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Justin Bieber Alleged Baby Mama


11/22/2011 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claimed to be Justin Bieber's baby mama is running for the hills, because we've learned neither she nor her lawyer have made ANY attempt to contact Justin's team ... to compare his DNA with her baby's.

We broke the story ... Justin took a DNA  test in New Jersey last Friday, and sources connected with the singer say he's chomping at the bit ... waiting for Mariah Yeater to ante up her baby's DNA results.  But so far ... crickets.

Yeater's lawyer has been blabbing to the media, but has stayed clear of anyone in Justin's camp.  Sources connected with Justin believe Yeater will never produce DNA results, because it will simply become ammunition for a lawsuit he intends to file against her and her lawyers for abuse of legal process.


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I hate the annoying little b@stard, but I hope he sues the pants off this crazy b*tch and her two ambulance-chasing p.o.s. lawyers that saw $$$$$ signs too.

1045 days ago


Too funny, knew she and her mouthpiece weren't going to produce the DNA. Hilarious.

1045 days ago


This thing has *got* to be PR setup. What plaintiff or attorney would really be involved in something like this that can't be proven? If this girl is using her real name, the repercussions won't do her any favors, plus it must have cost her *something* to file.

1045 days ago


I love the pic above! HAHAHAHA

1045 days ago


How many ugly-crazy-goofy face photos does this thing have? She's the white Nicki Minaj.

1045 days ago

R James    

Run bitch run !!!! Ha.

1045 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

She's silent cause she too busy hittin the meth pipe.

1045 days ago


what a stupid bitch. all her face peircing have affected her that her extortian/blackmail attempt didn't work what will she try next-check fraud?there are ways to get money to support your baby out there it's called Work. maybe her baby's daddy and her should give that some thought before she or him or both end up in prison

1045 days ago


I'm not a Bieber fan, but I really hope he does sue her, just to teach people like her a lesson. Suing her would pretty much force her to submit the DNA, which would prove what a liar she is. It's unfortunate that we live in a society where parasites like her pull stunts like this, hoping for some kind of payoff. I hope this haunts her the rest of her life. I feel sorry for the baby, though. It should be taken away from her, clearly she is not fit to be a parent.

1045 days ago


Justin, if she doesn't produce a DNA from the baby, go to court and get an order making her get one under supervision of the court to prevent a problem. Once the determination you are not the father go after them, her and the stupid attorney who hasn't got a clue, but has gotten a lot of exposure. When he looses, he will probably only work at McDonalds. Go for it like a pirana.

1045 days ago


This girl only can talk the talk not walk the walk. I hope Bieber take her to court and the judge force her to cough it up.

1045 days ago


if a lawyer is reading this: Can the Bieber camp "force" Yeater, through a court mandate, to provide the baby's DNA sample?
Time these leeches be made an example of.

1045 days ago


They went around her lawyers straight to her and paid her off and told her how they were going to make her look like a liar or the lawyers are in on it also for the payday..

1045 days ago


I absolutely do NOT believe he is the father. (mostly cause this chick just seems physco) But how bad would our jaw***** the floor if the DNA results came back positive?

1045 days ago


He should sue the **** out of her for all the lies shes spread bitch cant even back it up anymore sad very sad

1045 days ago
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