Wow, she really does look like him. I always say to do DNA to be totally sure and leave all doubt behind.

1064 days ago
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