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Robert Wagner

I'm a Murder Suspect ... On TV

11/22/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this under bad timing ... actor Robert Wagner -- currently the target in the Natalie Wood death probe -- will play a murder suspect on "NCIS" tonight.

In the episode, 81-year-old Wagner -- who plays Michael Weatherly's father on the show -- is arrested after police find him in a car with a dead body in the trunk.

It's pretty ironic -- considering the real-life L.A. County Sheriff's Department just reopened a 30-year-old homicide investigation into the death of Wagner's wife Natalie Wood.

Wagner's not officially a suspect -- but there's no denying ... investigators are definitely looking into the possibility that Wagner was responsible for Wood's death.


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Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Maybe Robert Wagner killed the Rapper Too Short!!!

1074 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

There was no black guy on the ship so it must've been an accident.

1074 days ago


Bob got away with murder for three decades, and will continue to do so for another, if he doesn't croak beforehand!

1074 days ago


Damn, it pays to be rich and famous! That is unless your husband's name is Robert Wagner! Yikes!

1074 days ago

Deb Colorado    

My question here is if others in the area heard her cries for help when she was drowning, why didn't Wagner hear her cries for help and do something. Did he let her die? Lot's of red flags here.

1074 days ago


I respect Mark Harmon of NCIS--good guy in real life/never a hint of trouble--wonder if he will have RJ back on his program. Hope not. Have lost all respect for Robert Wagner--I think he killed Natalie.

1074 days ago


It was a tragedy, but reopening the case seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt. So all of a sudden the skipper remembers hearing screaming? Seriously, after 30 years?? I feel very bad for Mr Wagner, who has been dogged by this for so long. The man lost his wife, leave him alone.

PS can't wait to see him on NCIS tonight! I love him as Tony's dad. What a pair!

1074 days ago


looks dayyyyum good for 81! Y don't we see Jill St John anymore? Some1 check the pool!

1074 days ago


well if he had any thing to do with natalie it was in the heat of the moment, so the most he could ever get is manslaghter, and since the statue of limitations is over for every thing but murder 1, and they could never prove that - this is all just a waste, just so some one can sell books - piling on the tragedy

1074 days ago


This is ridic. she fell overboard drunk! Sad but true! Her sister Lana has been jealous for all these years and decided to bring her own name back into the spotlight.


1074 days ago


He did it, and he's gotten away with it all these years playing dumb! And because he's a Old Ass Movie Star, they won't bring up on charges. Once again, the Justice System failed again.....

1074 days ago


Hahahaha look at all these people stating matter of factly "I know he did it!". Really? Were you there? If so, you're just as culpable if he did. Stop saying you "know" things you can't possibly know. That's like me saying I "know" there was more than one shooter for JFK, even though I wasn't even born yet.

1074 days ago


Even more ironic? Michael Weatherly played Robert Wagner years ago in the TV movie "The Mystery of Natalie Wood."

1074 days ago


His ex wife was a mega movie star he was a blacklisted communist after broken lance.He was and is still only a CBS war contracts lifetime bit player as in communist^^^SONY VIACOMMIE`ss and in facto it`s the only way he could ever upstage his ex wife the by X`ing her out for the studio.Who was she dateing a producer? when he x`ed her what was her last movie what was her next movie? money trails and a ego lady killer says it`s the only way his ego could beat hers to get her on his boat under his control the only place he had any control of anyone or thing and x her out.He wins the only way he could win was with her death.Power control and money stays with him and those now re-re-re-reporting her death for mooka here CBS FOX sony viacommiess sears kmart walmart texas intruments a mega monploy left unchecked by the goverment as in 60 billions in power working for themselfs writting thiert own laws and running the world into a MADD vs MADD kiddy war games death zone for power money and control as in 4% of the world controls 96% via the one percent of war monging war for power club.Robert is a lifetime member bit player and lady killer for hire since his blacklisting after broken lance

1074 days ago


Harvey, you are so right. BS investigation regarding the death of Natalie Wood. I was there that weekend, on our boat in Little Fisherman's Cove. Was in Doug's Harbor Reef eating, when RJ, Natalie and Chris Walken were in there. It was wet, damp, cold Nov. day. Everything was wet, dark, very dark, and the swells of water made it very difficult to hear anything. It was and is to this day a tragic accident.

1074 days ago
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